CBD Research: What’s Been Studied

CBD research

Posted on May 26th, 2022

Cannabidiol has become the topic of much debate. While still relatively quiet, more and more people are learning about the many benefits it can offer. One of the main reasons there is so much mystery surrounding CBD has to do with the legal grey area it has been in. Until recently, it was harder to obtain CBD. Since The Farm Bill was introduced in 2018, it’s become much more readily available [1]. There is also a lot of mystery surrounding CBD because of the misinformation out there. Many automatically assume it’s the same as THC. Because of this, they assume it gets you high. But CBD doesn’t get you high nor does it have any psychoactive properties associated with it. Once you understand what CBD is and what it does, you’ll begin to fully grasp how much potential there is in it.

So, What Is It?

CBD is one of the many active compounds you will find in the hemp or cannabis plant. While it can be found in the same cannabis plant as marijuana, it doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as THC. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking CBD getting you high. This is a misunderstanding that keeps a lot of people away from CBD as a potential supplement. This makes CBD a viable alternative for anyone who wants to experience a lot of the benefits that marijuana or THC offers without the psychoactive component attached.

CBD Research: What Does It Do? CBD research

1. Pain Relief

One of the best and most promising benefits of CBD has to do with its pain relief properties. A lot of people suffer from chronic pain. Whether it’s chronic back pain, neck pain, or something else – finding something to relieve that pain can bring a lot of quality of life improvements. There has been a lot of research pointing to how effective CBD can be for treating and managing pain.

One study showed how effective it was for reducing chronic pain caused by malignant diseases [2]. It did so by affecting the receptor activity in the endocannabinoid system. It’s not entirely known how it works. Scientists just know that it does something to the receptor activity to decrease the transmission signals of pain. There is also a lot of research pointing to how effective it is at reducing pain for those that have nerve pain or chronic back pain [3]. However, the research does point to a combination of CBD and THC being more effective.

2. Addiction

There are a lot of people in this world addicted to various drugs. Opioid addiction has become an epidemic with over 70 percent of all drug-related deaths in 2019 involving opioids [4]. Unfortunately, a lot of people end up getting addicted to opioids from prescriptions. After all, when you are dealing with chronic pain, you look for comfort. Prescription drugs can provide immediate relief. The biggest downside is how addictive they are. This is why there’s no easy answer or solution.

However, a natural remedy could help us move away from addictive prescription drugs. This is exactly what CBD could become. CBD is an all-natural supplement. There are no studies that show CBD is addictive. Therefore, it can potentially provide pain relief to those that need it without the risk of getting addicted to something else. Also, CBD research highlights that it’s very well tolerated. This makes it a good option for those looking to wean off prescription drugs. There aren’t any known serious side effects to CBD. Therefore, it makes for a good natural alternative that is relatively safe.

There is also a lot of research pointing to CBD being an effective intervention for addictive behaviors [5]. Studies concluded that there was a beneficial impact on cannabis and tobacco dependence, opioid addiction, and other addiction disorders [5].

3. Anxiety

One of the things a lot of people end up turning to marijuana for would be to treat anxiety. CBD has similar benefits when it comes to helping with anxiety. There is a lot to like about using CBD to treat anxiety naturally. It doesn’t have the same serious and noticeable side effects as other anxiety drugs. Likewise, it’s not addictive like other prescription drugs are. There have been studies showing the efficacy of CBD when used to reduce anxiety in drug-abstinent individuals [6]. There are plenty of other studies that are exploring how it helps and there are a lot of good results pointing to it being a potentially effective natural treatment [7].

4. Sleep

Many people suffer from various kinds of sleeping disorders. Unfortunately, sleep disorders are common and they can be destructive. Not only do they negatively impact your mood, but they can negatively impact your general health and wellness. You want to take steps to solve any sleep issues quickly. Sleep disorders can ruin relationships as they can cause you to get very irritable and moody. They can also put you at an increased risk factor for developing high blood pressure or suffering a stroke. There have been studies that point to CBD being a potentially effective natural treatment for helping with insomnia. Insomnia is a condition that people have that stops them from either falling asleep or from remaining asleep for significant periods throughout the night. Needless to say, insomnia is a destructive condition that can negatively impact your life in many ways.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the more serious conditions that a lot of people face who have been through a traumatic experience. This could be someone that came home from war or someone that has been in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, PTSD can manifest in a lot of ways and it can be difficult to treat. There is promising research pointing to CBD being a potentially effective and safe alternative for helping patients with PTSD [8]. The study concluded that when administered orally, it could have beneficial effects on those who suffer from PTSD.

CBD Research: Reflecting on What we Know How To Flush CBD Out Of Your System? - drug testing

Overall, CBD is one of the more promising natural solutions to a lot of health conditions. There is still a lot of research needed to be done to conclude its effectiveness in most of them. However, this is mainly because the research process has been suppressed because of legalities. Now that things are opening up, you can expect more valuable research to be done.

For now, CBD is a promising supplement worth trying with permission from your doctor. If you’ve tried everything to deal with your pain, anxiety, or other health ailments to no avail, you may want to consider using CBD. CBD can be taken in various forms. The key is finding the one that works best for you.

Also, you want to buy your CBD from a reputable supplier. Because CBD isn’t regulated, you need to ensure you are buying from a reputable brand. A brand like Tanasi is one that you can trust because they’ve poured a lot of money into producing the best quality product. They have university-backed research showcasing the effectiveness of their patented formula. You also have third-party certifications to give you the peace of mind you need to know you are getting what you pay for. There is simply no better brand to trust in the marketplace for all of your CBD needs. CBD could be the safe natural remedy you have been looking for.


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