The CBD Oil Dosage for Sleep: What Could Help You Rest to the Fullest?

cbd oil dosage for sleep

Posted on May 16th, 2021

When it comes to CBD oil dosage for sleep it’s important to be aware that there is no “one size fits all” setup to make sure you get the perfect dosage. What is absolutely perfect for one former insomniac might not move the needle much on another. The good news is that there are general guidelines and data to create general rules of thumb. Luckily there are no major negative or toxic effects from large CBD doses in laboratory testing. So you have the ability to try out the guidelines here and then fine tune them to find the dosage that gives you the best possible rest. To put together the best dosage, we need to start with understanding sleep, rest, and other related topics and then dive into how CBD might be able to help.

Explaining Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our health, and a time when the body and brain get to mentally shut down. It’s when important healing, refreshment, and restoration can take place. The problem is that not every type of sleep is equal.

All of us have had experiences with waking up feeling full of energy and ready to take on the world. You’re wide awake almost the moment you get up, your thinking is clear, and you feel refreshed. You’re ready to go right away. 

We’ve all also experienced the other side of sleep. You get eight hours or more, but you wake up tired. Your body is sore, your mind feels foggy, and you just can’t get moving. Everything seems slow, hard, and you might even just feel bad despite not being sick.

Sleep is important. Both in quality and quantity if you want to be healthy. A full sleep cycle has times when the body heals physically and when your mind heals mentally.But sometimes we’re still not sure what it does but from studies we know the physical/mental health of people crashes when they don’t get it.

Issues From Lack of Sleep

It’s important to understand that not getting enough sleep has bad effects on your health both physically and mentally. Eight hours is the average that most adults need. Some need nine, some need seven, but generally around eight is right. There are rare exceptions who “need” less. But even those who claim to only need 4-6 hours show signs of deteriorating long-term health, ability to concentrate, and other issues  that become more pronounced with aging.

Not getting eight hours of healthy sleep on a regular basis affects individuals in obvious ways short-term. But “sleep deficits” can build up in the body that cause issues over the long-term. Even shorting yourself 30 minutes a day can add up over time.

Effects of Irregular Sleep Hours

Getting good sleep is not the only important part of the equation. So is having a regular sleep schedule. Your body has a natural energy rhythm that includes when you’re at peak energy and when your body wants to sleep and recharge. This is your “circadian rhythm.”

When your sleeping schedule changes a lot, you don’t fall into a natural rhythm. That almost certainly guarantees poor sleep. Because you’ll be awake and tired when your body wants you to close your eyes and slip into dreamland. Not being able to stick to a schedule is going to have a detrimental effect on the quality of your sleep. This is one case that might have you looking for the right CBD oil dosage for sleep.

A Look at Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition where an individual wants to sleep but can’t. This can be due to physical, mental, or psychological reasons and it comes in many forms. Restless nights, laying down at night but not falling asleep, being tired but just not being able to empty out your thoughts. There are many forms that insomnia takes, but the common thread is the same. It robs you of the sleep your body desperately wants and leaves you feeling tired all the time.

Insomnia can be caused by stress, trauma, physiological changes in the body, irregular sleep schedule, mental illness, or a variety of other issues. Treating these core issues is crucial to being able to get the sleep side of things under control. But there is also insomnia that doesn’t have any obvious or core cause. In these situations sleeping aids can help in various instances, but not always.

And it’s been shown in many studies that passing out drunk and sleeping pills may deliver extended periods of unconsciousness.However, that sleep is terrible as the restorative benefits of natural sleep don’t take place.

This is where a natural treatment like CBD oil may help because it gives people a chance to get the high quality sleep that they actually need to function at a high level.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and is one of the substances in cannabis that has potential beneficial properties. A major push for the idea of medical marijuana came because of the reported benefits that CBD offers.

The science dives in pretty deep on the endocannabinoid system which explains how certain processes interact in the body. There is a distinct difference between the effects of CBD from cannabis and the effects of THC from cannabis.

The endocannabinoid system is involved with any benefits from THC or CBD. It’s worth noting that it’s the THC that creates the effect of “getting high.” CBD will not get you high because it interacts with this system in a very different way.

This is part of the reason that finding CBD supplements is much easier in many places than anything with THC. THC is only legal in some US states while CBD supplements are legal in the whole US.

Effects of CBD

CBD may have some very positive effects on health and especially on the types of issues that can cause poor sleep. One of the major possible benefits is reducing anxiety. Many people praise CBD for having strong anti-anxiety properties.

When you have less anxiety, you stress less. Less anxiety can mean better sleep. Less stress can mean better sleep. There are even physical ailments that come from these issues like acid reflux or heartburn that can also affect sleep. There are also people who report a general sense of well-being from using CBD. This can strongly affect how well you sleep, as well. There’s no denying a clear connection as well as some really strong anti-anxiety features that make CBD very popular as a potential sleep aid.

CBD Oil Dosage for Sleep

Knowing how much CBD oil you need is a bit of a guessing game. The U.S. FDA has no official guidelines for using CBD. However, there are some general recommendations from experts. These take into account body weight and how often you use CBD, or if you are brand new to it. You definitely should look at recommended dosage tables from the experts in the field. These are very basic rules of thumb so keep that in mind. While dosage by weight is a good rule of thumb, that should only be a starting point as you work to figure out what dosage works the best for you.

So how do you find these numbers? How do you get a second opinion on CBD oil dosage for sleep? Especially on a day to day basis? You’ll want to look around for a CBD oil calculator. These can give you an idea of the ideal doses for a better night’s sleep based on a variety of factors that you put into each calculator.

cbd toleranceConclusion: CBD Oil Dosage for Sleep

There’s little question that CBD provides some incredible potential for helping with insomnia. Whether it’s getting higher quality of sleep, more sleep, or both, CBD oil in its proper dosage can be an absolute blessing. Especially for those of us that have traditionally had a lot of trouble getting our nightly zzz’s.

When it comes to CBD oil dosage for sleep, the best dosage is going to vary based on a variety of factors. But the main one is going to be weight and how familiar or unfamiliar your body is with CBD already.

There are going to be plenty of studies that continue on CBD and its positive effects on health – sleep and otherwise. If getting a good night’s sleep has been a constant struggle, then it might be time to take a look at how CBD oil could have a positive benefit on your sleep patterns.

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