How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

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Posted on June 2nd, 2020

Did you know that you and your cat or dog have something in common? You both have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS). All animals, including vertebrates (mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish) and invertebrates (sea urchins, leeches, mussels, nematodes, and others) have been found to have endocannabinoid systems. Have you ever wondered if your dog will benefit from using CBD? Chances are, you’ve heard at least something about CBD, the all-natural plant extract which humans and pets can use for its potential healing benefits. You may also know that CBD is derived from the hemp plant’s buds and flowers. And we hope you know that CBD doesn’t leave users with the high associated with marijuana use since we draw this cannabinoid from hemp plants with low concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Given this fact, CBD is safe and legal for you and your pets may indeed benefit too. Plus, many humans report immense therapeutic benefits—for themselves and their dogs—after using CBD.  Of course, CBD use is more common in humans than it is in cats and dogs, but many vets are starting to recommend and sell CBD for pets. With its rising popularity, the question has come about: How much CBD oil should I give my dog? 

Now keep in mind, that we’re still in the early phases of researching the benefits of using CBD in dogs. However, current studies show that dogs respond well to CBD. Additionally, many pet owners share their positive results after their dogs have ingested CBD.  Given these facts, we have good reason to believe that CBD can help address many pet health issues, and may even improve your dog’s quality of life. 

Just like trying CBD yourself, and starting out “low and slow” with varying amounts of CBD, you want your dog to do the same. Seeing aging dogs with various pains like arthritis respond to CBD is promising for many pet owners. Or, a dog that freaks out because of the storm outside who takes CBD and no longer freaks out is also promising. You should discuss CBD with your veterinarian if you choose to provide CBD for your dog, especially if your dog is taking medication for other reasons. 

dog running through wheat fieldHow Can CBD Help Your Dog?

There is a lot of evidence linking the benefits of CBD to your dog’s health. Just like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that allows them to benefit from using CBD. This ECS is in charge of regulating several important functions in your body, including sleep, mood, and inflammatory response. Your ECS will operate even if you never take CBD.

But, what happens when you introduce external cannabinoids into the body? In humans and dogs, the endocannabinoid system interacts with the cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. These ingredients then work with your body’s own regulatory system to address the various symptoms you or your pet may experience. For that reason, if your pet is living with anxiety, arthritis, or even chronic inflammation, he or she could be helped by using the CBD oil. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

CBD oil can help dogs who are suffering from pain and inflammation as a result of conditions such as arthritis. How does CBD help? It appears to limit your dog’s production of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IFN. At the same time, studies suggest that CBD decreases the production of cytokines with anti-inflammatory effects, helping relieve your dog’s inflammation. Studies also show that oral CBD helps minimize your dog’s arthritic pain, without causing debilitating side effects such as limb immobility. 

Our Tanasi customers who have pets tell us they use the Tanasi CBDA & CBD formula water soluble drink concentrate in their dog’s water bowl. It is best to know how much CBD your dog is ingesting, and our Tanasi CBDA/CBD drink concentrate comes in 2mg per drop and 4mg per drop versions. It is best to leave a small amount of water to know that your dog ingested the CBD you intended them to take. 

Reduces Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs get anxious. Some of the leading causes of anxiety in dogs include fear from loud noises such as storms.  Confining your dog to a small space and age-related neurodegenerative diseases can also cause anxiety in your dogs. Pet owners report that giving their dogs moderate doses of CBD oil helps them to relax and cope better with changes. This seems related to the fact that CBD appears to produce a calming effect on the central nervous system, thanks in part to its interaction with the ECS. 

Increases Appetite

CBD is being studied with dogs who have an eating disorder too. If your dog has been having a hard time getting food down, over time, giving him or her CBD may help boost appetite. This could be tied to cannabidiol’s antiemetic properties, meaning CBD helps control vomiting and relieve nausea in dogs while also stimulating their appetite. You can also use CBD oil to improve the overall wellbeing of the dog.

Will CBD Oil Cause Your Dog to Get High?

We hear this concern a lot from pet owners whose vets recommended treating dogs with CBD for their anxiety and/or pain associated with arthritis. Some people think that their dog will experience the effects of getting high, and are rightly concerned. But, as we reviewed earlier, you must remember that CBD can’t have psychotropic effects on your dog. That’s because full-spectrum CBD contains little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and THC is the cannabinoid we usually associate with the marijuana “high.”  This is a very important distinction, since THC may be harmful to dogs, and may cause extreme side effects such as loss of balance. But with CBD, you don’t have to worry about these unintended outcomes: this is a pet-friendly option because it has THC concentrations lower than 0.3% (or three-tenths of one percent).

How Can You Choose the Best CBD Oil for Your Dog?

It is good to understand that the hemp-extracted CBD industry is unregulated. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the agency set to regulate the hemp extract industry per the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, and as of today (June 2020), there have been no regulations put forward by FDA. This means that some producers may not offer healthy or legitimate CBD products.

Companies like Tanasi follow best practices and industry standards, but not every company is following this path of business practices. Therefore, if you are planning to buy your dog CBD biscuits, you need to know how to differentiate between high quality and fake CBD products. This way, you will be able to choose the best CBD products that will benefit your dog without putting him or her in danger. Below are features to look for when selecting CBD Oil for your dog.

Consider a Full or Broad Spectrum Hemp-Extract

To avoid giving your dog products with large THC concentrations, choose CBD products that are extracted from hemp plants. Hemp plants must be 0.3% THC at dry weight or raw plant form. But keep in mind that hemp-seed oil is an entirely different product, and doesn’t contain any cannabinoids like the CBD you seek for him or her.

Instead, look for CBD derived from industrial hemp plants, because this type of product contains less than 0.03% THC. And don’t just take your seller’s word for this fact: a reputable company should provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that proves their CBD product meets this legal requirement for THC content and is safe for use in pets and humans. In this way, you’ll know that the CBD product you buy will give your dog relief without putting him or her in danger. 

Full spectrum CBD water soluble in natureEnsure the Dog’s CBD Is Extracted Safely

High-quality CBD oil needs to be safely extracted from the industrial hemp plant. This increases the chances of your dog fully benefiting from the CBD product. There are two common ways of removing CBD from the hemp plant: CO2 Extraction, and Ethanol Extraction.

With CO2 extraction, producers use high pressure to extract CBD from the hemp plant. This method is very effective because it produces a product with a higher CBD concentration. That translates to peace of mind for you as you provide CBD to your dog. Natural solvents such as ethanol are understood to be safer options for your dog, as they are for you too. If you want to use a safer option, our Tanasi water-soluble drink concentrate is extracted using water. 

How Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Dog?

This is obviously an important question for pet owners, and should be the leading question if you are thinking about CBD for your pet! But the truth is, we can’t give you a definitive answer. That’s because every pet is different, and will have a different hemp extract CBD experience. Because of this fact, you should do your research before offering your dog CBD doses. And, to help you get started, here are several factors that you have to consider before determining which amount of CBD oil to give your dog. 

Your Dog’s Physical Attributes 

Your dog’s size will be the most important factor when determining the amount of CBD oil to use. Large dogs will consume a different amount of CBD as compared to small dogs.  Depending on the brand you use, you will find that some have outlined suggested dosage guides. They will give you a specific dosage depending on the size and weight of your dog. Factors such as weight and size will affect the potency per milligram of CBD. For example, a 100-pound dog will be less susceptible to 25milligrams of CBD oil as opposed to a 25-pound dog. You should start “low and slow” meaning, a low milligram dosage once a day. Then, move to a slightly large milligram dose the next day, and see how your dog responds. 

Diagnosis Factors

The other thing that will affect the CBD dosage is your dog’s medical condition. It’s important to note that some medical conditions may require that you use more CBD as compared to other less complex concerns. A dog with chronic pain may require higher doses of CBD as compared to dogs with conditions such as anxiety. You, therefore, need to understand your pet’s individual health condition before you decide how much of the CBD oil you need to use. If you are seeking CBD as a solution for your dog, then you may have a reason to try CBD for your dog. You should be consistent with your CBD regimen. 

Type of CBD Oil

Once again, there’s a lot of variety when you’re browsing the CBD products market. Like with Tanasi products, we have a patent-pending University developed cannabinoid formula of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabidiolic-acid (CBDA) in a one-to-one formulation. There are many forms of CBD, and every brand’s product is slightly different. Primarily because each extraction can be different based on the plants, type of extraction, concentration of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBG, etc.). This means that the type of CBD you choose will determine the amount of CBD you give to your dog. So, when you purchase CBD oil, try choosing a product that offers dosing guidance. This will help you know the right way to get started. Most reputable CBD producers and suppliers products will outline different dosage instructions, depending on the size and age of your dog.

Advice on CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

When first giving your dog CBD oil, we recommend starting with a low dose and gradually working your way up until you reach your desired outcome. This will help your dog’s body adjust as you move along. Before you start, consider several factors, such as your dog’s size and weight, your CBD product, and the type of ailment you’re looking to improve.

Different products may have different levels of potency. For example, the dosage from a 100mg CBD oil tincture would differ from that of a 1000mg CBD oil tincture as the 1000mg tincture is more potent. The delivery method may also play a factor in dosage since there are CBD dog treats, oil tinctures, water soluble drink concentrate for the water bowl, and creams available for your choosing. Through these examples, you learn that different dogs will take different doses of CBD. We recommend consulting your veterinarian to ensure you get the right CBD dosage for your dog.

With your pet care providers go-ahead, CBD can be very beneficial for dogs. But, before you start giving your pet CBD, research the product you plan to purchase. And, if in doubt, never hesitate to go back for another consultation with your vet. Your dog’s health and safety should always be your top priority. 

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