CBD Bath Bombs – What’s the Benefit of Bathing in CBD?

CBD Bath Bombs

Posted on March 25th, 2021

CBD is a popular ingredient in the natural product industry right now. Though rare before 2018, it’s now common to see CBD featured in a wide range of products. Because CBD’s popularity is fairly recent, many people have a lot of questions about CBD, such as what it is and how it works. Also, they would likely want to know just what is a CBD bath bomb.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis plants. There are more than 100 different cannabinoids research indicates so far. Cannabinoids separate into several different subclasses, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

They work through several different receptors located in the central nervous system, which are able to interact with them. Cannabinoids are able to impact pain perception, pleasure response, memory, and more depending on which cannabinoid is in question.

It’s important to remember that not all cannabinoids are the same. For example, THC has psychoactive properties. Yet, there are other types of cannabinoids, like CBD and CBG, that definitively do not have these properties. Because of this, different cannabinoids can have notably different effects.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid mainly derived from the hemp plant. This chemical compound locates in higher concentrations in the flower of the cannabis plants. Manufacturers can fashion CBD products in quite a lot of different ways. While it’s most common to see CBD oil, there are a number of other formulations, such as extract and vaporized liquids.

Roger Adams, an American chemist, Isolated CBD in the 1940s. Scientists once had a scant understanding of CBD and how it differed from other cannabinoids. Right now, they are working to fix that, with extensive research done over the more recent years. CBD officially began its surge of presence in the public’s mind in 2018, when the Farm Bill legalized the production of hemp.

Where Does It Come From?

As mentioned above, manufacturers mainly derive CBD from hemp. It’s specifically extracted from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC. Because the THC content of this plant is so low, CBD does not produce a high. Like marijuana, hemp is another variety of cannabis with a different chemical composition than the former.

In order for retailers to sold CBD commercially, they need to isolate and extract it from hemp plants. There are a number of methods used to extract CBD. A CO2 extraction is a popular option that is highly scalable. Solvent extraction is another option many manufacturers choose. Because these extraction methods involve the usage of combustible chemicals, only trained professionals should execute them.

CBD extraction is a fast process, and it usually does take around a few hours. Once CBD extraction finishes, it must go through a winterization process. Through that, impurities saw further removal from the product. The more the manufacturer refines the CBD, the purer the final product will be.

CBD Bath Bombs – The Known Effects Of CBD

While there are many positive potential effects associated with CBD, some enough research findings to back up their potential. Studies show that CBD can relieve anxiety, nerve pain and seizures, and may even reduce the risk of heart disease. Many other positive effects are still under extensive research at this time.

CBD can also be soothing to the skin, and the compound also has anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, experts believe that it could help relieve conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. It can also provide benefits to people that aren’t suffering from any sort of skin condition. CBD has a soothing effect and might prove beneficial for people that suffer from sensitive skin.

Although there is a long list of benefits associated with CBD, there’s also evidence of some negative effects as well. Dry mouth, dizziness, and diarrhea, when consumed in excessively large quantities, are some of them. When using CBD products for the first time, it is important to watch out for these symptoms closely. At the time of ingesting CBD, it’s best to start out with a smaller dosage. After building up a tolerance to CBD, you can increase it to further test the waters until you find the right dosage. These restrictions don’t apply when using CBD topically, but you should still use topical products as directed in the label.

How Does CBD Work?

The endocannabinoid system is a part of the human body that interacts with substances derived from cannabis. There are three different parts in this system: endocannabinoids, receptors in the body that bind with cannabinoids and endocannabinoids, and enzymes that are able to break down cannabinoids and endocannabinoids.

The human body tries to maintain an optimal environment. For example, it tries to maintain a certain bodily temperature and keep moods stable. That is the homeostatic process. When something is wrong in your body, it will try to correct the problem through the endocannabinoid system. There are many functions regulated through this system, including appetite and mood.

Cannabinoids are able to interact with receptors in this system, which can ultimately boost the system’s function. Both cannabinoids and endocannabinoids essentially function as neurotransmitters. When used, CBD can send signals to the brain, and those signals can result in changes in your body.

What Are CBD Topicals?

You can ingest CBD, but you can also apply it directly to the skin. CBD products designed to be used on the skin go by the name of CBD topicals. There are many different products that fall into this category, including lotions, salves, and moisturizers.

Why apply CBD topically? As stated, CBD can function as an anti-inflammatory, making it able to provide relief for many skin problems. It can also ease aches and pains. When you apply CBD to the irritated area, it will provide faster and more targeted relief than you would get from ingesting CBD.

CBD is suitable for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin. Because of this, CBD is now a popular ingredient within the skincare industry. In addition, it’s common to now see CBD in the ingredient list of many pain-relief creams. CBD is quite a versatile ingredient; it can provide faster relief than many similar products on the market despite being all-natural.

CBD Bath Bombs – What Are Bath Bombs?CBD Bath Bombs - three bath bombs

Bath bombs are a ball-like item made from a mixture of wet and dry ingredients. Once the manufacturer molds these ingredients in the right shape, they allow the resulting ball to dry. When you place these balls in bathwater, they dissolve, allowing the ingredients to disperse throughout the water.

It’s common for bath bombs to include ingredients that can soothe and treat the skin. Furthermore, many bath bombs feature scents. Bath bombs can provide relief to dry, itchy, and irritated skin, and they can also promote relaxation. Bath bombs that contain ingredients like lavender can even help users to fall asleep. Other ingredients, like Epsom salts, can be soothing to the skin. Baths can dry the skin, but a bath with a bath bomb can be very moisturizing.

Are CBD Bath Bombs A Thing?

CBD has many potential skin benefits, which is why CBD bath bombs are becoming increasingly popular. Not only can these products moisturize the skin, but they may relieve itchiness and acne. Many of these bath bombs have infusions with other ingredients as well.

Different products use different types of CBD. Some products have a long list of ingredients. Other products feature CBD as the main ingredient. When purchasing CBD bath bombs, it’s important to take a look at the list of ingredients closely. This will allow you to find a product well suited to your needs.

Bath bombs are one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD in the bathtub, but there are other options available as well, such as bath salt. Anyone interested in these types of products will be able to consider a number of options before making a purchase.

The Advantages of Using CBD Bath BombsCBD Bath Bombs - basket full of bath bombs

CBD bath bombs can provide instant relief to irritated skin. Because bath bombs allow ingredients to spread across bathwater, these products make it possible to apply CBD to the entire body. Other types of products, like creams and salves, are a better option for users who need more targeted relief.

Another major benefit of bath bombs is that they can include many other ingredients. Some CBD bath bombs feature ingredients designed to be energizing, such as citrus fragrances. Other products feature additional anti-inflammatory ingredients, like clary sage. These can only boost its effectiveness

CBD can soothe the skin and can also relieve pain. Taking a bath with a CBD bath bomb can be a way to soothe muscles after a long and intense workout. Soaking in a CBD bath could also be beneficial to someone dealing with back or neck pain.

While these products have clear potential benefits, many users also report that they find bath bombs to be highly relaxing on their own. You can use bath bombs for sunburns, dry skin, back acne, and many other skin conditions. They can also be a pleasurable part of an evening routine.

CBD has a long list of potential benefits, and it’s likely that that list will continue to grow as researchers learn more about this compound. Although there are side effects linked to CBD usage, the majority of people who experience those effects ingest CBD. Topical CBD products, such as bath bombs, can be a way to experience the skin benefits of CBD while avoiding these kinds of problems.

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