Cell Isolate CBD – An In-depth Look

Cell Isolate CBD crystal

Posted on October 26th, 2020

In this day and age, people no longer have to worry about getting their CBD (cannabidiol). In fact, many agree there are too many CBD products and varieties to pick from. New users are understandably confused by the vast array of CBD oils, edibles, and tinctures. The whole lot of them available both online and on physical store shelves. As such, before you jump into the CBD market, do some research to know if the product you are looking at matches your needs.

This post will help you with your cannabidiol shopping quest by explaining what is considered one of the purest products available. Cell isolate CBD. Other than looking at the ups and downs of this product, we will compare this powdery form of CBD with other popular forms.

So, What Is CBD Isolate?Cell Isolate CBD crystal

The term CBD isolate may sound science-y and complex to many, but classifying it is pretty straightforward. Simply add the letter ”d” at the end of the word “isolate” and you will get what this product is all about. Yes, all that name is telling you is that the cannabidiol separated from all other compounds found in the hemp plant.

That means that cell isolate CBD does not contain additional cannabinoids, additives, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. When you buy cell isolate CBD, you are getting a concentration of almost 100% CBD.

Most new CBD customers tend to be surprised when they come across CBD isolate products in a white, dry, and powdery form. Well, CBD isolate undergoes a thorough purification process. That’s why it does not like the more popular green hemp oils and tinctures at all. In addition to the appealing look and texture, it has no taste or odor, one of its biggest selling points.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

Cannabidiol isolates start as a full-spectrum extract. That is a CBD form that contains many other compounds found on cannabinoids. Once done with the extracting, more processing goes to removing all additional compounds. In the end, it leaves behind a pure cannabidiol extract.

CBD isolation happens through a process known as chromatography. The extract is heated gently and then pushed through a specialized cylinder. Since every compound has a distinct molecular weight, it comes out at the other end at varying times. Knowing CBD’s molecular weight, manufacturers can separate it as it comes out of the cylinder.

Next, the extract goes through a process known as winterization. This further eliminates waxes and residual substances that may still be present after isolation. The final product comes in the form of crystals. Keep in mind that crystals tend to form from pure chemicals. The dissolutions then allow them to shape them into any form the manufacturer would like to give to their products.

Cell Isolate CBD- The Pros

1. Does not Contain THC

By definition, top of the line CBD isolate contains 0% THC, the compound responsible for the ‘high’ feeling after consuming marijuana. It’s advisable to buy isolate products from suppliers that provide test results revealing no THC content. When evaluating a CBD isolate, a certified 0% THC content is a good sign of their quality.

While it is uncommon, there are people who have tested positive for THC after consuming CBD oil. CBD oil, by the way, only contains around 0.3% or less THC in it. So, if you undergo regular drug testing, cell isolate CBD is a safer option than other forms.

2. Ideal for Homemade CBD Products

Cell isolate CBD can be used to make other cannabidiol products in the comfort of your home. That can include:

  • Mixing with food and drinks
  • Adding to carrier oils such as MCT oil or coconut oil to make CBD drops/tinctures.
  • Adding to an e-juice for vaping
  • Mixing into a cream for topical application.

CBD isolate’s versatility gives it a massive advantage over other cannabidiol products. For example, CBD buds require heating for activation before you can use them in cooking. CBD oils do not mix properly into creams and cannot go into making e-juice.

3. No Nasty Taste When Consumed Sublingually

Cell isolate CBD very easy to consume sublingually. For some, it’s not comfortable to have anything sitting under their tongue. One advantage of CBD isolate is you will not catch the earthy aroma of most CBD tinctures and oils when taken sublingually.

4. Accurate Dosing & High Potency

In addition to the lack of taste and odor, CBD isolate is the highest cannabidiol product. Given that the process of producing it made it at least 98% CBD. You will need far less powder to get a significant effect compared to other forms of CBD.

CBD isolates ingredients make it way easier to dose than ‘less pure’ CBD products with other compounds. Those who require cannabidiol for medicinal reasons will have an easier time measuring their daily dose of CBD isolate.

5. Cell Isolate CBD is Cheaper

Compared to oils, edibles, and tinctures, isolate is a more affordable variety when comparing the CBD price per milligram. CBD isolate is often sold in the crystal or white powder form in one-gram quantities. The price is approximately $20 to $50 per 1 gram of CBD.

A tincture or oil with the same CBD quantity goes for double the price of cell isolate CBD.

Cell Isolate CBD – The Con

Perhaps the biggest complaint users have about cell CBD isolate is that it does not leverage the many other therapeutic compounds found in the cannabis plant. Other CBD products can trigger the entourage effect whereby if you take two different products, they both amplify each other. When you use pure CBD, you won’t experience the cannabis plant’s full potential like when using CBD oil.

Even though studies on the effects of cannabis on the human body are still ongoing, several conclusions support this fact. For example, Israeli researchers compared the effects of full-spectrum CBD vs CBD isolate on two mice groups. They found that full-spectrum type performed better due to terpenes and cannabinoids reacting synergistically to give a greater benefit.

Scientists are becoming more interested in how varying cannabis plant compounds work together to give the entourage effect. Some say that keeping the plant as pure as possible is the only way to trigger it and its benefits. According to this theory, cannabis requires having all of its compounds to provide its full healing benefits.

Cell Isolate CBD Effects

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cannabidiol has a wide array of potentially medicinal properties. Those are the basis of the following effects:

  • Neuroprotective- CBD may reduce neuronal loss rate over time. It minimizes the damage to the nervous system and brain.
  • Antipsychotic- CBD may address psychotic and psychosis symptoms. This includes delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and severe anxiety.
  • Anxiolytic- Potentially effective at hampering depression and anxiety
  • Analgesic- May provide pain relief by blocking pain signals to the brain and reducing inflammation.
  • Anti-inflammatory- Can alleviate swelling or inflammation
  • Antiepileptic and anticonvulsant – CBD has promising properties for addressing epileptic seizures.
  • Anti-asthmatic- May be used to reduce airway passages and respiratory system inflammation.
  • Anti-tumoral- Has the potential to slow growth and may even kill some types of cancer cells during the early stages of clinical trials.

When to Use CBD Isolate

Cell Isolate CBD crystal

Cannabidiol isolates are more common than their counterparts and for a good reason. Companies using CBD isolates can guarantee THC free products, and this makes it easier to standardize their product’s CBD content. That brings down the costs of these CBD products while making them more reliable.

Who Should Use Cell Isolate CBD?

  • Those looking for both cheap and effective cannabidiol products
  • Those looking for the highest CBD dose possible
  • Those who want to avoid taking even the smallest THC amounts.

When to Avoid CBD Isolate

As with most CBD products, isolates are not perfect. They don’t have additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and the rest of the compounds to complement their effects. So, if you want to use CBD for a specific health concern or prefer holistic health solutions, you should avoid CBD isolates.

Cell Isolate CBD Dosage- How Much Should You Take?

Cannabidiol affects people differently depending on factors like age, sensitivity, weight, and health conditions. What works for you may not work for another individual. That means that you need to work out your own optimal CBD isolate dose.

It’s important to measure your dose of cell isolate CBD accurately. Guessing a CBD isolate dose randomly is just not recommended. However, one of the best things about CBD isolate over other products is the ability to measure your dosage very closely. The right CBD isolate dose is the minimum amount you need to feel the desired effect.

Here are the steps to follow in order to find your ideal dose:

  • Begin with a low dose of anywhere between 5mg to 10mg to gauge how the body reacts.
  • Take the same amount several days to give the body some time to respond.
  • If you don’t experience the desired results, gradually increase the dose by 5mg to 10mg at a time. With each increase, take at least two days before increasing further if you so want.
  • Take note of the dose and how the body responds each day.
  • If you feel any discomfort or negative reactions, reduce the dose.

Remember, when taking cannabidiol, it’s essential to consult your doctor, even more so if you take other medications.

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