Check Out These Benefits Of Hemp Seed Powder

Posted on July 22nd, 2021

What is hemp seed powder and why should you try it? Well, we’ve been exploring hemp benefits for years. Now, a lot of research focuses on THC and CBD, extracted the plant’s flowers and buds. But it’s seeds can be useful, too,

After all, hemp seeds in any form offer a plant-based protein option. And, because these seeds don’t contain THC, you can enjoy their benefits without worrying about legal trouble. Ready to dive into this new and exciting way to add hemp seeds to your diets? Read on to learn all about hemp seed powder!

The History Of Hemp Seeds Hemp seed powder

First things first: we derive hemp seed powder from hemp seeds. Basically, hemp seed powder (also called hemp protein powder) comes from grinding pressed hemp seeds. And you keep going until you get a fine powder, as pictured.

Now, those seeds are an ancient ingredient. In fact, documents show that hemp fiber, protein, and hemp-based remedies were popular in areas such as China and ancient Egypt.

Now, fast forward to modern times. With current research, we’re  seeing the science catch up to time-told beliefs. And, suddenly, we’re finding new ways to enjoy and use hemp seed products.

The Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

Regularly consuming hemp seeds could offer many benefits. First, they’re an incredibly lean source of protein. So, if you’re trying to limit your meat intake, you can easily substitute hemp seeds and without sacrificing your protein needs.

Consuming hemp seed powder is an easy way to ingest this protein. And, this supplement could boost your metabolism, promoting lean body mass. Some people may notice better digestion after adding hemp seeds to their diet.  Plus, thanks to their 22 amino acids, many of which our bodies can’t produce naturally, adding hemp seeds may help regulate brain function, bolster your nervous system, and speed up muscle tissue repair.

Additional Benefits Of Taking Hemp Seeds Daily

Like a daily vitamin, regularly consuming hemp seeds can deliver essential vitamins and minerals to your system. These include vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin, folate, and thiamine.

Trying to lose weight? Hemp seed powder could be your solution, since hemp seeds contain a substantial amount of fiber. And that’s important, because fiber can help you reduce your appetite, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and promote gut health and weight management. (For added weight loss support, you may also want to explore CBD. While not contained in hemp seeds, it may boost your weight loss efforts.)

Finally, hemp seeds are an excellent source for unsaturated fats, specifically omega-3 fatty acids. These are high in ALA, something that your body cannot produce on its own. They can support your heart health and may help  reduce overall inflammation in the body.

Possible Side Effects Of Hemp Seed Powder Intake

Whenever you try a new supplement, it’s always smart to start with a smaller dose and see how you react. And that’s no different with hemp seed powder.

After all, some people have reported unwanted effects after trying this supplement. (Although they’re mostly mild.) Some people experience throat irritation from this powder. But if you mix your powder into smoothies, or into prepared foods, that’s easily avoidable.

Now, in higher doses, some people notice diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. In extreme cases, there were reports of bradycardia. (That’s a condition where your heart rate slows down considerably.) Conversely, some people develop high blood pressure or hypertension after introducing this product to their diet. Also, if you’re taking diuretics or cardiac glycosides, you should avoid hemp seed powder, as they could have negative interactions. Specifically, the drug interactions could leave you with very low potassium levels, which can be very dangerous for your health. So, if you’re taking any kind of prescription medication, always speak to your doctor before adding this or any other supplement to your routine.

How To Introduce Hemp Seeds Into Your Diet hemp seed powder smoothie

To introduce hemp seeds into your diet, you should consider doing this in one of three ways. You can start with hemp protein products, use hemp oil for cooking, or simply begin by consuming the seeds. When people prepare hemp seed products for consumption, it’s typically in the form of smoothies, cookies, or it may be sprinkled over salads. There are certain forms of milk, butter, and even yogurt that are derived from hemp seed.

If you cook casseroles regularly, or if you eat salads, you can easily add hemp seed products without affecting the overall flavor. These are just a few of the many ways that you can gradually introduce hemp seed into your diet without the potential for experiencing the side effects. Beginning with a single teaspoon of hemp seeds on a daily basis would be a great place to start.

What Type Of Hemp Seeds Should You Use?

The origin source of the hemp seeds can play a large role in whether or not you enjoy using this product. Canada is well known for producing extremely high quality seeds that are long-lasting and great tasting. If you have decided to introduce this powder derived from hemp seeds into your diet, you now have the basic understanding of why it might be good for you.

You can build up your intake gradually, adding the powder to foods that you consume. Or you may want to begin with the hemp seeds themselves, then try powders later. Keep in mind that there are certain circumstances where adverse reactions can occur. This is typically based upon the natural medicinal qualities of hemp seeds interacting with pharmaceutical medications that you may currently be taking. That is why it is advantageous to speak with your physician that has prescribed certain medications for you. Other than that, hemp seed powder could very well be the most important addition to your diet for improving your overall health.

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