CBD Day is A Real National Holiday Dedicated to Cannabidiol

cbd day

Posted on March 8th, 2021

Over the past few years, CBD has been attracting a lot of attention from the general public, media, authorities and medical industry. This highly sought after natural supplement still has a lot of ground to cover to gain widespread acceptance among all members of the public. Nevertheless, its growing profile has led to it being assigned its very own holiday – National CBD Day. 

Marked on the 8th of August, each year, National CBD Day is meant to be a day celebrating a cannabinoid that is seemingly changing the lives of many. On this day, CBD advocates get the opportunity to raise awareness and educate others about this great natural substance. 

To find out more about National CBD Day and how it came to be, read on below. 

What Is National CBD Day?

A relatively new holiday, National CBD Day is a day to celebrate this cannabinoid and its potential benefits to users. August 8th was marked by the National Day Calendar as National CBD Day. There are many other days for cannabis including 2/4 (National Hemp Day) and the highly popular 4/20 which celebrates marijuana.  

On this day, proponents of CBD, including manufacturers, retailers and enthusiasts, seek to raise awareness and educate others about this natural compound. Manufacturers and retailers normally take this opportunity to offer deals and discounts to customers. They also raise awareness and spread useful information about CBD through their websites and social media. Enthusiasts on the other hand may take this opportunity to spread the word and even share their CBD products with their friends and relatives, so they too can experience the associated benefits. 

calendar cbd dayThe Origin

National CBD Day is the brainchild of CBDmd – a CBD manufacturer operating out of North Carolina. The company made a suggestion of the holiday to the National Day Calendar, which approved the suggestion and assigned August 8th as the National CBD Day. 

The National Calendar Day is a North Dakota company that works to initiate holidays, including days, weeks and months, through the media. The company receives about 20,000 holiday applications from individuals and groups each year. A four member committee reviews and decides which applications qualify for the prestigious holiday designation. To receive this designation, the committee must pass a unanimous decision on that specific application. 

The growing level of attention that CBD has received over the recent past and legalization of hemp and CBD at the Federal level after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill demonstrated the growing significance of this cannabinoid. As such, National Day Calendar saw a lot of sense in approving the application for a day to celebrate this cannabinoid. They then assigned Aug 8th, 2018 as the first National CBD Day. 

The United States may have been the origin of the holiday, but the tradition has quickly spread to other parts of the world in the last couple of years. This spread is transforming the celebration into an international affair. This shows that while National CBD Day isn’t as popular as other cannabis holidays such as the famous 4/20, its profile is growing fast. 

What Happens On CBD Day?

National CBD Day has a variety of benefits for the CBD industry. It gives CBD manufacturers, retailers and users a great opportunity to spread the word about this natural substance. Everything that happens on this day is geared towards advancing this goal. 

Here are some of the things that you are likely to see happening on National CBD Day:

Brittney Bouchard influencer holding up tanasi cbd oil tinctureEducation On CBD

On this celebratory day, most CBD proponents, such as manufacturers and retailers, look to spread information and educate others about CBD and its potential health benefits. It is true that CBD has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years. A lot of people who are interested in its potential benefits have taken it upon themselves to find out all they can about it. 

However, a huge proportion of the public still has a lot of questions when it comes to this subject in general. And in some corners, CBD still faces stigmatization due to its relation to cannabis. With that in mind, CBD proponents work hard to educate the public. They want to answer any questions that will clarify why this cannabinoid is attracting so much attention. Debunking misconceptions is a primary objective.

To do this, CBD retailers look for various ways of connecting with potential customers on CBD day. This includes online and in-person educational campaigns.   

CBD Awareness 

On CBD Day, advocates post information about this natural substance online. This gives them a great opportunity to raise awareness. By raising awareness on CBD, they can get more people to join this rapidly growing community and transform the CBD industry. 

Through media coverage and social media posts, proponents may tackle a variety of issues affecting the CBD industry. The confusing legal status of CBD is one such issue. It is worth noting that even though CBD is legal at the Federal level, it is still not legal in some states. Furthermore, the FDA still does not officially regulate the substance. 

By raising awareness and media coverage of such issues and increasing public participation, legislators may be inspired to act. The goal is to eventually sort out the legal confusion once and for all. 

Media coverage and public outcry may also push for more research into the many potential benefits of CBD.  

Example of a great discount.

Deals And Discounts

Great discounts and deals on all sorts of CBD products is the norm on CBD Day! And while most CBD sellers offer deals on their products during most holidays, nothing beats the offers on this special day! 

If you have been looking to try out CBD, or would like to restock or try other products, August 8 is the day for that. CBD manufacturers and retailers use this day to reward their customers and also make it affordable for anyone who would like to try their products with the lowest prices. 

Even though the CBD industry has experienced a lot of growth over the past few years, it is still in its infancy. Manufacturers and sellers in the industry normally use CBD day to boost their sales and even attract new customers by offering discounts. 

Enthusiasts Can Celebrate CBD 

On CBD Day, enthusiasts/users get the opportunity to celebrate. If you have been using CBD and have been enjoying its benefits, this day gives you the opportunity to celebrate this cannabinoid. 

Check your state’s legal guidelines first, but it is federally legal and is only prohibited in a few states. This means that most people can enjoy it without the fear of any legal repercussions. 

You can find fun ways to celebrate. Invite friends to try out this wonderful supplement and enjoy its awesome health benefits together. By honoring CBD Day with friends, you will also be doing your part as a CBD advocate, spreading information and raising awareness.


CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural non-intoxicating cannabinoid that has a long list of potential health benefits. Social and medical circles alike have debated the legitimacy of this cannabinoid over the years. There is a growing mountain of supporting research evidence for CBD. The industry is rapidly growing. Additionally, hemp and CBD are legal at the Federal level. All of these factors made a strong case for the creation of National CBD Day. 

CBD Day may not yet have a rich history like 4/20. However, the main purpose of the holiday is to raise awareness and educate others about this wonderful natural substance. Cannabis enthusiasts (together with their friends) can honor this day by spreading the word and taking advantage of the wonderful deals offered by CBD manufacturers and retailers to try out the growing list of CBD products on offer. 

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