Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 Which One is Best for me?

Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 - Which One is Best for me?

Posted on January 29th, 2022

Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, THC, CBD, CBDa, THCa, CBC, CBN, CBDV, THCV… These are just a few names of the compounds that you may come across when you read about the Cannabis Sativa plant. Each compound has its own pros and cons when used as extracts. And scientists are researching which one provides the best health benefits. Right now, three compounds are in the limelight. So if you’re wondering, Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 – Which one is best for me? This read will answer your questions. Just remember, while you may think they offer similar effects, they’re actually distinct cannabinoids.

What is Delta 8? Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 - Which One is Best for me?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid that seems to provide a calming and relaxing effect that allows your mind to slow down and release tension. The advantage of consuming Delta 8 is that it doesn’t trigger Delta 9 side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, and rapid heartbeat.

This compound is popular for working as a stress and pain relief agent without making you feel as high as Delta 9. It interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your endocannabinoid system to send signals to your brain.

According to a National Cancer Institute study, Delta 8 is a tetrahydrocannabinol analog; it has pain-relieving, neuroprotective, anti-nausea, appetite-stimulating, and anti-anxiety properties. The compound primarily binds with the G-protein present in your CB1 receptor. Now, both Delta 9 and Delta 10 compounds have a higher G-protein potency. So they make you feel more euphoric than you do after consuming D8.

Apart from the interaction with your endocannabinoid receptors, D8 also differs from its counterparts in its molecular structure. It contains more atomic bonds, potentially enhancing its health benefits. The only drawback? D8 is available in very small percentages in the Cannabis Sativa plant. This means products can be quite expensive.

What is Delta 9?

Delta 9 is the cannabinoid that provides a high feeling. It also goes by another popular name: THC. In fact, THC goes by various names, such as D9, Delta 9, or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s the psychoactive element in cannabis that intoxicates you.

Is it safe for your health? That’s a debatable topic. It seems to provide some health benefits like CBD and Delta 8, but it’s also intoxicating. Like Delta 8, Delta 9 also interacts with your endocannabinoid receptors, possibly providing therapeutic benefits. The advantage of D9 is that it may remain in your body for up to 20 hours. (That’s a much longer time span than D8.) However, if you want to consume Delta 9 for recreational purposes, the psychoactive effect lasts for only a few hours.

What is Delta 10?

Delta 10 sits somewhere between Delta and Delta 9. It has more subtle and milder effects than D9. At the same time, it still uplifts your mood and may tackle anxiety symptoms like D8. However, scientists are still researching whether Delta 10 is safe for everyone. And they need more research to see if it has any underlying side effects.

The effects of D10 closely resemble those of Delta 8. According to multiple studies, this compound has a significantly lower psychotropic or intoxicating effect than Delta 9.

Manufacturers in the US are trying to introduce Delta 10 in states where marijuana is illegal. Although it may take some more time for cannabis enthusiasts to get the good news, they can certainly expect something favorable in the near future. Multiple research studies suggest that D10 provides a relaxing and uplifting effect without causing the intense emotions associated with anxiety, depression, or paranoia. Doctors believe that D10 can become an effective alternative treatment in combating anxiety and panic attacks.

Differences between Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 Delta 8 CBD - cbd, tetrahydronnabidol, and delta 8

Now that you know about all three Delta variants, it’s time to understand where and how they differ from each other.


First of all, if you see the molecular structure of these compounds, you will notice a basic similarities and differences. All three compounds have double bonds, but their positions are different. In Delta 8, you will see the double bond on the 8th carbon chain. Similarly, you will see the double bonds on the 9th and 10th carbon chains in Delta 9 and Delta 10 respectively.


Both Delta 9 and Delta 10 are not as stable as Delta 8. That is why Delta 8 is more potent when it comes to potential health benefits. On the flip side, the instability of D9 and D10 compounds make them more psychoactive than D8.

Time of Effects in Your Body

Delta 8 is also far more long-lasting than Delta 9 and Delta 10 compounds. It doesn’t oxidize as easily as its counterparts, making it a more stable Delta variant. This feature also ensures that D8 compounds have a longer shelf life.

Feelings You’ll Experience

Delta 8 and Delta 10 make you feel relaxed. They calm your mind down if you feel you are about to have an anxiety or panic attack. Delta 9 also has a similar effect, but it makes you feel high. You may experience a euphoric effect after consuming D9 products. The problem with this compound is that different people may exhibit different effects. For example, some may keep laughing for prolonged periods without any reason while others may fall asleep quickly. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from Delta 9 products, especially if you want to stay healthy and fit.


Finally, Delta 8 edges past Delta 9 and Delta 10 when you compare the potency to deal with various health problems. Sure, D9 and D10 also provide a few health benefits, but their psychoactive effects make them illegal in many states. Will you benefit from them if you take a small dose of these compounds? Researchers are still not sure about it, but talks are underway to make Delta 8 products legal in most states.

Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10 – Which One is Best for me?

According to our reviews, Delta 8 is clearly the winner in the current scenario, if you consider the overall effects of these three compounds. But if the government has not made D8 legal in your state yet, or if you prefer to enjoy the entourage effect, you can stick to full-spectrum CBD products. offers various CBD items, such as gummies, oil, salve, cream, and tincture that you can use to deal with different health problems.

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