CBD Isolate With Terpenes: What Exactly Is A Terpsolate?

cbd isolate with terpenes

Posted on September 30th, 2020

There’s a new ingenious invention in the cannabis industry; Terpsolates. You will not find the term “terpsolate” in the dictionary — that’s because it is a recently made-up compound word. The two words combined to make up the term terpsolate are terpene and isolate. Now, that isolate could refer to any cannabis compound. But, today, we’re offering our complete guide to CBD isolate with terpenes, so you can understand whether this terpsolate could be useful useful addition to your daily routine. Keep in mind, just as new as terpsolates are, it also means they have not been researched to determine the long-term effects associated with human consumption. 

What is CBD Isolate?

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid (naturally occurring compound) that is present in cannabis plants. CBD isolate, which is produced in crystalline or powder form, is a chemically refined version of CBD that is extracted from hemp (cannabis). CBD does not possess psychotropic properties. Hence it is highly unlikely to alter your perception and get you “high”. But for some people, CBD use may produce potential benefits such as reduced inflammation, anxiety, and even nausea. There are studies ongoing, and research like this one aludes to medicinal benefits are being identified.

cbd isolate with terpenesWhat Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the chemical compounds in cannabis (marijuana and hemp) responsible for giving the different plant strains their distinctive smells. These aromatic compounds also have numerous potential beneficial properties. When consumed together with CBD, terpenes have been identified as potential regulators alongside the effects of cannabinoids.

Terpsolate: A Hybrid Isolate?

CBD isolate combined with terpenes is becoming a fad or popular product among manufacturers and users of cannabidiol are just eating them. Finding the right version of CBD takes trial and error right now. Each person’s body processes CBD in different ways, and isolates compared to full spectrum cannabinoids are different. Currently, the manufacturers producing terpsolates are few, it is a new concept to mix terpenes and isolate. Consequently, finding a suitable CBD terpsolate is quite hard, and Tanasi does not provide this product.

When you do find CBD terpsolates on the market, they are usually sold in crystal or wax form. This is a huge advantage to those who choose dabbing and vaping CBD because it allows for seamless consumption of cannabinoids and terpenoids (terpenes). CBD isolate with terpenes can also be found in oil or powder form from what we have identified.

If you aren’t comfortable dabbing or vaping, CBD terpsolate can be found in powder form and is not affecting the lungs like dabbing and vaping do with inhalation. It is tasteless and odorless, so it can even be used in your cooking. In this way, easy-to-use CBD terpsolate powder is helping more people gain access to the world of CBD. 

If you are keen on accessing all the benefits that come with the entourage effect, but you don’t want to interact with THC, terpsolate may be the answer.

The Entourage Effect

This phrase is used to describe the collaborative effects of combining the different cannabis compounds. Specifically, the entourage effect describes how CBD works better when combined with terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Why Use Isolates With Terpenes?

If you are new to CBD products, terpenes and isolates are an excellent way to make your own CBD concoctions.

Dissolving CBD isolates into your CBD supplements can enhance their potency. You could also mix CBD isolates with carrier oils, such as olive or coconut oil, and apply it directly to your skin. One of the most prevalent ways of consuming isolates is vaping. Vaporizing CBD isolates ensures that the active ingredients go straight to your bloodstream, so desired effects will be recognized quickly. Also, only a small amount is needed when you vape CBD; thus it may also be a cost effective delivery method. Vaping products must be purchased from a verified source, as there have been known black market products that did cause harm to users. Vaping is also new and there are unknown long-term effects to the lungs when vaping.

Terpenes are extremely strong and highly concentrated, and there is not much known about isolated terpenes when consumed. Terpenes have been consumed alongside cannabis consumption, but isolating them is novel and new. Some people identify with terpenes consumed, and there are many terpenes in a full spectrum extract. There needs to be more studies published on single terpene consumption, and we look forward to knowing more. Thus, it is advisable to be careful when consuming them. Always start low and slow when consuming anything new. Terpenes can be isolated, and are being mixed with existing CBD isolates to improve the the isolate taste, or add taste. Our experience is that CBD users are experimenting and always seeking a better experience.  

cbd isolate with terpenesHow To Effectively Use Terpsolates Daily

You can get your daily dose of CBD by using CBD isolate with terpenes in various ways. Since CBD isolate is an odorless, tasteless fine white powder, it is easy to incorporate into several aspects of your daily life. This is how we understand terpsolates are being used:

  • Place The CBD Isolate With Terpenes Under Your Tongue

Putting powdered CBD isolate with terpenes directly under your tongue is by far the easiest and most effective form of ingestion. Once in place, let the isolate and terpenes sit for about 60 seconds. The mucus membranes and salivary glands under your tongue will absorb the CBD into your bloodstream quickly producing the effects you seek verses just swallowing right away. CBD isolates are tasteless and odorless, but the terpenes are flavonoids that carry flavor and smell — so you shouldn’t experience any discomfort while doing this.

  • Combine Terpsolates With Skin Oils

By combining CBD terpsolate with skin oils, you can make a topical cream that can be used to address symptoms such as joint or arthritis pain, sore muscles, and inflammation. One of the most prevalent carrier oils to mix with CBD isolate and terpenes, is medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, derived from coconut oil.

  • Stir Into Your Morning Drink

Adding terpsolate to a smoothie or juice is another simple way to consume CBD isolate. This is a great choice because it ensures that your mixture blends seamlessly. You can also add it to your morning tea or coffee: rest assured, the terpsolate will work just as well, and give you a great start to the day.

  • Make A Sweetener Using CBD Isolate

Though CBD isolate is tasteless, it can be used to make a sweetener. Making CBD sweetener is a simple process. Just heat agave or honey and then add CBD isolate. Stir the mixture thoroughly until all the CBD isolate is dissolved. You can use this sweetener in your coffee, tea, or on top of toast, pancakes, and waffles.

Which Terpenes You Should Look Out For?

Before buying a CBD terpsolate, you should be well aware that different terpenes generate different effects. So look for a terpsolate that contains terpenes designed to achieve your desired results. In addition to creating unique effects, different terpenes provide different tastes and odors because terpenes are the flavanoids of plants.

– Limonene: Limonene is found in citrus fruits and has a citrusy taste and smell. Using this terpene may provide feelings of energy, raise your spirits, and may also potentially provide feelings that help with relaxation. When you want to feel rejuvenated, this terpene may be the best terpene to select.

– Linalool: This terpene has a floral odor and taste and is present in lavender. Linalool may help relieve anxiety, and many users choose linalool that may help deal with stress, unwind, and fight insomnia.

– Myrcene: Myrcene is an earthy terpene found in cloves. This terpene has sedative effects and may help you relax, much like linalool. A combination of Linalool and Myrcene may help you fight insomnia effectively.

– Pinene: Pinene occurs in two forms: Alpha and beta. Both forms of pinene are found in pine needles. They emit a piney scent. Pinene may help keep you alert and energetic, and be warned, using this terpene before bedtime may also cost you your sleep.

– Caryophyllene: This is a terpene with a spicy and woody taste and scent. Caryophyllene is found in pepper and has several health-related applications such as potential antiseptic and anti-inflammatory uses.

As you can see, the type of terpenes in your terpsolate do matter. Always check for third-party lab reports when looking to buy terpsolate, and search and ask the terpsolate seller or manufacturer to determine the potential effects of the terpenes found within it. If you want a CBD product to help you sleep, keep away from terpsolates that have limonene and pinene.

The Pros And Cons of CBD Isolates

All CBD products have pros and cons. Finding a suitable CBD isolate depends on your tastes and preferences. Some people are dissuaded from using CBD because of the possibility of there being traces of THC in the product. That mistrust may be justified since the CBD industry is unregulated by the FDA. Some people are subjected to regular drug tests at their workplaces, so having even little traces of federally legal THC limits in their CBD products can be problamatic.

For those who prefer not to ingest any amount of THC, CBD isolates can be the perfect solution. Isolates are a pure form of CBD, just like pure grain alcohol (PGA) is a pure form of alcohol. Every other compound found in the cannabis plant, including THC, is removed creating isolated cannabinoids. Usually, isolates come in powder, wax, or crystal form. Some may also come in the form of oil when those powders or crystals are added to oils.

If the isolate is in wax form, it is normally consumed by dabbing. A dab rig is used to vaporize the isolate by heating it so it can be inhaled. If you do not like the idea of dabbing, there are other forms of isolates that do not need to be inhaled.

Up to this point, we have seen the benefits of isolates. But, research shows that full-spectrum CBD products can be more effective than isolates. This is because full-spectrum CBD products, when combined with terpenes, work better because of the “entourage effect.” In other words, combining CBD with terpenes and other cannabinoids makes the product more effective than CBD alone in isolate form.

Particularly, terpenes have several health-related benefits. For this reason, terpenes are used in holistic health practices such as aromatherapy. In summary: 

Advantages Of CBD Isolate:

– Has no taste or smell

– No fear of THC presence

– Consistent and easy to find.

Disadvantages Of CBD Isolate:

– Potency does not match that of a full-spectrum CBD product

– Does not favor flavor-chasers

Advantages of Terpsolates:

– Additional terpenes boost the potency of the isolate

– No trace of THC

Disadvantages of Terpsolates:

– Difficult to find since they are still new in the market

– Less versatile than CBD Isolate

Is CBD Isolate With Terpenes Safe?

Terpsolates are yet to be approved by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Still, through standard FDA-research, the efficacy of CBD isolates with terpenes has been tested and confirmed. Since the FDA has approved CBD isolates and terpenes separately, it can be assumed that CBD isolate with terpenes is safe to use.

With that in mind, you should still ensure that any product you purchase complies with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. You can do this by checking the specifications on the labeling, or by consulting the internet for more available details. Third-party lab testing should also confirm your products’ stated ingredients and concentrations. 

Always speak to a qualified medical practitioner before using any CBD products or supplements. If you are pregnant, lactating, on medication, or have any health concerns, it is of utmost importance to consult a qualified doctor before starting any new routine that includes CBD.

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