CBD Sublingual Bioavailability: One of the Best Ways to Take CBD

cbd sublingual bioavailability

Posted on April 22nd, 2021

These are exciting times for the CBD industry. CBD has proven to have enormous potential in the health and wellness sector. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a natural compound in the cannabis plant. It is among the two key components in the plant, with the second one being THC which is known to have psychoactive properties. Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, CBD products from hemp plants with a THC concentration of 0.3% are now considered legal. This has led to an increase in CBD popularity. However, scientists are still learning about CBD’s uses, dosage, and delivery methods. Bioavailability is a crucial aspect of CBD. The body absorbs CBD differently depending on how you take it. There are several ways of ingesting CBD, some of which involve taking CBD orally, sublingually, topical CBD or through inhalation. This article aims to help you understand CBD sublingual bioavailability.

What is Bioavailability? 

Bioavailability is the proportion and rate at which the body absorbs a substance into the bloodstream. Products taken intravenously have 100% bioavailability, and we will use this as the point of reference. Other methods such as topical or oral have to pass through various body parts before entering the bloodstream. The more complex, or longer the journey, the lower the bioavailability.

In the matter of CBD, the objective is for the compound to absorb into the circulatory system to provide its benefits. However, the fact remains that even though a drop may have 2mg of CBD, for instance, a smaller amount of that dosage will actually enter the bloodstream. For this reason, the effectiveness and intensity levels of CBD depend on bioavailability. Intravenous administration of CBD isn’t realistic or advisable. So it would be best if you used a consumption method that guarantees higher bioavailability. CBD sublingual bioavailability seems to be relatively high.

Why Does Bioavailability Matter?    

CBD bioavailability really matters because it is more effective if more of it makes it into the bloodstream. Products that are not optimized for bioavailability don’t give you the maximum benefits you are looking for. CBD bioavailability largely depends on the type of CBD product and how you choose to ingest it.

Water-soluble products are particularly effective because the body absorbs them very well. If a CBD product is insoluble in water, the body absorbs less of the substance. If the substance doesn’t dissolve properly in water, the body will have a more difficult time absorbing the compound.  

It’s essential that you understand CBD bioavailability because it will assist you in determining the amount you should consume. The higher the bioavailability, the more effective the product is.

Kaelin Dunn influencer using tanasi cbd oil tinctureCBD Sublingual Bioavailability

Consuming something sublingually means placing it under the tongue. Sublingual administration of CBD is technically oral consumption. However, the sublingual method depends on the capillaries under the tongue for access into the bloodstream. Other oral methods that you swallow must pass through the digestive system.

CBD can only be beneficial to the body when it is circulating through the bloodstream. Having to traverse a long way through the body only lessens its effectiveness and bioavailability. The longer the compound traverses before entering the bloodstream, the more likely it will break down before reaching the bloodstream. 

The typical CBD sublingual bioavailability rate ranges between 13% to 19% with some cases having an absorption rate of up to 35%. This happens by putting a couple of drops under the tongue and allowing them to sit there for a while. The mucous membrane in your mouth absorbs the CBD oil directly into your bloodstream, enabling it to start working its magic. When you take CBD sublingually, it will bypass your digestive system and liver. This means the absorption rate will be higher, and the effects will take place much quicker.

By using sublingual CBD sprays and tinctures, you will certainly get better bioavailability compared to taking the compound orally. Although it’s not as fast as the inhalation technique, you should start experiencing the effects of sublingual CBD after around 20 minutes or so. The gist here is to let the CBD sit underneath the tongue for around 30 to 60 seconds. If you place the drops above the tongue or swallow it too quickly, it defeats the benefit of sublingual consumption. 

Advantages of CBD Sublingual Bioavailability 

The majority of consumers who ingest CBD oil using this method start experiencing its health benefits after 20 minutes or so. This makes it the ideal means of administration for those who utilize CBD to alleviate chronic pain. People suffering from neuropathic pain resulting from arthritis also stand to gain from the fast relief sublingual administration brings. Arthritis pain can arise at any time. Other CBD methods can still help with pain. However, sublingual consumption still remains a very effective way to get quick relief. 

When you consume CBD sublingually, it won’t pass through the digestive system. On the other hand, when you take CBD capsules or edibles, it passes through the digestive tract. So it will need to digest before you start feeling its effects. Conversely, absorbing CBD directly through the sublingual glands skips digestion. This consumption method goes around the liver, which is the first stop point when you digest edibles.

Unlike vaping or smoking CBD, which draws attention and has a negative stigma in society, sublingual administration is very discreet. You can do your business anywhere without people noticing. It doesn’t smell or produce any smoke that can attract attention. The user doesn’t need to do any prep work with this method. The dropper bottles are quite small and can easily concealable in your pocket or purse.


Given the numerous benefits that come with taking CBD oil sublingually, there are few relevant shortcomings. However, there’s not much you can do when it comes to the flavor. Given that you’ll place it under the tongue, you’ll just have to bear with the taste as your mucous membranes absorb it. Other possible side effects of taking CBD in general include sluggishness, lightheadedness, and dry mouth. However, Tanasi does offer flavored tinctures that do a pretty great job mitigating the natural hemp flavor.

Man holding Tanasi Tincture over bagTakeaway

If you want to take full advantage of the therapeutic effects of CBD, bioavailability is an integral factor to consider. It’s important to note that you cannot increase CBD bioavailability levels yourself. The best you can do is choose your method of consumption to make sure you get the ideal CBD dosage and bioavailability. 

Regardless if you’re looking to boost your sleep and mood or decrease pain, high CBD sublingual bioavailability will make it work better. So this method of administration is a great way to take CBD and is effective at achieving results.   

Research into the health benefits and possible side effects of CBD is still ongoing, so you should consider reaching out to a doctor to learn more. CBD affects everybody differently, as do suitable doses. 

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