Full Spectrum Extracts: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on August 15th, 2021

Full spectrum extracts are popular, but there are a lot of things you might not know about them. This includes what they are, how they are used and what their benefits may be. Read the rest of this guide to learn more about a full spectrum extract.

What Is a Full Spectrum Extract? Full Spectrum Distillate

Full spectrum extracts, also known as whole plant extracts, maintain the entire profile of the cannabis plant. The extracts contain a number of cannabinoids. This includes the most well-known THC, as well as CBD and CBDa. Others include CBN and CBG.

As for how we produce these extracts, there are a number of methods. One involves using ethanol and low heat, plus a lengthy vacuum extraction process. Once completed, the extracts are very dark in color. Many people describe them as having an earthy taste.

Uses and Delivery Methods

You can find these extracts in many different forms, and take them in various ways. The most common include:

. Oils & Tinctures

You can vape oils by placing some extract inside a vaping device’s cartridge, then inhaling and exhaling. Oils can be taken orally, or applied topically.

You can use tinctures to infuse your favorite beverages with CBD. This includes teas, coffees, water and more. Alternatively, you can dose tinctures sublingually. (That means under your tongue.)

. Creams

You apply these topically, usually just needing a small amount. Many people choose full spectrum creams for pain relief. You can rub the cream directly onto the sore areas of your body.

. Gummies, Capsules and Edibles

These resemble traditional gummy candies. The main difference is they’re infused with full spectrum extracts. You can take CBD gummies like regular candy: place them in your mouth, then chew and  swallow.

You take capsules orally, either with food or water. And you can even find CBD infused cookies, brownies and beverages! With so many edibles on the market, it’s easy to find one you love.

Tips For Choosing Full Spectrum Extracts Tanasi full spectrum CBD tinctures

You don’t want to just buy any old product. Below are a few tips to help you choose the best extracts:

. Type Of Product- First and foremost, decide on what type of product you want to use. This is all a matter of preference, but if you want to feel the effects of the product as quickly as possible, then go for oils or an edible. Most full spectrum extract products are effective, but some may take longer for their effects to kick in.

Do you want to take something that is convenient and can be brought with you on the go? If so, then opt for vape or gummies. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with any full spectrum product.

. Read The Labels- Next, when you’re looking at products that claim to have extracts that are full spectrum, you’ll want to read the labels. You want to make sure there isn’t any small fine print that states the product does not have full spectrum extracts. You want to get as much info from the label as possible, such as where the product was manufactured, whether or not there is potential side effects and dosage amounts.

. Ingredients- The ingredients matter. You want to choose a product that has nothing but high quality ingredients. The better the quality, the more effect the product will be. The key ingredient should be a full spectrum extract or several extracts.

. Compare Products- Finally, compare various products. As a general rule of thumb, compare at least 3-5 different products that contain full spectrum extracts. Determine which ones have the best ingredients, their potency, price and things of that nature.

When it comes to finding the best products that contain full spectrum extracts, you want to compare as many products as possible. Check what ingredients are in them, read the labels and decide what kind of product you want. Take your time when making a decision because you want to choose and use the highest quality products.

Added Full Spectrum Benefits

There are many benefits that full spectrum extracts offer. The most notable ones are:

. Pain Relief- Those who suffer pain, be it minor or severe, can try CBD products that contain full spectrum extracts. Since products that contain the extracts will have potent components of the cannabis plant, it means fast pain relief. Whether you experience pain due to work, exercise, arthritis or another condition, you may finally be able to get proper relief.

. Anti-Seizure- Lots of people have claimed that they have suffered from frequent seizures, but have reduced the frequency by taking potent CBD products. If you have seizures then you might want to try something that contains full spectrum extracts. How much you will need to use does depend on a number of factors. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to take small dosages and work your way up to the dosage amount recommended by your doctor.

. Anxiety- People who have anxiety can struggle to do everyday things, such as go to the store, interact with others or perform their job properly. Full spectrum extracts can ease anxiety, even if someone has a severe case of it. If you suffer with stress and depression too, then the extracts may help reduce both of them.

. Anti-Inflammatory- Another benefit of using full spectrum extracts is they can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of many health problems. Bear in mind that you might have to use a product for a few weeks before you experience this benefit, but some people could experience it far sooner.

. Cancer Symptoms- Those who suffer with cancer often experience an array of symptoms, such as dizziness, pain and vomiting to name a few. Full spectrum extracts can be taken to help alleviate some of those symptoms. Also, those who receive chemo often experience similar side effects, and they too should consider using a full spectrum extract product. As for which product you should take to alleviate cancer symptoms, it depends on your personal preference.

. Strength- Perhaps the best thing about extracts that are full spectrum is strength. Full spectrum extracts are very potent, especially compared to other spectrum extracts (such as broad). If you want to quickly reap the benefits of any CBD product, then choose one that has full spectrum extracts in it.

Those are the top benefits of full spectrum extract products. Not all full spectrum extract products are created equal, so it’s important to keep the previously discussed tips in mind when shopping around for products. If you want to reap all of the potential benefits, then you should start using high quality full spectrum extract products today.

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