CBD Shot – Is It Time for You to Get a CBD Injection?

CBD Shot

Posted on May 3rd, 2021

There’s no question that CBD is now mainstream because of many different reports on the potential benefits of CBD that came out in recent years. Many people struggling with a variety of issues, both physical and emotional or mental, claimed to find relief from CBD. As a result, its quickly becoming an alternative to prescription drugs, since they might come with undesirable effects. There are many different ways to get CBD treatments. They range from gummies to drops all the way to a variety of other options with varied administration methods. One thing many people became really curious about is the progression of the potential for a CBD shot as a treatment.

First of all, an important clarification: we are talking about CBD injections using syringes. Shots as in what you get from a doctor, nurse, or medical professional. We are not talking about a CBD “shot,” as some would call taking a shot of liquor infused with CBD.

Why Injections?CBD Shot - a doctor putting an injection shot into a patient's arm

With many different types of medical treatments, injection gives the most powerful boost as opposed to ingestion. For individuals convinced of the potentially beneficial properties of CBD, getting an injection to potentially gain more positive benefits could be extremely appealing.

By putting the CBD directly into the bloodstream, you avoid it dulling through absorption through the mouth and saliva. Most importantly, you would also avoid it going to waste through the metabolic process in the liver. In theory, by using this syringe injection method, an individual would get a higher dose of the compound. Thus, that would add more potency to the direct benefits a lot of enthusiasts claim CBD yields out.

Intravenous delivery of CBD through injection or through the saline bag is a treatment option available. However, this is not an over-the-counter type of product, but you would rather need to go to a qualified professional to administer this. This method does involve syringe/needle injection as well.

There are several companies continuing research into the potential market for CBD injections. For the moment, the availability of this treatment option depends on your ability to find a practitioner willing to inject you. This doesn’t just apply to countries known for having fewer medical regulations than the more regulated first-world nations. Even looking at the United States versus the United Kingdom shows very distinctive differences in where the availability of a CBD shot is.

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is a term that refers to the measure of just how easily (or not) a substance absorbs into the body and is available for use. Supplements of vitamins or minerals that have a high bioavailability tend to be extremely beneficial. That is because your body can use the majority of what you just introduced into it and easily convert its benefits into your system.

For those supplements which the body does not easily absorb, the liver metabolizes a significant part of it which makes it go to waste. However, in some other cases, the compound has little staying power within the body and sees expelling too fast to be of use. This is why, unless you are drastically short on a certain Vitamin, those Vitamin packets tend to have minimal benefits. This is because only a small percentage of the vitamin in that supplement ever gets to remain in you for use.

Stronger bioavailability = More Measurable Effects

The tendency is to say that higher bioavailability is stronger, which is true to some extent. Basically, the more you can absorb, the more of the benefits, or side effects in some cases, you will feel. This is important to know because 100% of 30mg is far more than 10% of 100mg. See the difference?

So, what does this have to do with CBD IV or shot treatments?

Generally, when introducing a supplement directly to the bloodstream, the individual receives 100% or nearly 100% absorption of it. When the body breaks down foods, liquids, or vitamins, in the stomach, it does so to get as much of it as possible into a form that goes into the blood. That’s how your body gets what it needs out of what you ingest.

When taking CBD via injection, that means the bioavailability of that CBD is at or close to 100%. Meaning you get the full benefits whether taking it for joint pain, anxiety, mood, or any combination of those things.

This is part of the reason for such a high interest in a CBD shot treatment. Tinctures or CBD-infused food apparently have a good effect on so many people. Thus, what’s the potential of getting a CBD shot as a readily available option? It’s an intriguing treatment possibility, to say the least.

So Just What Are Cannabinoids?

These are the compounds from cannabis that made medical marijuana a debatable topic. A lot of data suggesting that cannabinoids can have some major potential medical benefits. When someone talks about CBD, they are talking about the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the plant.

What Are the Effects of CBD?

Keep in mind there are still ongoing arguments/tests on all the benefits, especially depending on where you live. However, there are multiple reported positive effects of CBD from individuals who at least believe they felt some major personal benefits from its use.

The most common benefits reported are:

  • Strong drops in anxiety.
  • Increased ability to relax.
  • Drops in depression.
  • Better overall mood.
  • Relieving joint pain.
  • Relieving muscle pain.
  • General pain relief.

There are other potential positive medical benefits that are still under research. However, there’s some early hope that they can prove a definitive connection with helping:

  • Insomnia.
  • Alleviate PTSD symptoms.
  • Heart health.
  • And even show some “neuroprotective properties” that definitely are worth more exploring.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the medicinal application of it isn’t what it can do – but what’s missing. One major plus that many people crave about the potential of this treatment: no known side effects.

It’s very rare when something that has major potential benefits also comes with a minimal or virtually no chance of side effects. However, CBD appears to be one of those things.

How Is CBD Administered?

Currently, the most common treatments are via tincture, where you put the liquid under the tongue in order to absorb it into the system. Also, medical marijuana use was legal and through CBD-infused food, which is one of the most discrete ways of consuming it.

CBD liquid tinctures are popular because the effect tends to be a bit quicker than via food. The liquid form with it going under the tongue, which allows the membrane to absorb it directly. Thus, it has a solid bioavailability rate that will help with getting those craved results fast.

Getting it via food is common because it’s easy; some of the CBD candies are actually quite good, according to some enthusiasts. Many report this having a long-term mild effect that feels like the CBD is working over a long period of time.

Then there is testing with intravenous CBD, aka CBD shots.

This is the ideal method if you’re looking for the full benefits of CBD to manifest in your body, at least theoretically. Depending on where you are, this might be available, or it still might be in the testing stage.

In the UK and several other nations getting a CBD shot is available through appointments with private clinics.

Why Take a CBD Shot?CBD Shot - a doctor administring an injection shot

The easy answer is 100% bioavailability. That means all the positive effects of the treatment are faster, stronger, and you know you’re getting the full benefit and not wasting anything. When taking an IV treatment, the ability of body to absorb everything. Thus, that is a major reason why this administration method is chosen when available among high-performance athletes.

The shot might be less convenient than food or tincture, but the benefits are undeniable.

Can You Administer a CBD Shot by Yourself?

No. You should never administer a CBD shot by yourself; actual syringe injections can be tricky. You would want to be under the supervision of a medical professional whenever you are taking any type of Intravenous treatment.

What’s the Future of CBD Shot?

So, what is the future of CBD shots? There’s enough evidence out there that it seems like widespread availability and approval of them is imminent. In some places, the treatment is already available and incredibly popular with those who experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand.

Considering the demand, the lack of side effects, and the many reports, they seem to be adding to the narrative of CBD being a potentially effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments. For these reasons, it’s hard to see any blocking of CBD shots lasting far into the future.

Some people can already appreciate the seemingly incredible progress with more conventional cannabinoid treatments. If you are one of them, it only makes sense that you would have further interest in seeing what a delivering 100% of CBD would feel like.

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