CBD And Nerve Pain

CBD Salve for Nerve Pain

Posted on January 31st, 2021

A lot of people deal with chronic pain issues on their when they go about their day-to-day. For those people, not having a painkilling medication that offsets the intensity of their symptoms could be deadly. However, the thing about most painkillers in the market is that they have side effects and are prone to be addictive. As a result, patients, as well as physicians, are increasingly looking for more natural, less addiction-prone alternatives.

Recently, both we as a society and the medical establishment are becoming increasingly acceptant of cannabis. Modern medicine is starting to relearn the therapeutic effects the plant holds, and we are more open to trying it than before. That is good news for sufferers of nerve pain, as, when it comes to CBD and nerve pain, the former might help with the latter.

But just what is CBD? Well, the cannabis plant has three main components: flavonoids, terpenoids, and cannabinoids. When it comes to cannabinoids, there are over a hundred of them, with CBD and THC being the most abundant. People have always been more aware of THC since it is the psychoactive compound of cannabis and the reason it gets you high.

CBD, on the other hand, has been booming in popularity recently. The reason why it’s very simple, it has therapeutic effects, but, unlike THC, it cannot get you high. Thus, CBD and nerve pain patients worried about impairment from THC or addictive painkillers might just develop a great working relationship. The following article will delve further into CBD and how it can help you out when dealing with nerve pain.

What Is Nerve Pain?CBD And Nerve Pain - sciatica pain impedes a man physical training

Neuropathy, or nerve pain, is an entirely different kind of pain on its own. Neuropathic pain is a form of pain involving dysfunction or damage to the somatic sensors and nerves in your body. Any dysfunction or damage to the sensory tissues or nerves will start sending pain signals to your brain. Meaning, you will be hurting because of them.

The signals warn the body that it’s experiencing dysfunction or that it received real damage. However, they could because of false messages conveyed to the brain due to particular circumstances. In the case of false messages, you will feel the pain, yet, no damage actually took place. That is one of the reasons neuropathic pain is much harder to treat on top of the difficulty of identifying the cause of the pain if it indeed does exists.

Does CBD Work as Pain Relief?

A number of studies done on rodents, as well as some in humans, concluded that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, CBD might be more than able to reduce pain sensation when ingested.

CBD and Nerve Pain – How Effective Is It?

Just a quick search online for CBD, and you can find an army of people claiming that it worked as pain relief for them.

Very common for them is also to mention that they use it as an alternative for prescription medications they are not very fond of. As a result, nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to ask their doctor if they’ve heard from CBD.

CBD and Nerve Pain – How Does It Work?

Your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex network of receptors and neurotransmitters. The receptors from that ECS react to cannabinoids like CBD to deliver therapeutic effects. Guess in which part of your body you can find a lot of those receptors? In your sensory nerves! Thus, taking CBD might assuage the pain signals relaying through them.

Not only that, but the system also runs through most tissues in your body. So, not only will CBD lessen pain signals, but it additionally also fights inflammation. Most of the time, acute inflammation happens due to trauma of some sort, for example, an ankle sprain. The inflammation that ankle will experience is the body’s pain response in action looking to heal you.

The pain you feel is your body telling you just underwent damage, but healing is underway and will complete in time. Now when it comes to CBD and nerve pain, it’s a bit different. Most nerve pain is chronic and expresses mostly as chronic inflammation; it will happen many times over until solving the underlying cause. Problem is, identifying the underlying cause of nerve pain is difficult and might take a lot of time if it’s even possible. Meanwhile, you will be in pain all of the while, so you could use some relief; that’s where painkillers and CBD come in.

Finally, chronic inflammation is also very common. It’s one of the main symptoms accompanying digestive, heart disease, and some autoimmune diseases as well as arthritis.

What Type of CBD Works for Nerve Pain?

When it comes to CBD and nerve pain, you’ll get the best results if you take CBD orally in the form of CBD oils. You can take them by putting a few drops under your tongue and letting it sit there for a few minutes before swallowing.

It will typically have an intriguing spicy, earthy, and citrusy taste some people grow to love, though not more than the relief it gives.

Enthusiast tends to take CBD some two or three times a day and claim to feel its effects after a short while. Overall, chronic pain sufferers report feeling a measure of physical relief from their condition around 30 minutes after.

CBD and Nerve Pain – What Is the Effective Dose?

Anecdotal evidence agrees that the most effective dose for nerve, a condition difficult to treat, is a rather large one. Now, since CBD is relatively new, most doctors have little idea of how much of it a large dosage consists of.

Due to this, it would be best to work out the dose yourself to determine what’s right for you and your symptoms. Start low and increase until you find the sweet spot where you feel the most effects and experience the most relief. But be mindful, if you go overboard with CBD, you will experience mild side-effects like nausea or stomach issue. That’s a sign you need to dial it back. Still, it’s better than opioid addiction.

Alternatively, you can use the CBD calculator method to find a suitable dose depending on your weight and preferred level of effects.

If you still think you could use further relief than what CBD gives you, consult your doctor. They should be able to recommend some prescription medication that could work with CBD. Don’t experiment on your own. Some medications interact with CBD and deliver undesirable effects. Check first with the professionals.

More About the Research on Cannabinoids and Pain ManagementCBD And Nerve Pain - sciatica nerve pain in an elderly man

As mentioned, CBD is among the many cannabinoid compounds inside the cannabis plant. The cannabinoids, for their part, interact with your ECS’ cannabinoid receptors to deliver their effects. Each cannabinoid interacts differently with them; thus, each cannabinoid has different effects.

Many studies have looked at the overall significance of CBD and other cannabinoids when it comes to pain. The results have shown much promise. Still, besides THC, CBD remains the most well-researched so far; thus, it’s still the go-to cannabinoid for non-intoxicating pain relief.

Since the cannabinoid boom it’s still in its infancy, there are a lot of chances for another cannabinoid to take the lead as the best pain relief agent. A few of the researched so far, like CBG, show similar effects to CBD. It would not be surprising if soon you start hearing about a new cannabinoid with stronger pain-relieving effects.

Reducing Brain Inflammation

Based on a certain study on rats, CBD might offer neuroprotective advantages by lowering inflammation even in the brain. Furthermore, CBD might minimize the number of immune cells that accumulate in the spinal column, which reduces inflammation there as well.

Lowering nerve pain from chemotherapy

Based on a different rat study, CBD did seem to lower neuropathy brought about by chemotherapy treatment.

More Research Required for Neuropathy

The sad part is that there’s limited research on humans still regarding the full advantages of CBD and nerve pain assuaging. Most of the evidence is anecdotal, as official sources are still researching at this point. Still, if so, many people swear by it, it might not hurt you to try; to the contrary, you might just find some relief!

CBD and Nerve Pain – The Takeaway

The reasons for nerve pain might range vary from neurological problems to diabetes or nutritional deficiencies. Regardless of what’s causing it, CBD might still help you out.

In short, CBD might help with nerve pain in a couple of ways. First, it will boost prevent inflammation, which might be the cause of your nerve pain. It will also calm the receptors responsible for messaging your brain in order to tell it to feel pain, lowering its intensity.

If you want relief from nerve pain, a relatively higher dose might be what you need. However, like most other things, it can vary from one person to another. In case it’s your first-time taking CBD, better to begin slowly and increase gradually until you get the relief you look for. Finally, don’t forget to ask your doctor first if you can take CBD if you happen to be on other medications as well.

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