Does CBD Help With Nausea At All?

Does CBD help with nausea

Posted on May 5th, 2022

Does CBD help with nausea? This is a compound we find in both marijuana and hemp plants. For that reason, many people confuse it with THC. Now, THC is a cannabis compound that has psychoactive properties. Basically, it gets you high. But unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Because of this, it doesn’t give you a ‘head high.’ (Though it may give you a body high.)

Here lies one of the reasons why CBD may help with nausea. (Don’t worry, there are more.) So, if you are thinking about taking CBD to ease symptoms of nausea, you’ll want to continue reading. Below, you will learn whether or not CBD helps with nausea and why you may want to use it for such a case.

What Is CBD – Does CBD Help With Nausea? Does CBD help with nausea

As mentioned, CBD is the active compound that can be found in both marijuana and hemp plants. It stands for cannabidiol. It’s not psychoactive and it interacts directly with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). However, it does so in a very different way than THC.

What Is Your Endocannabinoid System?

Your body’s ECS is a system that plays a crucial role in your central nervous system. The entire system is full of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are meant to transmit signals. The most abundant receptor in your ECS is known as your CB1 receptors. Whereas, you also have CB2 receptors that also play a crucial role in your body. CBD interacts with your receptors in a different way than THC. This is primarily what makes them very different. THC binds directly to both receptors. This means THC can have effects on both your body and mind. Conversely, CBD doesn’t bind very well to CB1 or CB2 receptors. Because of this, it doesn’t have the same effects that make you high.

Does CBD Help With Nausea?

How CBD impacts your experience with nausea could depend on the underlying cause. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Relief From Cancer-Induced Nausea

This is one of the most promising benefits of CBD. Preliminary research suggests that CBD may limit nausea from cancer treatments. When you go through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, it can be very common to experience extreme nausea. There is good evidence that shows that CBD can effectively suppress nausea in animals [1]. Some studies show that when combined with THC, CBD can help to reduce nausea symptoms stemming from cancer treatment [2].

2. May Improve Your Appetite

One of the other reasons you may experience nausea when you are going through cancer treatment is because your body is going through a lot. Something like chemotherapy can be very hard on your body. Subsequently, it can result in loss of appetite. If you lose your appetite, it could make you experience nausea from not drinking or eating enough. After all, your body needs nutrients to function. CBD has shown promising results in boosting one’s appetite. This alone can help with symptoms of nausea because you won’t be starving yourself as much. Continuing to eat a nutrient-dense and balanced diet is key to keeping yourself feeling good. By helping stimulate your appetite during cancer treatment, it can help you feel much better.

3. The Combination Of THC and CBD is Better

When it comes to reducing symptoms of nausea, having both CBD and THC may be the best option. There is plenty of research that suggests how effective THC and CBD are at reducing symptoms of nausea. However, the research does point to THC being the more effective of the two [3]. With that being said, having both together delivers the best results.

What Type Should You Use?

– Full-Spectrum

One of the most important things to look for when you are taking a CBD supplement is a full-spectrum ;abel. Don’t go for one that is “pure” or one labeled as “isolate.” While it sounds good, you want one that is full-spectrum instead. This means it contains all of the other beneficial properties found in the hemp plant. You want this because it will deliver the “entourage effect.”

– Think About Delivery Method

When you are trying to figure out which supplement type to take when you are dealing with symptoms of nausea, you want to think hard about what would appeal to you the most. Some people have no problems with taking certain applications whether it be sublingual or gummies. Others might want to avoid gummies or tinctures because they could make them gag. Think about what works best for your respective use case and you should be able to find the optimal delivery method for your CBD consumption.

– Quality

Another thing that you need to consider is the quality of the CBD. You don’t want to go for any old CBD brand. There are plenty of CBD brands out there for money alone. Unfortunately, it’s a largely unregulated industry. Because CBD is classified as a supplement, you need to do your research and due diligence when choosing the right brand to purchase. You want something that is quality CBD. You also want a brand that has done the requisite work needed to ensure you are getting the best dosage, delivery method, and effects. Tanasi is a brand that stands out in the marketplace. Tanasi has pumped a lot of money into its research and development and has crafted a patent-pending combination of CBD and CBDA. This ensures you are getting the best product to help with your nausea symptoms.

Does CBD Help With Nausea – Reasons To Use CBD For Nausea:

– It Has Other Benefits CBD for nausea

When you are looking for something that can help with nausea, you may want to turn to CBD because it can help in various ways. Not only does it directly help with limiting symptoms of nausea, but it can also stimulate your appetite. When you suffer from nausea-related symptoms, you generally find yourself with a limited appetite. This only makes things worse. CBD may also reduce inflammation, stress, and anxiety. Along with this, it may help with the pain that is derived from cancer treatments. Many patients experience a lot of pain associated with cancer treatment. CBD may offer a way to limit this pain.

– Limited Side Effects

Another major reason to consider using CBD for your nausea-related symptoms has to do with the limited side effects that you will likely experience while taking it. While not completely free of side effects, you generally don’t have to worry about any major ones. The same cannot be said for a lot of the other options for treating nausea.

So, Does CBD Help With Nausea?

If you are thinking about adding CBD to your regimen, you’ll want to discuss your options with your doctor. There is a lot to like about CBD when it comes to reducing symptoms of nausea. Most of the research points to it being effective but also needing a combination of THC to get the best results. However, it comes with a host of other benefits that are worth considering. You want to ensure you are getting CBD from a reputable source. Tanasi is a brand that you can trust to deliver the best results. Tanasi has an excellent reputation and a diverse range of products to ensure you are getting something that works best for your situation.





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