CBD During Breastfeeding

Posted on September 10th, 2020

Pregnancy is an amazing stage in a woman’s life. The idea that you have a life living inside you is profound and incredible. Yes, it comes with its fair share of symptoms, but life postpartum may also have its share of symptoms. And as a new mom, you may be breastfeeding your baby, ensuring that you are healthy, taking care of your family, and living a full life. This can be quite hectic, as you are also dealing with the ups and downs of hormones during postpartum. 

Some women suffer from postpartum depression, aches and pains, and sleeplessness, which can be daunting to deal with and take a toll on you and your family. You may have heard of CBD and its numerous potential benefits. However, as a new mom, you are careful about what you eat and drink since it affects your baby; therefore, you may be wondering if CBD is safe for you. If this is you, then you are in the right place. Below is a guide on using CBD during breastfeeding and if it safe for you. Read on;

CBD boasts of its potential antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, antidepressant, and anticonvulsant properties that make it an active ingredient in many products. As a nursing parent, you might be looking for a pick-me-up to help you navigate your new life, and it is crucial to ensure that you are taking something safe for you and your baby. Unfortunately, there is still little research on CBD and breastfeeding, and there are not many studies covering the topic. Therefore, it is advised to avoid taking CBD that has THC in it and talk to your doctor before doing so. 

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 100 compounds extracted from the cannabis plant. The extract is then diluted with edible oil. However, it is crucial to note that CBD will not make you high, as it is non-psychoactive, unlike its counterpart THC. Therefore, this puts away any fears that a breastfeeding woman will have about getting high due to CBD. Pure CBD should contain less than 0.3% THC.

Understanding the Endocannabinoid System

The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a crucial role in maintaining a homeostatic balance. It plays a critical role in the body’s functioning and wellbeing as it maintains numerous integral functions. These include your mood, appetite, mental health and wellness, immune function, and stress levels. 

When you take CBD, it works with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. In doing so, it may help promote and boost the endocannabinoids in the body and help improve the ECS functions. CBD might also send signals to affect how the body absorbs or produces anandamide, serotonin, and adenosine chemicals. These chemicals affect how the body feels and reacts to external factors such as pain and anxiety.

woman holding cbd tinctureWhy Might You Consider CBD During Breastfeeding?  

Below are some of the reasons why CBD oil is used by many people and has become quite popular.

Pain Relief

CBD has analgesic properties; hence it is commonly used to help alleviate pain in those suffering from neuropathic ailments. New moms may be looking for ways to ease aches and pains, including backaches that are commonly felt from breastfeeding. 

Symptoms of Depression

Postpartum depression affects many new moms. It can lead to mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, and even detachment from your infant. Typically, this condition is treated with antidepressant medications. However, not all of these medications are suitable for use while breastfeeding or may come with unwanted side effects. This condition can be quite traumatizing to go through, and it can take a toll on a new mom.

CBD may have antidepressant properties, which could help deal with the depressive symptoms you may experience. It may do this by positively impacting anandamide, which plays an important role in happiness and joy. CBD may act as an anandamide reuptake inhibitor, hence its potential to increase the anandamide levels in the brain.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress Relief

CBD appears to have stress-relieving properties that may help reduce symptoms of anxiety in people. Therefore, it could help in the improvement of social interactions, concentration, and restlessness, making you more relaxed. Furthermore, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to help reduce your stress levels and encourage serotonin production.

Insomnia Relief

Dealing with insomnia is no menial task, and can be quite daunting. No one wants to spend hours in bed, looking at the ceiling because they cannot sleep. And this may be even worse if you are a breastfeeding mother and only have a few hours to sleep. Being a new mom can be tiring and catching more sleep could help you get back on your feet. 

CBD may be able to help improve sleep and relaxation. It could also help to increase your sleep duration to more hours. This may work by reducing cortisol production, a hormone that is triggered by stress that has been know to prevent you from sleeping well.

What Does Research Say About CBD Use During Breastfeeding?

The research on CBD use during breastfeeding is inconclusive as there is incomplete data on the subject. The majority of the studies done by the FDA and other researchers are on the effects of cannabis, and not CBD. CBD is one of the 100 compounds found in cannabis; hence cannabis research can be misleading if you use it for CBD. 

Research has also focused on THC primarily and its effects on breastfeeding and not CBD. According to studies, there is a possibility of a breastfeeding woman to pass low levels of THC to the baby. Also, trying to pump and dump does not work for cannabis products as the chemicals that entered the body weeks prior may still be there and be passed to the baby.

According to research published in the Pediatrics journal, low THC levels might be found in breast milk for up to six days after eating an edible or even smoking cannabis.

cbd tincture on bathroom counterIs CBD Safe While Breastfeeding?

Scientists agree that, while they may not actively promote CBD’s use while breastfeeding, there is evidence that mothers have been taking CBD while breastfeeding for thousands of years. This makes the decision up to the mother’s discretion with the consultation of her physician.

What is evident is that THC can pass through breast milk; therefore, it is advised not to take CBD oil that contains traces of THC. This is because traces of THC may affect the baby.

You may consider THC-free organic CBD products, but only after you’ve been cleared by your physician. Whenever purchasing CBD, be sure to buy from a reliable seller. Look for a certificate of analysis provided by a third-party lab to ensure the accurate content and amounts in the product.

As with any decision that impacts your health, it is crucial to talk to your doctor about using CBD during breastfeeding. They will help advise on whether CBD is the right option for you or not.

Choosing CBD Products 

When it comes to choosing CBD products, it’s important to speak with your physician first. Your doctor will best guide you on if it’s right for you. This is especially important if you are breastfeeding. If cleared by your doctor, you may want to consider a pure CBD product. 

When it comes to the dosage, it is important to note that everyone is different, and so are their bodies. The way you react to CBD is not the same way that your friend or colleague will. In general, it is recommended to start with a low dosage and see how your body reacts. With time, you can increase the dosage to adjust as needed.

Below are some of the guidelines to follow when buying pure CBD:

Buy From Reputable and Known Sources

When it comes to buying CBD, it is vital to buy from a known source. Reputable sellers are well known and test their products using a third-party lab. You’ll want to purchase a high-quality CBD product that is derived from industrial hemp, as hemp has naturally lower THC content. 

Check the Label

Another crucial factor to consider is the ingredients. This is why reading the label is so important. The manufacturers indicate the source of the product, the concentration levels, and all the ingredients used. Here, ensure that there are no traces of harmful additives. Again, this is a good time to check for a certificate of analysis that can verify the ingredients and concentrations. If you are looking for a THC-free product, be sure to check the certificate of analysis that the product has zero THC.

The Bottomline

Cannabidiol is a natural product that boasts a myriad of potential benefits. However, there is still much research to be done on the effects of CBD during breastfeeding. Therefore, it is recommended that breastfeeding mothers always speak with their physician before taking any supplements, including CBD. 

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