Why Hemp Seed Benefits are Tied to Omega 3

Hemp Seeds Omega 3

Posted on July 2nd, 2021

Why are hemp seed benefits Omega 3 related? Well, long before the rise of industrial hemp and CBD, people harvested hemp seeds. That’s because, within their tiny shells are a large number of potential benefits. Mainly because they’re packed with omega 3 fatty acids, in contrast to industrial hemp extracts.

At the same time, hemp seeds don’t contain any cannabinoids. That’s because cannabinoid production happens in plant trichomes. And we then extract them from hemp flowers and leaves. Now, we’ve spent lots of time on this blog talking about the benefits of cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts such as CBD and CBG. But today, we want to focus on hemp seed benefits, so you can consider adding them to your diet. And we’ll focus on hemp seeds’ Omega 3 content. Since that’s the reason many nutritionists call these seeds a ‘superfood.’

What Are Hemp Seeds Benefits, and Why are they a Superfood?

Hemp Seeds Omega 3 - hemp seeds in a bowl and a wooden spoon

Hemp Seeds are the seed of Cannabis Sativa plants with THC concentrations below 0.3%. They’re extremely nutritious, thanks to their Omega 3 concentrations and other minerals and fatty acids.

Plus, they’re very versatile, making them an easy addition to your diet. You could enhance your salad’s nutrition by sprinkling it with whole hemp seeds. Or, use them to add crunch to your yogurt or smoothies.

Either way, one of the hemp seed benefits is that they help you balance your diet. And eating a balanced diet is the first step to maintaining your health.

Not a fan of raw seeds? No problem! You can make many products using hemp seeds. From hemp milk to hemp-seed oil and fiber-reinforced plastic for construction, the hemp seed benefits of versatility keep coming!

Finally, we’re getting to our first point: hemp seeds are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. And that’s a crucial substance which your body can’t produce on its own. Consuming hemp seeds with omega 3 fatty acids may therefore help you reduce your risk for heart disease.

The Composition of Hemp Seeds

What exactly does the label ‘superfood’ suggest when it comes to hemp seed’s chemical composition? Let’s go into detail about their most valuable components.

Activity-Boosting Fats

Fats are a controversial term, especially in the world of food and nutrition. This is because fats are viewed negatively if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. But you have to remember, not all fats are ‘bad fats. Because when you consume these seeds, you get hemp seeds omega 3 fatty acids. And this is a healthy unsaturated fat that many doctor recommend adding to your diet.

Hemp seeds omega 3 fatty acids are key to maintaining your brain and heart health. As a result, if you regularly consume hemp seeds, you may lower your risk of developing heart disease or experiencing strokes.

Healthy Proteins

Hemp seeds are a rich source of protein. In fact, 100 grams of hemp seeds contain 33 grams of proteins. This means that over 30% of hemp seeds are protein. More interestingly, they contain dense, high-quality proteins. And these proteins can both energize your body and regulate your metabolism.

Trying to lose weight? Eating hemp seeds may help! Because, despite their fat content, the hemp seed proteins can increase metabolism rates, which in turn may promote weight loss. Plus, all that protein can help you build, maintain and repair muscle. And, since muscle burns more calories than fat, this could further aid your weight loss journey.

Important Minerals and Vitamins

Hemp seeds contain numerous essential minerals and vitamins. They are rich in vitamin E and vitamin B6. Notably, Vitamin E is a fat-soluble component found in hemp seeds that acts as an antioxidant. Basically, it helps to protect cells from damage as the body converts food into energy.  Other minerals contained in hemp seeds include niacin, thiamine, and folate.

High Fiber Contents

Hemp seeds are popular since they contain a lot of healthy fiber. For years, medical professionals and nutritionists have been recommending fiber consumption since it may help control obesity and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Effects and Side Effects of Hemp SeedsHemp Seeds Omega 3 - lots of hemp seeds

Here’s how all of those hemp seed features may boost your health:

Keeps Your Brain Healthy

When eaten, hemp seeds provide your body with their signature hemp seed omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for the brain. But the hemp seed benefits of Vitamin E are equally important.

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant, helping stall brain aging by preventing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is related to the natural process of aging in your body. It occurs when there’s a break in the delicate balance of free radical and endogenous antioxidants produced by your body.

If that happens, your body will flood with free radicals, but there won’t be antioxidants to counter their effects. Though it happens naturally, diseases, poor habits, and modern stressors might significantly accelerate oxidative stress, prematurely aging your brain. This could contribute to early cognitive decline. But, by supplementing your diet with antioxidants such as vitamin E from hemp seeds, you could help fight the decline.

Hemp Seed Benefits: Increase Heart Health and Physical Strength

Hemp seeds promote a healthy body, by helping you build muscle and keeping your heart healthy. And don’t forget, these two factors go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to your athletic performance.

Luckily, eating hemp seeds’ omega 3 and nitric oxide can keep your arteries and veins soft and elastic. By so doing, it helps lower blood pressure to normal ranges and keeps it there. Plus, it can prevent conditions such as atherosclerosis (hard arteries) which increase your risk for peripheral arterial disease, as well as heart attacks and strokes. With your hemp seeds as part of your healthy diet, you may be able to stay active for longer, supported by a stronger, healthier heart.

Promote Self-Confidence

Hemp seeds promote self-confidence in so many ways. First, consuming hemp seeds may boost your skin health, reducing skin and body inflammation. Notably, many forms of skin acne are linked to chronic inflammation. So eating hemp seeds could reduce your frequent breakouts. And having clearer skin can build self-confidence that bleeds into other areas of your life.

But that’s not all. Reducing inflammation may also reduce your risk for chronic health conditions linked to inflammation. That includes type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and fatty-liver conditions.

Negative Side-effects

As always, there are two sides to every coin. Hemp seeds may have some negative impacts on the human body. Eating too many of these seeds can lead to stomach upset and diarrhea. (This is due to their high fat content.) So you should seeds thoughtfully, never overindulging. .

Difference Between Hemp Seeds and Processed Industrial Hemp

Now, when it comes to nutritional value, hemp seeds are of greater worth than processed industrial hemp. This is because the seeds are in their natural state, free from any chemicals or additives. Additionally, hemp seeds are easier to get because they don’t require any processing. This is in sharp contrast to processed industrial hemp extracts, produced with specific technology and techniques.

Hemp Seeds Omega 3 Benefits – The Takeaway

Hemp seeds are certainly not just for growing more plants. Instead, they are a source of nutrition and health. Thanks in no small part to hemp seed omega 3, adding seeds to your diet could boost your overall wellbeing.

Now, remember, we can benefit from every part of hemp, not just its seeds. As we mentioned earlier, parts of hemp plants can be used to create construction materials, clothing, paper and more. And then there’s hemp extracts such as CBD. Users report that applying or ingesting CBD makes them feel better in a variety of ways. But the best way to understand CBD’s effect is to try it for yourself. So we invite you to browse our selection of full-spectrum CBD products, to see how they can boost your daily wellness routine!

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