Check Out These Tasty Treats With Hemp Oil For Dogs

Posted on July 8th, 2021

Did you know that you can give your pet treats with hemp oil for dogs? And that, by doing so, you might do more than just tickle their taste buds? Well, it’s true, and this read will help you see why.

Now, as a pet owner, you may already give your dog supplements. But you may not realize that emerging science suggests that hemp oil could benefit canines. Of course, not every pup will like hemp oil’s taste. For that reason, hemp oil for dogs may work best inside tasty treats. So we’ll also explore the best ways to infuse your pet treats with hemp oil.

What are Hemp Oil Benefits? hemp oil for dogs

First, a word about hemp oil vs hemp seed oil. Because you need to know these products are very different. Here’s the story: hemp seed oil comes from pressed hemp seeds. It’s very nutritious, but it doesn’t contain cannabinoids. (These are chemical compounds, such as THC or CBD, that may produce effects in you or your pet’s body.)

Now hemp oil is full of cannabinoids, since it comes from the plant’s leaves and flowers. Because of those cannabinoids, it can interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This interaction is responsible for CBD’s effects in your body. And, because humans and animals have an ECS, hemp oil for dogs can address some of your pet’s unwanted symptoms.

That’s especially true if you’re struggling to relax.  In studies, taking CBD reduced anxiety levels. And that’s not all. Research also suggests that hemp oil could improve heart health or prevent cognitive decline. So, how does this apply to dogs?

The Benefits Of Hemp Oil For Dogs

There are many possible benefits that your dog will experience when taking hemp oil treats regularly. If your canine suffers from osteoarthritis, hemp oil treats may minimize his or her pain.  In turn, the dog’s mobility and overall quality of life can  improved significantly.

Hemp oil treats could also help with anxiety, something that many dogs experience, especially when their owners leave home or travel for extended periods of time. Even minor stressors in your pets life could get easier with a hemp oil treat. So, before sending your dog to the groomer or the vet, offering a hemp oil treat right before the visit could make a big difference!

Maybe Hemp Oil Works For Dogs, But Is It Safe?

Dog owners are always going to be concerned about giving their canine anything new. They want to make sure that there are no adverse side effects. If you are unsure of how your dog will react, always check with your veterinarian.

Remember that legal CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, so they should be safe for your pet. But in larger amounts, adverse effects such as lack of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and even lethargy have been documented. Therefore, when you are providing your dog with a hemp oil treat, make sure that it is legal CBD. Otherwise, you might consider a CBD isolate instead.

How To Use Hemp Oil With Your Dog cbd dog treat recipe

You can find pre-made hemp oil dog treats in stores. (Or you can make your own with this hemp oil for dogs treat recipe.)

Once you find a store with hemp oil treats for canines, evaluate the product before making your purchase. Be sure to look at the strength of the CBD concentration. (You should see a third-party lab test that confirms those results.) And look carefully at THC concentrations. They should be below 0.3%, so you stay safe for your dog, and legal within the United States.

What Type Of Dog Treats Have Hemp Oil?

There are different types of hemp oil treats that you can give your dog. Most of them are going to be soft chews. Some pet owners prefer CBD capsules instead. These tend to have some form of flavoring, to will mask the hemp oil taste.

Although capsules will work, it’s much easier to simply give your dog a hemp oil treat, since that’s a familiar food. If you are concerned about bioavailability, hemp oil tinctures may be your best option. They’re most easily absorbed when the oil is placed directly on your dog’s gums or in its mouth. You will notice a definitive delay in the effects of CBD when giving treats to dogs, since the hemp oil must first be digested.

Hemp Oil Treats That Dogs Like To Eat

Dogs usually enjoy getting treats that are easy to chew. They tend to be very soft, and this makes it easier for the owners, too. They could be in the form of a cookie, or a standardized dog treat, one that your dog will easily recognize.

How Long Will They Have To Take CBD Products?

Many humans habitually take CBD products to experience their reported benefits, and most canines have to do the same. Just like a medication, once you stop using hemp oil, the benefits will cease. That is why it is important to test small amounts of hemp oil with your dog, allowing them to acclimate to the product before increasing the dosage. Then, once you find the proper CBD dose for dogs, you’ll know by the positive changes that you see. They may seem less anxious, or more eager to move. But the effects should be positive, as long as you choose quality products, and clear all doses with your vet.

CBD products have been gaining traction throughout the world. In the United States, many people turn to CBD as a natural alternative to help with ailments. And, since dogs share many of these ailments, it’s not surprising that pet owners want to share supplements with their pups.

Whether they are suffering from osteoarthritis, or if they are becoming more anxious as time passes, hemp oil products for your dog could help. If you can find hemp oil treats that are tasty, your dog will enjoy consuming them, and find it easier to reap the rewards of this all-natural and beneficial product. Or, if you prefer to create your own, simply browse our selection of full-spectrum CBD oils. Then mix the hemp oil into your favorite home-made doggy treats!

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