Pain Cream 101: Check out the Benefits, Ingredients & More

THC cream for pain

Posted on September 19th, 2021

Pain cream is exactly what it sounds like, a cream that is used to relieve pain. You might not be familiar with pain relief cream, so you might want to read on to learn more about the different types of creams for pain, how to use them, their ingredients, benefits suggested uses. Afterwards, you can decide whether or not to buy pain relief cream.

Types Of Pain Cream CBD pain cream

Many brands produce and sell creams for pain relief. However, the creams typically fall in one of three categories:

. CBD creams
. Natural creams (not containing CBD)
. Prescription creams
. Over-the-counter non-prescription creams

Always, CBD creams are among the top-performing products. This is because CBD is one of the main components in the cannabis plant, and it’s linked to anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

How To Use Pain Relief Cream

Pain relief creams are easy to use. You simply apply your product to the area that is experiencing pain. This includes joints and muscles, or virtually any part of your body.

As for the amount you need, this depends on the type of cream you’re using. Some creams only require a small amount to be effective, and only need to be applied once per day or as on an “on needed” basis. Other creams need to be applied a few times per day in order for you to experience relief.


CBD creams contain CBD as their main active ingredient. There are CBD creams that contain isolated CBD, while other CBD creams contain additional ingredients. Traditional, non-hemp-based creams for pain contain long lists of chemical ingredients, so these won’t offer natural pain relief.

Now, there are natural creams that contain organic ingredients and vitamins. Then there are prescription creams for pain, but they aren’t always as effective as people may think. For that reason, many people believe that the best pain cream is CBD-based, largely because they’re associated with many other potential benefits.

Pain Cream Benefits

When it comes to these creams, there are several benefits. The top ones include:

Pain Relief

The main benefit is pain relief. Creams do a good job at reducing many different kinds of pain. This includes sore muscles as a result of working out. But, no matter the reason for your soreness, you can simply apply cream and wait for the effects to kick in.

Not only can the cream be used on muscles, it can be applied to joints, as well. CBD is known for its effects on inflammation, which is one of the leading causes of joint pain. If you apply the cream to your joints, then your pain may subside.

Fast Acting

Another benefit of using a quality CBD cream for pain relief is how fast it provides relief. Many people find that the effects kick in quickly, because your skin absorbs the active cannabidiol directly into your bloodstream. Because you can avoid your digestive tract this way, it means you could quickly get the pain relief you’ve been seeking. In fact, depending on the severity of the pain and the source of the pain, you could get relief within as little as an hour.

How fast pain relief cream works depends on a number of factors. These include how much CBD is in the cream, how often it needs to be used and whether or not there are other ingredients, including additional cannabinoids, included in your product. The good news is if you choose a high-quality, full-spectrum cream, then the entourage effect should help you experience fast pain relief.

Minimal Side Effects

Prescription creams can cause a whole host of potential side effects. One of those side effects is risk of addiction. The truth is that many prescription drugs can become addictive. CBD creams on the other hand aren’t addictive, even if they are used for the long-term.

CBD doesn’t cause many side effects, which is why the World Health Organization classifies this supplement as generally safe for use. In fact,  CBD typically doesn’t cause major side effects, and the mild ones associated with cannabidiol usually appear only at very high doses. So, if you’re seeking pain relief, but you don’t want to suffer nasty side effects, then a CBD cream may be for you.


CBD is a natural ingredient, because it is a natural component of the cannabis plant. Unlike prescription and other over-the-counter creams for pain, you won’t have to worry about putting anything potentially harmful on your body. However, the CBD cream you choose should not contain any harmful secondary ingredients, so make sure you read what’s in the product before you start using any new creams.

Skin Health

Let’s not forget to mention that CBD pain cream may help your skin. Some of CBD’s potential benefits may improve the quality of your skin’s feel and appearance. By using the cream to help you deal with your pain, your skin may become less itchy, red, blotchy or irritated. If you have certain skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, then the cream might reduce some of your symptoms.

Those are only a handful of benefits of using pain cream. Just make sure you purchase cream that is made with quality ingredients. By doing this, you’ll get the most from its effects.

Who Should Use Pain Cream CBD Beauty Supplies

Athletes often deal with pain, especially after competing in their respective sports, which is why many turn to pain relief cream after playing sports competitively or for fun.

If you enjoy training with weights or exercising regularly, then you too are a good candidate for the cream. Maybe you deal with pain from time to time, have a condition that causes you to be in pain or you have pain due to work. Whatever the case is, pain relief cream may be able to help you.

The bottom line is anyone who experiences pain should use the cream. Whether you frequently have pain or it’s every now and then, it’s a good idea to have pain cream on hand. Using a high quality cream may provide you with the relief you need.

Although there are lots of different creams out there, you should opt for CBD cream. It is potent and can be used regularly to help keep pain at bay. Regardless if you need a cream for daily use or for every now and then, you should consider buying CBD pain cream. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll reap all of the benefits it has to offer.

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