CBD Coffee – Is This Your New Morning Drink?

CBD Coffee

Posted on April 2nd, 2021

CBD Coffee - CBD OIL VIAL WITH A COFFE CUP AND CANNABIS LEAVES The term CBD is shorthand for the word ‘cannabidiol,’ the actual name of a chemical compound. Cannabidiol is readily present within the hemp plant and is seemingly able to provide several positive effects on the human body. However, you should not confuse CBD or CBD oil with the likes of the oil that comes from the hemp seeds, aptly called hemp seed oil. Also, coffee and CBD coffee might be similar but the latter has a key distinction that could appeal to you and which we’ll learn about further down this article.

Hemp itself is a member of the cannabis family of plants, yet, hemp is not the same as marijuana, another variety of cannabis. While both marijuana and hemp belong to the same family of plants, they are definitely not the same. Hemp has around 0.3% or less THC content, whereas marijuana has much higher concentrations. Yet, one thing that hemp does have is elevated levels of CBD, which allows it to deliver potential therapeutic benefits.

Thus far, there have been a lot of different products that feature CBD in their composition. In essence, these are just the products of smart and ingenious persons seeking a different way to enjoy CBD. Some of the best CBD oils actually come from the hemp plant extract that has a full spectrum of cannabinoid content. Other people prefer to add a finished CBD product to food or beverage like coffee and, thus, create cbd coffee.

It also contains several other compounds that are beneficial, such as flavonoids and terpenes. When manufacturers use different parts of the plant, the overall effects it gives out to you amplify.

How Does CBD Work?

After a ton of research, researchers showed that CBD is responsible for amplifying the wellbeing of those that consume it by enhancing the Endocannabinoid system.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

The 1990s brought about the discovery of the ECS. Since then, the ECS came to prominence as being perhaps the most vital receptor system in the body. It appears to be a rather important modulatory system within the body as well. As such, it dictates some parts of the endocrine system, the brain, and the immune tissues to act or inhibit depending on the trigger.

Due to continued research, researchers found that the ECS responds to the cannabinoids produced within the body as well as the external ones. Hence, the ability of CBD to actively enhance the ECS functions in a similar way that your body’s own cannabinoids do. The ECS has many, many receptors stationed at different parts of the body. These act as a lock that awaits the key that is CBD to open them. As such, the ECS plays a huge role in the daily homeostatic process.

The Effects Of CBD

CBD, among many things, can, incredibly, reduce the seizures of some patients experiencing their symptoms. One specially formulated pharmaceutical drug helps treat certain forms of epilepsy. The thing that puts CBD ahead of them is that it is all-natural with few side effects.

Additionally, CBD may help people with multiple sclerosis. Some people say it improves muscle tightness, reducing pain and other symptoms that multiple sclerosis patients deal with.Β  However, note that researchers are still in the process of determining the full effects of CBD. The following are some other effects that CBD may be able to produce:


CBD can seemingly trigger CB2 receptors, which relate to pain sensation. The way it interacts with them and peripheral receptors that modulates pain allows it to decrease pain sensations. Anecdotal evidence says users experience pain relief at varying degrees depending on the type and administration methods of CBD.


Tied to the pain-relieving effects, CBD and its interaction with CB2 can also decrease inflammation. Besides the pain-relieving consequence of decreasing inflammation, it can also help with some other things like fighting acne.

Anti-anxiety and Antidepressant

When it comes to interactions with CB1 receptors and related mechanisms, CBD seems able to provide a calming mental sensation. Thus, CBD might be a strong contender for an alternative to prescription medication to improve mental health. The fact that CBD does not have side effects as remotely dangerous as those of traditional prescription medications is also a big plus.

While there are several helpful effects to CBD, research is ongoing to see the full extent of its potential.

What Are the Side Effects Of CBD?

Taking CBD orally is relatively very safe. The same applies to the situation where you spray it under the tongue in an appropriate dosage. When daily doses of up to 300 mg, research says it’s safe to take said dosage continually for up to 6 months.

For larger doses between 1200-1500 mg, it’s safe to use for up to 4 weeks at a time. In the case of prescription drugs, these can be taken daily in doses of up to 25 mg. Sprays you can apply under the tongue in doses of 2.5 mg for a max of 2 weeks.

While CBD is safe to use, it often causes dry mouth, some lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and some drowsiness.

Where Did Coffee Come From?

Coffee originally came from the rich land of Africa. Over the years, it managed to find itself in South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. In today’s society, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Columbia, Brazil, and Vietnam are the top leaders in coffee production.

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Coffee beans glassy as a seed, and they grow on plants as young as two years. As long as they are ripe, it’s safe to harvest them without risking quality loss. Mature plants are generally 40 feet in height and sport a 3-inch diameter. As soon as the berries ripen, they are ready for harvesting.

The Chemical Composition of Coffee

Coffee mainly consists of tannin (3-5%), caffeine (2-3%), fixed oils (10-15%), proteins (13%), and carbohydrates. When in the seed form, caffeine exists in the salt of chlorogenic acid form. Coffee also contains wax and oil.

The following are the main chemical ingredients present in coffee:

  • Tannin
  • Caffeine
  • Xanthine
  • Thiamin
  • Spermidine
  • Guaiacol
  • Citric acid
  • Spermine
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Scopoletin
  • Putrescine

The reason why coffee has that characteristic earthy smell and bitter taste is due to the presence of phenols in its chemical composition.

The Effects of Coffee on HumansCBD Coffee - A COFFE CUP BEING SERVED

People mainly know coffee for the mental alertness it induces. When consuming coffee does tend to increase the mental alertness of the consumer. This is very useful in those that suffer from sleep deprivation, and it aids with dealing with the symptoms of fatigue.

Gut health is becoming more and more of an issue for persons around the globe, particularly after surgery. When the ability to properly process food impairs, coffee can speed up the first stool. In the case of diabetes, coffee drinkers appear to have a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Gallstones also develop a lot less in those who consume coffee every day.

For those suffering from cholesterol and fats in the blood, drinking a hearty serving of caffeine can reduce its levels in the blood. In this instance, up to 8 cups per day can have alarmingly great benefits. For low blood pressure, caffeine is great for raising it, something particularly useful if you are experiencing dizziness from it.

If heart disease runs in your family, consuming coffee reduces your risk and promotes a lower risk of dying from heart disease.

CBD Coffee – Can You Mix Coffee With CBD?

When you live in a nation of coffee lovers, you can see that just about everyone who drinks coffee often runs into anxiety at some point. With CBD coffee, you may be able to experience calm nerves while still getting the most out of that special buzzing effect. The many constituents and potential benefits often lead more and more persons to drink coffee.

If you didn’t already know, coffee itself tends to have a specially formulated anti-anxiety property that comes with that crisp, clean aroma. The smell is not only rich, but it makes you feel good every time you get a whiff, and it’s great for reducing the symptoms of nervousness. In essence, coffee can be considered a natural antioxidant as well. However, caffeine itself can worsen anxiety in people that are already prone to it. Thus, why CBD anti-anxiety effects might just be a perfect addition to your coffee mix to create CBD coffee.

CBD takes a punch at reducing those anxiety symptoms that you may be experiencing. As such, it’s great to ingest CBD, and you can do so in many ways, including your coffee.

You can add tinctures to coffee, or you can even make use of the coffee pods and packs that are available. The market of products drastically increased, and now there are also capsules, gummies, vapes, and others. All of these you can use in addition to a regular cup of coffee.

However, when mixed with coffee, it tends to mellow out a bit. CBD coffee is quite the ultimate combo. Since CBD may make its users calm, when combined with caffeine, your moods balance out. So, if you’re consuming up to three cups in one sitting, some CBD might be in order.

Before you begin taking CBD, you should consult with a health care practitioner. If you’re interested in sprucing up your morning coffee, you can do so with some CBD.

CBD Coffee – The Takeaway

As we conclude, we have just looked at CBD Coffee. You can mix CBD for a special treat known as CBD coffee. However, it is best that you consult with a medical health care practitioner before you dive into the world of CBD and its amazing benefits!

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