Taking CBD for Dementia

does cbd oil help with dementia: tanasi cbd tincture

Posted on November 12th, 2021

Does CBD for dementia make a difference? Many different conditions can hurt you as you age. And one of those conditions is dementia. CBD for dementia is very popular these days, particularly since many of us seek more natural remedies.

Dementia is not a disease; it’s actually a term for impairment. It is a condition where you lose your memory, as well as your problem-solving, and language abilities. (1) In the US, for example, there were approximately 5.0 million adults with dementia in 2014. Now, we’re projecting approximately 14 million adults will develop dementia by the year 2060.

One of the most common forms of dementia is Alzheimer’s. Many famous individuals developed this disease,  including actor Charles Bronson, country music star Glen Campbell, and President Ronald Reagan.

There is no cure for dementia(2). But are there supplements such as CBD, that can ease symptoms CBD? In short, what is CBD, and does it work for dementia?

How Can You Diagnose Dementia? CBD for dementia

Some young people may develop dementia. But it’s most common in people 65 years or older, usually in the form of Alzheimer’s. Older African Americans are twice as likely to get dementia as whites. And Hispanic older adults are 1.5 times more likely to suffer when compared to Caucasians.

If you notice a loved one losing memories, you may assume it’s dementia. Still, there’s a good chance you may be wrong.

And remember: dementia is not a normal part of aging. In fact, many older adults will never get dementia. Therefore, the only way to diagnose dementia is with a medical professional. Seeing a primary care doctor will typically be your first step. However, a neurologist – a medical doctor who specializes in disorders of the nervous system and the brain – is likely your best bet for a proper diagnosis.

You’ll typically receive a dementia diagnosis if you display at least two impairment symptoms. These can include short-term memory loss, difficulty in speaking, changes in mood, and others.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active ingredient found in cannabis. We usually source CBD from the hemp plant variety. But we can also manufacture cannabidiol in a laboratory.

When people smoke or consume edible marijuana, they do it to get high. And THC, short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that creates that feeling. (3) You can find THC and CBD in marijuana but also hemp. Marijuana contains a lot of THC, and hemp has a lot of CBD. (4) In other words, CBD does not create psychoactive or intoxicating conditions like marijuana does.

Is CBD Legal?

The laws on marijuana are constantly changing. Under federal law, marijuana or cannabis is illegal for any purpose. However, under state law, marijuana is legal for medical purposes in some states and legal for both medical and recreational purposes in other states. Because the laws are constantly changing what is illegal in a state could be legal the following year, for example.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp. However, CBD, which comes from hemp, still has laws, that vary state by state, that govern its use. For example, CBD is legal in Texas if it’s below 0.3 percent THC for recreational and 0.9 percent THC for medical. In Wyoming, CBD is permitted if it contains below 0.3 percent THC. In Florida, CBD is legal if it is used for medical purposes and approved by the FDA. (5) It’s important to check with your state laws before using CBD. You could be arrested for drug possession if you don’t follow the laws of your state.

Does the FDA Approve CBD?

When the Food and Drug Administration or FDA approves a substance, it tells us that the product is safe and effective for use. There are many substances that the FDA approves. As far as CBD, it is only FDA-approved for the drug Epidiolex. This is a purified, plant-derived, pharmaceutical-grade CBD used to treat seizures. Therefore, CBD products, except for this exception, are not FDA-approved and therefore could be labeled inaccurately. (6) You should always carefully check the label of any CBD product.

You can buy CBD on the street or online. However, because the FDA does not approve it, keeping safety in mind is extremely important. Although you can purchase CBD off the street, you need to be very careful where you buy CBD, especially outside of North America.

For example, CBD is not legal in China for medical or recreational purposes. Only some approved skin-care products produced in China have CBD and are approved. Therefore, if you’re purchasing CBD online from China, you are purchasing an illegal product in China, and, consequently, it may be dangerous for you because it may contain hazardous substances.

Always buy CBD from a reputable source and from a source that has been third-party inspected. Any CBD you consume should be free of materials such as pesticides and heavy metals and grown organically.

Is CBD for Dementia a Thing? does cbd oil help with dementia: tanasi cbd tincture

There is no cure for dementia, and CBD cannot reverse, stop, or prevent dementia. However, CBD has been shown to improve the effects of Alzheimer’s.

One of the components of Alzheimer’s, for example, is the buildup of amyloid, a protein in the brain. The use of CBD has been shown to reduce amyloid buildup.

Agitation and anxiety are some of the symptoms of dementia. High concentrations of CBD oil have been shown to lessen those symptoms. (7)

How to Take CBD to Ease the Symptoms of Dementia

There are a wide variety of ways to take CBD to ease the symptoms of dementia. Depending on the condition of the person taking the CBD, if they are in good condition, they can take it themselves. Otherwise, individuals caring for dementia individuals would need to administer CBD.

For joint and muscle pain, CBD topicals work well. For internal purposes, CBD can be taken in liquid, pill form, or as an edible, such as a CBD gummy. (8)

Is it Safe to Take CBD for Dementia?

Although CBD is not FDA approved in almost all cases, the World Health Organization has certified CBD as safe to use. However, there can be side effects from CBD, such as weight changes, appetite changes, and diarrhea.

The amount of CBD you take for dementia will vary from person to person. It will depend on one’s chemistry and body weight.

Therefore, you should talk to your healthcare professional about incorporating CBD for you or a loved one. What recommendation your healthcare professional gives you for using CBD, you should follow. In most cases, if CBD is suitable for you or a loved one, you’ll likely start with a low dose and then slowly increase if needed.

CBD for dementia will not cure the condition, but it has been shown to help with specific symptoms, such as anxiety and agitation. Because the FDA does not approve CBD in almost all cases, it’s essential to be careful with what you purchase. Never use CBD without talking to a healthcare professional, and always be sure to follow the laws of your state.

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