What is Hemp Milk & Why Should You Try It?

Posted on August 22nd, 2021

What is hemp milk and how is it made? How is it consumed and what are the benefits or potential side effects of trying this drink? Before you decide whether or not to swap out your favorite dairy product, find out the answers to those questions (and more!) by reading the rest of this article.

What Is Hemp Milk

what is hemp milk
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It is milk, but it’s made from hemp seeds, hence the name. (It’s also called hemp seed milk.) The milk looks very similar to regular milk, and the texture is similar. Many people say that hemp seed milk tastes a lot like dairy milk.

How It’s Made & Where To Get It From

Making hemp milk is very easy. You need hemp seeds, a blender or juicer and water. There are many recipes out there to make homemade hemp seed milk, but those few things are really all you need.

Ready to get started? First, place your desired amount of water and seeds into the blender. (For a nice kick, add a vanilla extract or ground vanilla to give the milk a bit more flavor.) Then, blend away and–voila–you’ve got your dairy-free milk!

Next, you can bottle your milk and store it in the fridge. You can also consume it right after it’s made. If you desire a smoother texture, then you can pour the hemp seed milk through a strainer.

Making hemp milk may be simple, but you’d need a lot of hemp seeds if you plan on consuming the milk regularly. This is why people tend to buy it from a supplier. There’s no shortage of companies and brands that sell/market hemp seed milk, but you do want only buy high quality milk. That being said, you can purchase the milk at some stores and/or online.

Consuming Hemp Milk

One of the best things about hemp seed milk is it’s consumed just like regular milk. Simply pour it into a cup and you’re good to go. Just make sure you don’t leave it out in hot temperatures for long periods of hours because it can spoil, just like dairy milk.

You can even add hemp seed milk to your coffee and tea. Alternatively you can add it to your cereals. The good thing about hemp milk is you can use it the same ways you use regular milk.

Potential Side Effects

There’s not many potential side effects of drinking hemp seed milk. There are a few though, and the type of brand and ingredients in the milk can play a role in which side effects you might experience. With that said, some of the potential side effects are:

. Stomach aches
. Allergic reactions: Bear in mind that this a very rare side effect
. Abnormal Digestive Activity

Those are three potential side effects of drinking hemp milk. However, as long as you buy high quality hemp seed milk, then you are less likely going to run into problems. If you experience any issues after consuming the milk, then you should discontinue using it.

The Benefits Of Hemp Milk Hemp Seed Oil for Acne - hjemp seed oil apply through a dropper to spots affected by acne

More and more people are turning to hemp milk. This is because of the many potential benefits it offers. A few of these benefits include:

1. Skin Health.

Hemp milk can do wonders for your skin, and this is because it’s rich with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. If you suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, then consuming hemp seed milk regularly may improve your skin. In turn, your skin will not feel as dry, nor will it feel as itchy as it did prior to consuming the milk.

Here’s a tip: try drinking a small glass of hemp seed milk daily. You want to ensure you get a regular supply of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. And a great way to do that is to consume the milk on a regular basis.

2. Hair Health.

Not only is the milk good for the skin, but it may be good for the hair. If you want to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair, then consuming hemp seed milk could be the answer. It is packed with an array of vitamins and nutrients that your hair needs in order to grow and retain its texture or to improve its texture.

3. Packed With Protein.

One of the best sources of protein is hemp. Lots of people believe that plant based protein is superior or just as good as animal based protein. Whether you’re a vegetarian or you’re just looking for something that is packed with protein, then hemp seed milk is for you.

More and more people are turning to hemp seed milk because of the protein it contains. If you workout regularly, be it with weights and cardio, then you need adequate amounts of protein. Consuming enough protein will help you achieve your fitness goals faster because it plays a major role in repairing muscles after working out.

4. Stronger Immune System.

There are a number of antioxidants in hemp seed milk. These antioxidants help your body get rid of free radicals that can weaken your immune system. The stronger your immune system, the less susceptible you’ll be to illness. The bottom line is if you want to improve your immune system and you want to feel as good as possible, consider consuming hemp milk daily.

5. Heart Health.

Regular milk contains bad cholesterol, which can take a toll on your heart health. Hemp milk doesn’t, which means it’s a safer choice if you’re limiting cholesterol intake. If you want to keep your heart healthy or lower your cholesterol levels, then swap your animal milk for seed-based options.

Now you can see the many potential benefits of exploring new options for your morning coffee creamer or cereal booster. [For a real rush, try this CBD coffee recipe.] If you want to experience those benefits for yourself, all you have to do is make or try your own.  Then, for added benefits, consider adding CBD to your favorite new drink. That way, you’ll enjoy the full range of benefits the cannabis plant has to offer!

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