CBD Massage Benefits, The Reasons Why You May Want to Get One

CBD Massage Benefits

Posted on January 29th, 2021

Have you ever heard of cannabis? In this day and age, the answer to that it’s almost certainly yes. Many consider cannabis a gift from the earth, with which mankind has a long history. The cannabis Sativa plant has been important all over the world for at least 5000 years, according to documented sources. Mostly because of, but not limited to,  its potential medical applications. After a period of public scorn, nowadays, the cannabis plant is slowly becoming accepted as a potential therapeutic once again. But not only that, recreational use of it, which also includes its reported therapeutic benefits, is booming. As a result of some rather recent legislation, a previously ignored variety of cannabis is now in the eye of consumers. Industrial hemp is where it’s at right now. While marijuana, the most well-known variety of cannabis, does get you high due to its high levels of THC, hemp does not. What hemp does have a large level of is CBD, another cannabinoid like THC, of which it has only trace amounts. Thus, you can now stumble upon many hemp-derived CBD products, like CBD oil, which might have interesting therapeutic benefits. People usually consume CBD oil orally, but did you know you can also use it as a massage oil? And, as we are about to delve further into this read, it might make your massages even better than before.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it’s a chemical compound found inside the cannabis plant. The naturally occurring substance has a myriad of therapeutic benefits attached to it. CBD belongs to the cannabinoid family of chemical compounds to which THC also belongs. Both of them hold therapeutic benefits, some of which are similar, yet, THC particularly can make you high while CBD doesn’t. That puts CBD in a unique position in the consumer’s eyes. CBD affords you the chance to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without any kind of impairment. One of the latest sectors to take note of that is the wellness sector, particularly the massage industry. When was the last time you went for a massage? Reading the following might make you want to get one CBD massage as soon as possible.

CBD MassageCBD Massage Benefits - asian woman getting a cbd massage

Massages are not a new thing by a long shot; they date way back to at least 5000 years as cannabis use does. The ancient Romans and Greeks were two cultures that deeply embraced it and developed it as a valuable activity. Although most do it nowadays for relaxation, it was more of a healthcare thing in the older days. Doctors thought it was a remedy for patients suffering from joint problems, sterility, asthma, and muscle tissues. Hippocrates recommended everyone to make it a part of their lifestyle, a routine, like showering. The advantages of massaging were overall wellness and better functioning of the body; relaxation was just a plus. Other countries like Japan, China, and India also embraced and developed the art on their own. The result was the development of different massage techniques like, for instance, Swedish or Thai massage. Although all of them use a different mechanism to bring out the outcome, there are shared aspects to all the approaches. Every masseuse employs oil to ensure you feel the massage’s impact without causing friction on your skin. The availability of CBD oils, thus, made it only natural for CBD massage to become a thing. Enthusiasts swear by the CBD massage benefits, which they link to an enhanced version of your regular CBD-less massage.

Preparing for A CBD Massage

A CBD massage is not that much different from any other type of massage. The particularity comes in the oil used by your masseuse, which will be CBD oil, of course. IF you happen to use any other kinds of oils like essential oils, it would be a good thing to cleanse your body of them before a CBD massage. Thus, take a shower, and dry your skin carefully once done, and that’s it. This is because of the possibility of those oil carrying unwanted chemicals that could react with CBD. Also, when the skin is dry, it absorbs oils much more easily, which is exactly what you want in a CBD massage. If you’ve been experiencing any kind of localized pain on specific parts of the body, tell the masseuse beforehand. The masseuse will pay more attention to these areas for you to get the expected CBD massage benefits right where you need them most.

CBD Massage Benefits?

You may feel the CBD massage benefits in two ways, physically and psychologically. With an infusion of CBD oils, people get far better results than using other massage oils. The following are some of the benefits you may reap when you decide to go for a session. Some you will feel during the process, while others might pop up much later.

Relief from Stress and Anxiety

With the current hassles and pressures of everyday life, it is easy to get very stressed easily. That can take a toll on you, and you might end up falling into a depression. Stress and anxiety are something that most people really have little idea of how to handle. Although talking to someone might help, psychically eliminating tension is kind of necessary and very effective as well. CBD oil may help you with that since it seems to have powerful anti-anxiety properties. When your massage therapist uses the product, it may help clear your body and offer you a calming state of mind. You will leave the masseuse’s place with a relaxed mind and a positive attitude your formerly stressed mind would thank you for.

Pain Management

There is a level of pain that pharmaceutical drugs cannot handle well. Plus, there are side effects to most of those drugs, which is a big problem for most patients later on. Your pain could come from injuries you sustained a while ago, in which damage still lingers. A drug will only numb until you flush it out of your system; massages might actually touch the issues directly and help them heal. If you suffer from chronic pain, there are a couple of CBD massage benefits you may find useful. In the event of inflammation or flare-ups, CBD might help boost blood flow, speeding up recovery. In cases where damage is visible on the skin’s surface, the boosted blood flow could also speed up its recovery. Pain mostly comes with muscle tension; thus, it’s very hard to move an injured muscle or area. CBD massages can boost a massage’s ability to deal with this even further. On top of physically tackling the injured muscle, the CBD penetrating your skin will relax it on a deep level. Thus, boosting a regular massage’s effect. The long-term result may be a faster healing process compared to other regular massages.

Improved Skin ToneCBD Massage Benefits - woman getting acbd massage to relax

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is also most susceptible to showing up the effects of internal and external damages to your body. That means injuries might also affect your skin’s looks, not only putting you in pain but distressing you by affecting how you look. Fear not, when you go for a CBD massage, the skin can benefit in a variety of ways. CBD has a long-term friendship with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). One of the ways it expresses its effects is as an anti-inflammatory that, incidentally, makes it able to help manage things like acne breakouts. CBD might reduce inflammation on any part of your body, even if it’s not particularly visible yet. CBD may help halt the production of excessive oils by the body. Those oils are what lead to blemishes and uneven skin tone. Thus, if you are dealing with an acne breakout, consider the CBD massage benefits.

It Brings Balance

The body is a complex system composed of many smaller systems interacting with each other as a machine would. Some of its systems can also break down just like a machine would. It requires balance, or homeostasis, to regulate itself, yet, several factors of our modern lives make it challenging. People that can’t take the time to take care of themselves usually do end up in a hospital bed from exhaustion.

One way to make sure your body is able to cope with those stressors that throw it of balance? Exercise and relaxation, a CBD massage can help you with the latter mores even if you do the former. Through a masseuse’s help, you will feel the pressure leave your muscles during the session. Additionally, the CBD penetrating through your skin will relieve you from that psychical and mental stress you can’t quite get rid of with exercise. Finally, a CBD massage may heighten your mood, relaxing you further until your body sets itself back to balance.

Instant Cooling Relief

Common massage oils have cooling effects due to including menthol and peppermint. Well, the results of CBD on its own are significantly greater than what those two can provide. Thus, they might be an ideal way to deal with those pain flare-ups you swear you feel burning your skin.

CBD Massage Benefits – The Takeaway

CBD massages are a soothing thing to add to your routine. If you do not get the time, swing by a spa that offers it, your body will thank you. You can also do it yourself or have a friend do it for you! Overall, you only got relief to gain for it.

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