CBD And Blood Pressure Management

CBD And Blood Pressure

Posted on April 26th, 2021

CBD is noted for having a potential impact on a wide array of components when it comes to a person’s health. This includes the body’s blood pressure. While each individual is unique, it’s important to go through these details by analyzing how CBD products can affect blood pressure. Here is a breakdown of what CBD and blood pressure are all about when it comes to the use of these products.

What Is Blood Pressure?CBD And Blood Pressure - woman getting her blood measured

Let’s begin with the basics.

Blood pressure refers to the amount of force generated by blood against the artery walls. When the heart pumps, it is doing so intending to pump blood through the arteries. When the heart is beating, this is when the blood pressure is at its highest as that is the highest moment of the pump. The medical establishment refers to this as systolic pressure.

When the heart is resting, this is when the blood pressure dips, a situation known as diastolic pressure.

Due to these two separate rates, your blood pressure reading also comes in two numbers, diastolic and systolic numbers.

An example of this would be a blood pressure of 120/80.

Why Do We Measure Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure provides an excellent reading of the heart’s health and how the body is doing. It will shed light on whether or not there are blockages in the arteries and/or other relevant issues that might plague your health.

Doctors will often take a blood pressure reading in order to get a look at whether or not the person is at risk of stroke or a heart attack.

While this is not the only tool that is at the disposal of the doctor, they use it often because it is easy to take and doesn’t require a sample as blood or urine test would. As a result, it is a quick check that provides a real-time look at the patient’s health.

If the doctor believes there is something wrong with the blood pressure, they will correlate this back to the person’s other symptoms. It can paint a better picture of what is going on and how the person is doing concerning their health.

When the doctor sees the blood pressure get to a rate that is unhealthy then they will start to go through with other tests. This can include running tests on the heart to see whether or not something is wrong with it.

How Do We Measure Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure monitors are the tool doctors use to track a patient’s blood pressure. They do this on the spot and they use it as a way to gauge the individual’s blood pressure at that specific moment. In some cases, doctors will take multiple readings at different times to start noticing a pattern.

If the patient is exhibiting other symptoms, then the readings may be taken right away before running other tests to get to the bottom of it.

However, blood pressure measures with the use of a monitor cuffed around the patient’s upper arm. This is where the brachial artery runs. As it contracts, the monitor can pick up the reading accurately.

The cuff tightens around the arm in order to get an accurate reading of the blood pressure.

What Happens If I Have Low Blood Pressure?

A person that is dealing with low blood pressure is going to start exhibiting a long list of symptoms associated with this drop in blood pressure.

The most common example would be an individual losing balance, fainting, and being lightheaded. The reason for this has to do with the blood not getting to where it needs to be, which is the brain. When the blood doesn’t pump to the brain, this is when a person begins to lose balance.

A good example of this would be someone getting choked. As it restricts the blood flow to the brain along with oxygen, this causes them to lose balance and feel faint. The same applies to low blood pressure except this happens because the blood isn’t pumping as much as it should on its own.

This can be a cause for concern with doctors as they will want to know why the blood pressure got to that stage and in which way, they could raise it.

What Happens If We Have High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure refers to a spike in blood pressure as the heart begins to pump harder. This is common when a person is working out and/or feeling anxious. However, it becomes unhealthy when it happens during the resting state as this means the heart is doing it without a trigger.

For those who are dealing with high blood pressure, it is common to have a separate long list of symptoms that accompany the condition. These symptoms can include things such as nosebleeds, headaches, vision issues, chest pain, and an irregular heartbeat.

The doctor will likely run additional tests if they observe high blood pressure at different, repeated times or if it is significantly high. This can pose a serious risk for stroke and/or heart attack depending on the individual’s other symptoms.

Is Blood Pressure an Accurate Measure of Health?

Blood pressure is not an accurate measure of health but it is a tool that used by doctors to get a better read on what is going on. It is a way for doctors to get out in front of a condition in real-time as they take out a blood pressure monitor to take the reading.

When they have the reading in hand, it becomes a lot easier to figure out what needs to happen next and what to focus in on as a doctor.

Most doctors will want to use this as a launching pad for running other tests.

Usually, when the blood pressure is okay, it becomes a lot easier to rule out heart-related symptoms. However, if there are any dips and/or increases then the doctor will move forward with additional tests to see what is going on.

What is CBD?

CBD refers to cannabidiol, a compound found in the cannabis plant. This is a common substance found in abundance in the plant and often referred to as the actual source of its therapeutic properties.

What are the Effects of CBD?

CBD is non-psychoactive and commonly used for therapy due to its potential effects in your body. This is why people with conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress turn to CBD, as well as those seeking general pain relief.

Several studies hint at it assisting with heart conditions, which is why CBD and blood pressure share a close link.

In general, CBD affects the endocannabinoid system in the body and helps soothe it. This can have a calming effect on the brain, which is why it helps with conditions such as anxiety.

Does CBD Get You High?

CBD does not get you high. It doesn’t have the euphoric components required to induce this type of state in comparison to THC, another compound from cannabis.

This is why CBD products can provide that type of calming effect taken without risking a psychoactive episode that might raise the blood pressure right back as it is often the case with THC. Due to CBD also coming from cannabis, most would assume that it indeed would get you high like THC does but it’s not the case. Things such as CBD tinctures, CBD oils, and/or CBD edibles do not cause you to get high when using them.

Is CBD a Vasodilator?CBD And Blood Pressure - nurse measuring the patient's blood pressure both wearing a face mask

CBD can act as a vasodilator meaning it can relax the pulmonary arteries through use. This is how CBD may be capable of reducing blood pressure and helping regulate it more. It can offer a long list of advantages as a vasodilator and also helps relax the blood vessels.

The idea of a vasodilator is to make the arteries and blood vessels wider (i.e. relaxed). By doing this, it allows the blood to flow easily in comparison to when the arteries or blood vessels constrict. The actual relation between CBD and blood pressure comes down to its ability to decrease it.

Can CBD Lower My Blood Pressure Too Much?

It would require a substantial amount of CBD to lower the blood pressure excessively. In general, CBD will lower blood pressure by a small amount as long as you are taking the right dosage.

It’s important to remember, CBD can lower a person’s blood pressure so that it requires less effort for the heart to pump blood through the pulmonary arteries.

Since CBD is a vasodilator, it can help widen those arteries and makes it easier for the blood to flow. This is ideal for a person’s overall health and makes sure they are not stuck with high blood pressure. With CBD and blood pressure, it’s important to regulate the dose to ensure it works properly.

Are There Any Side Effects to CBD?

Each individual is going to have a unique reaction to CBD but it is one of the safest natural compounds available to people.

In general, the side effects associated with CBD include dry mouth, loss of appetite, fatigue, and drowsiness depending on the person. However, these only seem to appear when consuming excessive amounts of CBD.

If these side effects become difficult to withstand then it is important to back off on the dose. This will help alleviate those symptoms and make it easier to lead a healthier life over the short and long term.

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