CBD Oil Wholesale: Is Buying CBD in Bulk a Practical Option?

cbd oil wholesale

Posted on May 25th, 2021

When it comes to purchasing CBD oil wholesale, you should do all the research you can. First and foremost, ensure that you’re buying from a reliable company with extensive lab reports. When purchasing any CBD oil, you should confirm the quality of the extracts in the tinctures. Generally speaking, a quality extract works significantly better in every application. At Tanasi, we go to great lengths to create the best extracts available. This article covers everything you need to know about CBD oil wholesale,  its many potential benefits, and where you can buy it.

Bulk CBD Oil Wholesale

Yes, you can buy CBD oil in large amounts. But before you choose the right CBD company, it would be best to check out as many reputable companies as you can. Don’t choose companies/ brands that don’t mention, or can’t prove, that they perform any of the following:

– Third-party lab testing: One of the best ways to prove that your product is safe and effective is to have a separate company run tests on it. If they approve of it then you can trust it more confidently. Companies that don’t offer test results could end up selling you harmful or illegal CBD. 

– Organic/ Non-GMO: Today, customers have become savvy when it comes to CBD. All companies require substantial amounts of hemp biomass to manufacture consumer CBD products. Organic hemp is ideal because every unhealthy aspect of this plant may end up in the oil. 

Supercritical CO2 extraction: It’s the most efficient, cleanest, and safest method of CBD extraction from hemp biomass. Other alternative methods might leak trace chemicals and are generally bad for the environment. 

– Manufactured in a GMP facility: In general, proper manufacturing procedures are essential to the cleanliness and efficacy of the products you are purchasing. 

– Priced to sell: Go for products that provide you with appealing margins.

– Looks and tastes good: The bottles and whole packaging should look sharp and enticing. The taste and mouthfeel should also be as clean as possible.

– Big enough to meet demand: You wouldn’t want to order from any company that can’t meet your orders on time! 

tanasi productsTypes of CBD Products

When it comes to buying CBD oil, there is one more important point that you should consider. There are differences between isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD products. For some time now, CBD oils, edibles, and topicals have evolved to provide customers with many options with unique advantages. Although no single version is “better” than the others, it’s vital to understand why you would pick one over the other. 

CBD Isolate 

As the name suggests, a CBD isolate is basically a product that only comprises CBD. Most brands run their extracts through many cycles of CO2 extraction, isolating every compound until they’re only left with CBD. Afterward, they crystalize the products, crush them into a fine powder, and then add it to a carrier oil, like MCT coconut oil. In comparison to the other types, isolates are the safest option since they won’t give you a false positive drug test.


Generally speaking, broad-spectrum is very close to a full-spectrum. These products consist of CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids, but they lack THC. Eliminating the THC protects the product from surpassing the 0.3% legal THC limit. In most cases, customers that are looking for the full range of hemp advantages but are afraid to fail a drug test purchase broad-spectrum.


You might have heard of CBD manufacturers talking about the full spectrum. What they simply refer to is the wide range of terpenes and cannabinoids native to the hemp plant. Hemp consists of 100+ compounds, and most of them have some potential health benefits. Full-spectrum CBD oil wholesale consists of a bit of everything: terpenes, CBD, 0.3% THC, and other cannabinoids. These CBD products are an excellent option for customers looking to reap all the benefits hemp can offer. Full-spectrum wouldn’t be a prudent option for anyone planning to take drug screening tests since the THC can result in false positives. 

If you want two kinds of CBD when shopping, go for isolate and full-spectrum. Full-spectrum products are a common priority for customers who are experiencing soreness and chronic pain. On the other hand, CBD isolates are an excellent choice when it comes to first-time customers and people with jobs requiring mandatory drug testing. Ensure that you purchase CBD oil wholesale from a brand selling at least two primary types of CBD products.

Below is a summary of what you should expect from each type. Use this as a handy guide for your next shopping trip.

CBD Isolate 

– Only go for this if you want to experience pure CBD effects

– Is THC free

Broad-spectrum CBD

– Opt for this if you are looking to experience the entourage effect (all the cannabinoids), except for the THC

– Consists of undetectable THC levels

Full-spectrum CBD

– Opt for this if you are looking to experience the full entourage effect (all the cannabinoids)

– Consists of up to 0.3% THC, which has a slight potential to show up on a drug test

cbd bulkWhy Buy CBD Oil Wholesale?

Although this is a common thing for fanatics, pet shops, and health stores, anyone can open their laptop or pick up the phone and call a CBD company’s wholesale department. Undoubtedly, the CBD business is expanding daily, and wholesale suppliers are an essential component. You shouldn’t forget that every company has its internal policies that you will have to address before making your first order. 

Buying CBD in bulk most likely means you are trying to add it to your own product to sell. Like a craft brewery that uses a local coffee company in its stouts, a bakery in California might want to co-brand local CBD muffins. If the bakery doesn’t have hemp expertise, they would want to find someone who does, and buy some CBD oil wholesale.

Although each CBD company has its unique screening processes, they’ll start with your phone number, email, address, company name, and name. They might also need to establish your business location, your website information, or if you have an e-commerce website. 

Some brands would want you to pay for your purchase via a third-party processor since banks or e-transaction companies like PayPal don’t accept money transactions associated with hemp sales. Lastly, it is illegal to ship CBD products out of the USA, so ensure that all of your details link to an American address. 

Legality of CBD Oil Wholesale

As you might already know, CBD is legal in the USA. The federal government basically made hemp legal in late 2018. It enabled farmers throughout the country to cultivate and sell hemp for a wide range of industries, such as CBD production. However, there are some things to remember. A CBD product is federally legal only if it contains less than 0.3% THC. 

As a general rule, a legitimate CBD company should send their products for thorough third-party testing. They should also have the documents to prove that. This is generally the best way to distinguish legitimate CBD brands from the bad. Low quality CBD products are rarely confident enough in their products to have them tested. And the bad news is that untested CBD might exceed the set limit of 0.3% THC. Such a product is illegal in most US states. Therefore, any local authority can charge you or your clients with possession. 

Benefits of Bulk CBD

Starting your CBD business from the ground floor can seem rather challenging. E-commerce moves extremely fast, and CBD has become the trend in the wellness industry. And with one quick search online, you can find many successful brands touting the numerous CBD effects. To enhance your confidence, below are some of the top advantages of buying CBD oil wholesale:

– Relieve the stress, anxiety, and discomfort of your customers with a product you truly believe in. Making large amounts of something is a good sign a company believes in their recipe.

– CBD profit margins signify that even a small investment may result in substantial gains. 

– Expand your business by manufacturing safe, unique products by using CBD isolate powder.

– You get to educate the public on the potential and power of hemp and cannabinoids.

– Professionals believe that the CBD industry will be a $20 billion industry by 2024. 

Researchers are looking for evidence for the full potential of CBD. So, what have they learned so far? As of now, we understand that CBD is a well-proven treatment for epilepsy. What’s more, early studies are showing much potential when it comes to various anxiety disorders. Many people with post-traumatic stress, panic disorders, seasonal affective disorder, and generalized anxiety disorders are big fans of CBD. 


Generally speaking, there are numerous companies out there who claim to offer the best CBD products. You will also find a wide variety of CBD products out there such as creams, capsules, gummies, tinctures, and CBD dog treats.

Quite frankly, each product has specific uses and demographics who love it. As a result, you need to ensure that you are purchasing the best for your needs as well as your customers. It’s important to do enough research to find a safe product for yourself. But if you are going to buy in bulk, you must be even more diligent with your scrutiny. Buying CBD oil wholesale is becoming more common, so be sure to hold the companies you consider to a high standard.

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