Can CBD Improve Creativity?  

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Posted on May 11th, 2020

Creativity is that special something that allows us to come up with the most brilliant ideas… and then transform them into tangible results. While it’s sort of tough to define creativity, we like to think of it as flexibility in your mind.  It’s a way of making new connections, and finding relevance in seemingly unrelated concepts, so you can find solutions to the problems you are facing. In other words, creativity is something we all want to harness. Which begs the question: how can we be more creative? And leaves us wondering, can CBD improve creativity?

After all, creativity helps us take on the world using a combination of two important processes: thinking and producing.  When you can tap into your inner creativity, you’ll be ready to take on every sector of your world, from professional to personal. Why?  Because creativity is that special something which lets you take your natural to new heights, finally reaching your full potential. 

Artist painting natureNow you see why we’d want to boost creativity… not to mention getting rid of obstacles that hamper our creativity. Of course, there are plenty of ways to tap into your creativity, but we’ve found that natural supplementation is a nice foundation. In fact, certain supplements will help optimize settings in your body, paving the way for your most creative thinking. All of which brings us back to our first question, namely “What is CBD, and Does it Improve Creativity?”

Cannabidiol (CBD): A Time-Honored Herbal Medication

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a naturally occurring compound found within the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, along with over 100 other phytocompounds, called cannabinoids. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is another famous cannabinoid. But while the two compounds are related, they have one very important difference: consuming THC gives you a euphoric high. That just doesn’t happen when you consume or apply CBD. Still, even with their notable differences, both these cannabinoids have helped give the cannabis plant an important role in medical history.

Cannabis plants originated in the Hindu Kush, an ancient Indian mountain range. Early hunter-gatherer tribes collected these plants. While we don’t know exactly what they did with their gatherings, archaeological discoveries suggest that the cannabis plant, particularly hemp, was among the first plants grown for textiles, nutritious seeds, and medical purposes. And that cultivation? It started over 12,000 years ago!

From ancient times on, we continue to see cannabis getting the expert love in medicinal records and agricultural manuals. For years, experts touted cannabis for treating mental conditions and improving mental processes–the evidence is detailed in historical records all around the world.

Of course, back then, we just had to trust the experts’ opinions.  But thanks to recent developments, we’ve been able to scientifically study the cannabis plant. And, what we’ve discovered may just unlock the secret of CBD’s effect on your body (especially when it comes to the question of can CBD improve creativity?) Basically, cannabinoids can stimulate so many systems in your body for one simple reason: their chemical compounds possess uncanny similarities to the ones inside our bodies. 

CBD and Your Body: Tied Through the Endocannabinoid System 

Scientists first discovered CBD in 1940. After that milestone, we waited another 23 years until Dr. Raphael Mechoulum was able to extract and isolate the CBD molecule from cannabis plants. This discovery led to an even greater one: inside our bodies we’ve got an intrinsic neuronal signaling system responsible for regulating many of our internal systems. Why were the two discoveries linked? As scientists tried to understand why CBD and THC affects our bodies, they realized that humans internally produce and utilize our very own cannabinoids. Thus, we identified the endocannabinoid system or ECS. 

The ECS found in the human body, and most other animals as well, uses locally produced cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids, to modulate and adjust many bodily processes. This helps keep our bodies comfortable, strong, and well-adjusted to our environment. Because we naturally produce endocannabinoids, when we consume cannabis extracts, it can impact the functions of the ECS and our body chemistry in a number of ways. 

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) uses its own array of locally produced cannabinoids to affect many biochemical processes. This helps improve our general health and mental performance. The ECS controls our bodies’ inflammatory and pain response, adjusts body temperatures, regulates the appetite, monitors homeostasis, balances the wake/sleep cycles, and more. All by producing endocannabinoids!  

CBD and other external cannabinoids (exogenous cannabinoids) replicate the actions of these endocannabinoids, impacting certain ECS functions. While it is important to remember that many of the studies mentioned here have been performed on animal test subjects, experts agree that the implications for human health are important and relatively risk-free. 

For example, CBD can affect the function of your adenosine A2A receptor, reducing the inflammatory response and preserving the nervous system.  Research suggests that CBD may also provide anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting benefits through the functions of Serotonin and Capsaicin (TRPV1), both of which optimize our mental and physical capacity.   

Basically, CBD and other cannabinoids act as keys, unlocking some of the natural potential contained within our bodies’ ECS system. But, does that mean that CBD can actually improve your creativity? Let’s take a closer look at some of CBD’s important pharmacological properties, so we can decide if they will pave the road to improved creativity. 

CBD’s Pharmacological Capacity

In ongoing medical studies, CBD keeps showing a wide range of potential pharmacological benefits. And, directly or indirectly, many of these benefits could help smooth out your thinking, improving your overall mental function. 

What is the secret to this benefit? Basically, CBD appears to impact our thinking through a variety of biological functions that improve your neurons’ ability to transmit their messages to other parts of your body. These include, but aren’t limited to:

Benefits of CBD for Improving or Facilitating Creativity

Like we said before: creativity is that spark of pure genius that helps solve all our problems in the best ways possible. But, achieving this brilliance isn’t easy. Most often, our own minds and environments throw obstacles our way, keeping us from tapping into our potential for boundless creativity. 

Now, as more science comes through, we’re seeing signs that CBD could get rid of some mental roadblocks, thanks to its nootropic effect on the nervous system and brain (nootropic, in case you didn’t know, means an ability to improve cognitive function.) Here are just a few of the ways CBD may increase your mental performance and boost your creativity. 

Impacts Chronic Pain and Inflammation

CBD tinctures, oils, and other products are highly valued in the alternative medicine market for their capacity to relieve pain and inflammation. And, as most of us know, if you’re suffering from sore joints, back, and other inflammatory conditions, it’s hard to think clearly or creatively. In that capacity, CBD offers a safe way to address your pain and help clear your mind.  

No Psychoactive Effects 

There are a variety of ways to boost brain function and fight off the mental blocks that cramp creativity. But, CBD is better than most for one important reason. Conventional pharmaceuticals can make you drowsy. And even when they don’t, they leave you with a wide range of other undesirable side effects. Even a natural psychoactive brain-booster like caffeine can cause jitters. But, CBD contains no psychoactive properties allowing you to enjoy improved mental function without any side effects. 

Mood Improvement 

CBD does not cause the same type of euphoria you will experience from a THC high. Nevertheless, anecdotal evidence suggests that it provides a mood-enhancing effect characterized by a feeling of wellness. This can allow your mind to be more resilient to small issues and obstacles, paving the way for your creative thinking.  

Control Appetite and Nausea

Many people say that CBD improves their appetite and even reduces the feelings of nausea associated with chemotherapy. Properly balancing your appetite is essential to your physical power and mental acuity. If you are trying to balance your diet and feel you lack a healthy appetite, CBD may allow you to be a more effective and creative operator. 

Sleep Improvement Woman going to sleep

Just try to pull together a coherent thought if you haven’t slept well. We’re pretty sure you’ll find it almost impossible to be creative! CBD allows the ECS to operate more effectively, playing an important role in getting you quality rest each night. Especially if you have trouble sleeping due to pain, inflammation, or mental stress, CBD could be the relief you are looking for. 

Improves Mental Fortitude 

Fears can affect performance. Nowhere is this more obvious than when a usually confident and sharp individual has to make a speech. Even in front of an audience of their peers this can be a daunting prospect. Studies have shown that CBD can relieve the stress associated with social interactions, allowing your thinking to clear up. 

Final Notes on CBD for Improving Creativity

If you want to boost your creativity, CBD supplementation could be your perfect choice. CBD supplementation may help you avoid the greatest obstacles to creativity, while also improving internal mental conditions so you can give a more effective performance.

As with most natural supplementation, the best results take time. The same is true if you want CBD to boost your creativity: give it a minute, and watch what happens and as your body increases that base supply of CBD. For best results, tap into your CBD supplementation boost with better lifestyle choices: get more exercise, follow a balanced diet, and work hard to prioritize a healthy sleep schedule! 

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