How Pets Can Help You Cope with Anxiety

Posted on April 11th, 2020

Often times, conversations about anxiety include suggestions like searching for meditation practices or CBD oil for sale online. While these are wonderful options for many, some people feel like overcoming their anxiety requires something more. If that’s you, keep reading to learn how pets can help you cope with anxiety.

It’s no secret that we live in a stressful world. So, it’s natural for you to occasionally feel stressed or anxious. After all, anxiety is a normal reaction in your body—it’s part of your flight-or-fight instinct. It’s natural—and even helpful—for your anxiety response to get triggered when you’re under immediate pressure or in a potentially dangerous situation. For some people, anxiety pops up all the time—even in fairly typical daily situations. We aren’t sure exactly what causes anxiety of this kind, but we do know that it can feel overwhelming and debilitating.

Anxiety looks different in different people, but certain anxiety symptoms are fairly universal. Many people with anxiety disorders experience excessive worry and irrational fears. If you have anxiety, you may also find it hard to concentrate; you may feel constantly on edge; you may be irritable and jumpy.

The signs of anxiety are also physical. For some, your heart may pound; you may begin sweating, develop diarrhea or stomach aches; your head may hurt, your heart may pound, and you may feel dizzy. You might have trouble sleeping when you live with anxiety—and this will only compound your other symptoms.

And if your anxiety is tied to a condition such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? Well, the symptoms may be even more serious. In fact, many PTSD patients experience severe anxiety; they find it difficult to interact with other people. Often, suicidal thoughts are part of this condition.

Friends, we know: anxiety and PTSD are scary. They can make you feel isolated. But know this: there are ways you can start feeling better (cough, cough…Tanasi CBD oil for sale online). And, as it turns out, one of the best ways to cope is to find a new, furry friend. That’s because, time and again, research shows that pets can help you cope with anxiety.

Animals Promote Mental Healing

Most of us know that pets are good company — even a fish in a bowl can be someone to talk to when you’re feeling alone. But science proves that owning a pet gives you more than just companionship. Pets can truly boost your mental and physical health. Of course, some animals provide more benefits than others — in fact, dogs and cats are some of the best creatures for anxiety relief — but any pet can help you out of a tough emotional moment.

Why are pets so important for anxiety relief? When you play with—or even stroke—an animal, real changes start happening in your body. Oxytocin levels start to rise—that’s the hormone in charge of fighting stress in your body. Some people also experience boosts in serotonin and dopamine—the calm and happy hormones—when playing with cats and dogs. And, while the good hormones increase, there’s another, very important development simultaneously occurring: your body slows down, or even stops, producing cortisol, a.k.a. the stress hormone. So, in a very real way, interacting with your pets can significantly change the chemical makeup of your body, providing instant anxiety relief.

And, while furry pets seem to provide the greatest relief, don’t despair if they aren’t your jam. After all, studies suggest that simply focusing on fish as they move through an aquarium can help relieve signs of anxiety including muscle tension and a racing pulse, which is nothing to take lightly.

Pets and PTSD: Promising Research

For people with anxiety, pets can provide incredible symptom relief. But if you’re living with PTSD, adopting a pet could actually save your life. In fact, a recent study from Purdue University showed that veterans with service dogs had reduced PTSD symptoms. Once they had dogs, these vets were also happier about their quality of life and felt better able to socialize and face adversity. Basically, these service dogs got veterans back into the world, finally providing relief from their crippling symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Certainly, pets can help you cope anxiety, stress, and even more serious mental health conditions. But there are other, simple changes you can make that will help alleviate your anxiety. Want to know the easiest tweak you can make? Embracing routines in your daily life.

Daily Habits: The Secret Anxiety-Fighting Ingredient

At Tanasi, we believe that CBD doses can be a valuable part of your morning, evening or mid-day routine. That’s why we put our CBD oil for sale online so that more customers can gain access to our quality products, made from locally grown, American hemp plants. And, with our online oil for sale, many of our customers take their daily dose of CBD towards the end of the day, as a great way to promote a relaxing routine of self-care.

Now, CBD products produce their own effects in your body—you’ll have to try them to see what we’re talking about—but, as it turns out, the simple act of developing this routine could also help you cope with anxiety. “To manage anxiety,” clinical psychologist Dr. Steve Orma explained to, “you need to consistently check in with yourself about what you’re worried about, then address it. Just as we create routines with exercise for our physical bodies, we should do the same for our mental health.”

Even if you’re not dealing with an anxiety disorder, creating routines can effectively help you combat daily triggers. Dr. Orma says, “Routine also helps with stress. Create a set schedule… [and] once this becomes your normal routine, it’s easier” to feel ok about everything that’s on your plate.

Coping with anxiety and stress is very personal. For some people, pets will provide anxiety relief. For others, making a self-care routine will be the answer. The key is to find the thing or things that work for you. And, here at Tanasi, we would be honored if our range of quality products made from the hemp plant were part of your personal solution. So, browse our CBD oil for sale, make your purchase, and enjoy your hemp plant extract in just a few days’ time!

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