What Is CBG In Cannabis?

CBG in cannabis

Posted on August 11th, 2021

CBG, short for cannabigerol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is considered the grandfather of all cannabinoids. Before you decide to use CBG, you’ll want to know its nature, how it’s made, how it works, it’s uses and potential benefits. With that said, read on to learn more.

What Is CBG CBG in cannabis

CBG is a component of cannabis. The cannabis plant contains many different types of cannabinoids. But CBG is considered to be the king, because most other cannabinoids derive from CBGA, or cannabigerolic acid. CBGA is the acidic precursor to this cannabinoid. Just like THCA and CBDA come before THC and CBD.

Now cannabis plants don’t contain much CBG. In fact, it’s found in much smaller amounts than other cannabinoids. (It makes up about 1% of all the compounds.) For that reason, products containing pure CBG are rare. Plus, they tend to be expensive. But, as we become more aware of the compound’s potential benefits, manufacturers and growers try to develop high CBG strains and boost production.

How Is Cannabigerol Made

CBG extracts usually come from younger cannabis plants, which typically contain the highest concentrations. Fully developed cannabis plants don’t contain as much CBG as younger plants.

There are certain strains of cannabis that are specifically cultivated for CBG extracts. The most common strains include Jack Frost and Super Glue. Also, cannabis growers often experiment with cross-breeding strains and genetic manipulation to yield higher concentrations in their plants.

How Does CBG Work

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system. It’s made up of many receptors and molecules. And they’re in charge of balancing our bodies, regardless of the external environment. Our endocannabinoid system is what processes CBG when it enters the body.

CB2 and CB1 are the two types of system receptors. CB2 receptors are located in various areas of our bodies, including the immune system. CB1 receptors are in the brain and the nervous system.

Once you introduce CBG to your system, it binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. When this happens, anandamide’s function becomes stronger. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter. It plays a major role in pain relief, enhancing motivation, pleasure and regulating sleep, just to name a few.

Real World Uses

Here’s how we use CBG, in our currently available delivery methods:

. CBG Oil

As the name suggests, CBG oil is similar to CBD and THC oil, except that it’s CBG that’s the key ingredient. The oil can be used various ways, such as vaping or applied topically. Some people even cook with the oil or add drops of it to their favorite drinks, but there really is no wrong way to take it. Generally speaking, pure CBG oil can be very expensive, but what you’ll pay for it does depend on factors such as the amount the bottle contains and who is selling it.

. Softgel Or Capsules

Softgels and capsules are becoming a popular choice among those who want to use CBG, but don’t want to use it in its oil form. With softgels or regular capsules, you simply take them with either food or water. What you’ll do depends on the product itself and what’s stated on the label.

. Drops

Drops are slightly different than oils. They come in a dropper bottle, and then you add it to drinks or under your tongue. Drops are easy to take and they can be brought with you while you’re on the go.

. Creams

CBG creams are applied just like any other kind of cream. You rub it on specific areas of your body with the purpose of relieving pain. However, you can put the cream on areas that don’t hurt, if you simply want your skin to absorb it, that way the CBG gets into your system.

Those are the four most common forms commercialized CBG can be found in. However, many companies manufactures products with CBG in it, but you want to buy products that contain 100% CBG. This can be hard to find, but it’s worth taking the time to look for them.

The Benefits Of CBG CBG

From early research, we’ve learned that this cannabinoid helps with:

1. Focus

Increased focus is one of the key potential benefits of CBG. Although more studies are required, it looks as if cannabigerol plays a role in the growth of new brain cells. This may be one reasons why users say it helps their focus, making it easier to complete tasks, recall facts and stay  productive.

2. Appetite

CBG may increase your appetite at a faster rate than CBD or THC.

3. Reduce Stress

Stress is linked to many health conditions. Some people reduce stress by using CBD products.  But CBG may also help reduce stress, kicking in a very short period of time after use.

4. Eye Health

CBG offers potential eye health benefits. Our eyes contain many cannabinoid receptors, and the endocannabinoid system seems to play a major role in good eye health, so CBG may help maintain balance.

While we’re still investigating the many roles CBG plays in health and wellness, we’re also learning how people can easily access this cannabinoid. As we mentioned, CBG makes up a tiny portion of the overall group of cannabinoids in cannabis. And, even with new growing strategies, it’s hard to isolate enough extract to make pure CBG products financially viable.

So, how can you explore this cannabinoid without breaking the bank or growing your own? For now, the answer seems to lie in full-spectrum cannabis products, like Tanasi’s line of CBD topicals, edibles and our signature tincture.

Packed with the complete range of cannainoids and terpenes, including CBG, our products deliver that entourage effect you’ve been looking for. All you need to do? Head over to our online CBD store and find the form of CBD that works for you. Then check out our easily-available, lab-tested certificate of analysis, and check out the CBG content for yourself before buying!

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