Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It?

Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It?

Posted on March 10th, 2021

There is no doubt that CBD is one of the trendiest wellness products in today’s market. If you are living in a state that already made it legal, maybe you at some point noticed the product started popping up all of a sudden. Some spas sell CBD facials; some coffee shops may offer CBD lattes. Even beauty companies are competing to release a range of lotions with hemp or CBD oils in their formulas. Everyone from an arthritis-suffering man to an anxious coworker apparently could derive some relief from CBD.

However, even though it appears to be infiltrating almost every corner of the wellness industry, most people still find CBD a bit confusing. Even more so when it comes to finding out the proper way to take it and how to ensure that the stuff you are buying is, you know, the real deal.

Below is a detailed look into CBD, hemp oil, the difference between the two, and much more you’d like to know.

What Is CBD?Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It? - hemp oil

As you might be aware, CBD is one of the most popular cannabinoids nowadays. It is one of the foremost chemical substances present in hemp. It is also the second-most predominantly expressed cannabinoid on most cannabis plants after THC. Typically, manufacturers extract CBD from the plant leaves.

In general, the cannabis plant consists of 500+ different compounds – scientists identified 104 so far as being cannabinoids. The term “cannabinoid” refers to a naturally existing class of substances discovered in the cannabis plant hence the name. However, that is not the only place you can find them; they are also present in other biological systems like your own body!

CBD is natural, safe, and federally legal! Based on a study by WHO, they concluded that CBD did have a “good safety profile.” Partially, this is because your system already releases substances whose structure is strikingly similar to CBD. Thus, CBD can use those same mechanisms your body’s cannabinoids use to be useful to your body as well.

CBD Benefits

CBD’s exact modus operandi inside of your body is still unclear. CBD has a significantly lower affinity for the cannabinoid receptors in the brain compared to THC. When binding to those receptors, THC gives off powerful psychoactive effects. The current thought is that CBD triggers other receptors, such as opioid receptors that control pain and glycine receptors associated with the control of the “feel-good” hormone serotonin. Additionally, CBD does attach itself to the receptors in the brain but in a different, weaker way than THC does. However, when it does attach itself first, it prevents THC from doing so itself and might soften its overall effects on you.

According to enthusiasts, CBD oil might help with a wide range of ailments such as acne, pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, glaucoma, epilepsy.

Regardless of its growing popularity, CBD oil is still sorely under-researched. As a result, certain claims are better backed by studies and others not so much.

What Is CBD’s Source?

Although CBD is a vital ingredient of medical marijuana, most manufacturers prefer to obtain it from the hemp plant, another variety of cannabis. Although CBD is also a component of marijuana, by itself, it does not induce a “high” feeling. Based on a WHO report, CBD shows no signs of causing any dependency potential or addiction in humans.

What Is the Key Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana?

Now that you know what CBD is and where it comes from, you need to learn the differences between marijuana and hemp plants. And although both belong to the genus Cannabis, they differ on a key aspect.


As mentioned, manufacturers extract both hemp oils and CBD oils from the hemp plant. Generally, hemp is a Cannabis sativa subspecies traditionally cultivated for its seeds, leaves, and fiber. Just like marijuana, hemp does hold a range of cannabinoids inside. Nonetheless, it holds only trace amounts of THC, which is the reason manufacturers prefer to extract CBD from it. If it already has very low levels of THC, it will require significantly less processing than extracting it from high THC content marijuana.

Apart from CBD extraction, hemp possesses numerous other applications. You may use hemp fibers to create rope, paper, textiles, and more. Also, it’s possible to obtain hemp oil from the seeds. But, if hemp oil comes from hemp seeds and CBD comes from the hemp plant, does hemp oil have CBD in it as well? A little more on that later.


The plant is a famous psychoactive drug, and often it’s what pops in mind whenever you hear someone talk about cannabis. Although this plant is generally controversial, its recreational and medical applications are constantly increasing. Typically, marijuana exists in two primary cannabis species – Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa.

As aforementioned, although marijuana has medical purposes, many use it to get ‘high’ for recreational purposes. They can do so because marijuana has a much higher THC content than hemp.

Talking about hemp, you might be wondering, ‘does hemp oil have CBD in it?’ Before we answer that, let’s understand what hemp oil is.

What Is Hemp Oil? How Is It Made?

The term “hemp oil”, also known as “hemp seed oil”, refers to a deep green oil derived by pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds by themselves are famous as organic nutritional superfoods eaten raw.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, is a healthy and nutritionally-balanced oil. Primarily, this is because it offers a high percentage of monounsaturated fats. That includes the essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid, with a low percentage of saturated fat. Generally speaking, hemp oil offers the ideal balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. With a single tablespoon, you can have your daily recommended dose of essential fatty acids!

Additionally, hemp oil also has its uses in the kitchen, thanks to its earthy and nutty flavor. You can also consider using hemp seed oil dips and pesto sauce, add to salad dressings, and drizzle over food. Since hemp oil contains a significantly low smoke point, avoid using it for frying or cooking. What’s more, its applications extend to bio-fuels, shampoo, skin lotions, and even soaps.

Hemp Oil Benefits

As hinted previously, hemp oil might help manage some ailments. Several studies claim that its minerals and nutrients can contribute to improved heart health and better skin as well as decreased inflammation. Below is a detailed look into what the research says so far regarding the potential health advantages of hemp oil:

– Reduced Inflammation

With time, excess inflammation in the body may contribute to various disorders such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Apparently, gamma-linolenic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid naturally existing in hemp, contains anti-inflammatory properties. Research also shows that omega-3 fatty acids in hemp might be able to reduce inflammation as well.

– Improved Cardiovascular Health

Hemp oil also contains the amino acid arginine. Research indicates that this ingredient plays a vital role in a healthy cardiovascular system. By taking foods rich in arginine levels, you can help lower the risk of heart disease.

– Healthier Skin

Furthermore, massaging and rubbing hemp oil on the skin as a topical application may offer relief for a wide range of skin disorders. A particular study points out that hemp oil might serve as a useful acne treatment. What’s more, consuming hemp oil seemingly improves symptoms of eczema or atopic dermatitis because of the availability of good polyunsaturated fats in it.

Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It? NO!Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It? - cup of hemp oil and some seeds

As previously stated, manufacturers typically extract CBD oil from the stalk, flowers, and leaves of the hemp plant. Those are the only parts of the plant where CBD is present. So, does hemp oil have CBD in it? Since hemp oil comes from hemp seeds that do not have any CBD on them, it means that there is little to zero CBD content in hemp oil. Although having some similar, overlapping effects, each of those oils does deliver them due to an almost entirely different mechanism.

You might have come across small bottles of hemp oil on the market. However, better beware that hemp oil doesn’t have any CBD. On the other hand, hemp oil it’s excellent as a salad dressing, something that most won’t say about CBD oil. Another primary difference is that because of regulation, CBD oil can’t exceed 0.3% THC by volume. On the other hand, oil extracted from hemp seeds contains no cannabinoids, which includes having absolutely zero THC.

Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It?

Now you know that the answer to the question “Does Hemp Oil Have CBD In It?” it’s a resounding ‘NO!’. But don’t let that put you off from it. Hemp oil is a nutritious and protein-rich source of fatty acids and essential amino acids by itself. Due to the range of components present o in it, hemp oil can be useful for seemingly unrelated things like skincare and salad dressing! You can also derive from the hemp seeds themselves by eating them raw to get some other benefits as well.

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