How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take?

How many CBD gummies should I take

Posted on May 29th, 2022

You may have heard a lot about CBD gummies in recent times. When CBD edibles hit the market, it was only a matter of time before we saw a gummy version. Indeed, you now have ample choices. However, while they are widely available, you may still have questions about calculating the dose per gummy.  Or you may be unsure of  an appropriate starting dose in general.

Allow us to provide you with a quick and easy guide to the above questions. But, before we look at dose and calculations, we need to make sure we fully understand what CBD gummies are.

What Are CBD Gummies? How many CBD gummies should I take

In a few words, a CBD gummy is a cannabidiol (CBD) infused candy.

Of course, this may not mean a whole lot if we don’t fully understand what CBD is. Let’s take a brief look at the answer to this question.

The cannabis plant has two main compounds. One is THC, or scientifically, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The other is called CBD. And CBD is a non-psychoactive part of the plant.

Types of CBD Gummies

Now that we understand the basics, let’s get back to the topic of CBD gummies. CBD gummies tend to fall into one of the following two categories:

CBD isolate infusion; this is where pure CBD is infused into the gummies without any other components of the plant

Full-spectrum CBD gummies; this is where a variety of other cannabinoids and nutrients that may have benefits, are infused into the gummies.

It is worth noting that full-spectrum CBD gummies will include other compounds so you should ensure that you fully inform yourself about these before deciding on this option.

Before we move on to details related to dose we know that some confusion can exist between CBD gummies and hemp gummies. In general, they tend to refer to the same product although it is worth checking the brand if you feel unsure.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take? Understanding The Best Starting Dose

Of course, before starting any new course of vitamins, drugs, medication, or otherwise, it is always highly recommended to discuss the benefits and potential disadvantages with your primary health care provider. They will be able to consider your general health, and any medications you currently take and advise you of any concerns that you should give heed to.

In addition, various CBD dose calculators exist which can help you to take the necessary information into account to understand the best dose. Below are some of the factors which should be taken into consideration:

Your Bodyweight

Bodyweight has a crucial role to play in determining the right dose of CBD. The more that a person weighs, the higher dosage of CBD that tends to be necessary. However, a dose that is higher than the appropriate one for your body weight can result in unwanted sleepiness.

Product  Potency

Potency can vary so widely that it can feel very daunting to understand how to ensure the dosage is correct. In general, CBD gummies range from a low dose of 10 mg to a high dose of 30 mg. This can certainly feel less daunting than other CBD products where the potency range can be much wider and reach far higher. Of course, it stands to reason that the higher the potency is, the lower the dose should be.

Your Metabolism

Your metabolism will have a significant impact on the rate at which your body will process the compounds found in CBD gummies.

In addition, taking CBD gummies on a full stomach can give the best results as it will slow down the metabolism of CBD, this will allow for better bioavailability, hence more CBD entering the bloodstream. In fact, let’s look at that factor of bioavailability in a little more detail.


When we talk about bioavailability we are referring to the amount of CBD that remains to circulate in the bloodstream. When CBD is taken in gummy form the bioavailability tends to be lower than other products, However, it can be improved by opting for CBD gummies that have a carrier oil incorporated into the product. Two good choices to look out for are coconut oil and virgin olive oil. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs, the body can use these right away, hence aiding absorption. Coconut oil is also high in Vitamin E which works as a natural preservative.

Your Purpose In Dosing

People decide to take CBD for many different reasons and CBD gummies certainly provide an appetizing way to do so. For some, they wish to support or improve their general health. Others have a more specific goal in mind, for instance, to give relief to headaches, muscle pains, joint pain, anxiety and the list goes on. Since the dose of CBD for various ailments can be rather specific, it is certainly advantageous to discuss your personal goals with the company you are purchasing from, along with your primary health care provider.

Of course, other factors also come into play, however, the above gives a good understanding of what needs to be taken into account when deciding on a starting dose. It is best to start on the lower side and then work upwards in small increments if necessary. Once you find the dose that works for you, it’s time to calculate how many CBD gummies are needed.

How Can You Calculate The Dose Per Gummy?

CBD gummies should always come in a container that indicates the dose which is in a single gummy. Make sure that you thoroughly read the packaging so that you have a clear understanding of the dose per gummy. If you are in doubt, contact the company! It is important to note that a ‘standard dose’ does not exist. Some CBD gummies contain 10 mg, others contain 30 mg and of course, there are plenty in between the two ranges. In fact, you may even find CBD gummies that contain as low as 5 mg.

Once you understand the best CBD dose for your unique body and goals, as well as taking the above factors into account, all you need to do is ensure that you are taking this dose in CBD gummies.

If you have purchased CBD gummies with high potency, for instance, 40 mg, but you only want to take 20 mg, it is easy to simply cut them in half. It is also worth mentioning that if you opt for a very low CBD dose in the gummies you purchase, you will need to take more to reach a higher dose, this inevitably will mean more sugar entering your system.

CBD Gummies in a bowl

As noted above, you may need to experiment with the dose until you find the ‘sweet spot’ for your body and needs. If doing this, use small increments.

The Bottom Line: How Many CBD Gummies Should I Take?

CBD gummies have gained popularity in recent times and provide an easy way to incorporate CBD into your diet if this is something you have decided to do. Remember many factors will come into play when determining the right dose and it is always best to take advice from your primary health care provider, along with the reputable brand that you purchase your CBD gummies from. In addition, ensure that you fully understand the labeling of your CBD gummies so that you can take the correct amount to meet your personal dosage, using small steps to increase the dosage if necessary.

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