Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Can CBD help you quit smoking

Posted on April 21st, 2022

Can CBD help you quit smoking? Well, you’ve probably heard of Cannabidiol or “CBD” if you’re a cigarette smoker. After all, as an increasing number of people learn about some of the published benefits of CBD, a lot more people are open to the idea of using it for various purposes. One such purpose is to quit smoking. co, Can CBD help you quit smoking?

First, it’s time to face the facts: it’s difficult to quit. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure to make the process pain-free. After all, smoking is an addiction. Plus, cigarette smoking is prevalent, so anywhere you go, you . may find people smoking on the corner. Still, it remains the “leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death” in the US [1]. And that’s because, in 2020 alone, as many as 13 out of 100 adults in the USA smoked cigarettes [1]. Now, while the number of smokers was higher in previous years, it’s still exponentially higher than it should be.

Why Are Cigarettes So Addictive? Can CBD help you quit smoking

You may be under the impression that tobacco itself is what’s addictive in cigarettes. However, that’s not the case. Tobacco products are addictive because they contain nicotine [2]. But what is nicotine? It’s a chemical compound that’s found in the tobacco plant. And it’s a highly addictive substance.

Why? This substance is so highly addictive because it alters the way the brain works [2]. Essentially, it tricks the brain into becoming dependent on it. What’s worse, a lot of tobacco producers look to add all kinds of additives to their tobacco products to try to make them even more addictive than they already are. These additives are meant to increase the absorption rate of the nicotine making it deliver to the brain within mere seconds [2].

Why Is Smoking Bad?

Smoking is bad for numerous reasons. It can negatively impact your health in many different ways. It can contribute to disease and it can directly harm just about every single organ in your body. This is true whether you are a smoker yourself or you are surrounded by smokers via second-hand smoke. In some cases, second-hand smoke is even worse than smoking yourself.

1. Causes Cancer

There is indisputable evidence that smoking causes cancer [3]. What’s worse, it’s not just those that die from smoking who it harms. For every single person who dies from smoking, as many as 30 people live with an illness caused by it. Smoking can lead to a lot of different diseases including cancer. One of the primary types of cancer that smoking can lead to is lung cancer. Smoking can result in lung cancer because the toxins that are found in cigarette and tobacco smoke can negatively impact the body’s natural immune system. It can make the immune system ineffective at warding off cancerous cells. The problem is, that when the body’s immune system isn’t killing off cancerous cells quickly enough, it allows cancer to spread uncontrollably. This can lead to widespread cancer that can be deadly. As many as 9 out of 10 lung cancers are a direct result of cigarette smoking [3].

2. Leads To Heart Disease

Another big problem with smoking is the fact that it can contribute to an increased risk factor of developing heart disease. This is a major issue because heart disease is one of the leading causes of death among men and women. As many as 1 out of 3 deaths in women are from cardiovascular disease [4]. It’s a problem that smoking can only worsen. Smoking can contribute to heart disease for various reasons. For one, it can increase the level of bad fat in your blood. It can furthermore decrease the good cholesterol in your blood. This can make your blood much more likely to clot than if you didn’t smoke. This can end up blocking sufficient blood flow from getting to your brain and your heart. It can also cause a lot of plaque to build up in your blood vessels which can increase your risk of developing this disease. This is true not only for smokers themselves but also for those that inhale a lot of secondhand smoke. As many as 34,000 deaths every year from coronary heart disease are a direct result of secondhand smoke [4].

3. It Can Complicate Pregnancy What Does THC Do to The Brain? - woman smoking

Another reason smoking is bad for you has to do with the complications it can have on a healthy pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy is a big no-no. Not only does smoking reduce a women’s chances of getting pregnant from the start, but it can increase the risk of developing a lot of harmful pregnancy complications [5]. There are plenty of reasons why smoking is terrible for pregnant women. Not only can it cause tissue damage in the baby including the brain and the lungs, but it can also increase the risk of the baby developing sudden infant death syndrome too [5]. If you are pregnant, do not smoke. This cannot be understated.

Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking? Traditional Quitting Methods:

When it’s time to quit, you have several options. Adding CBD to your routine may be one of them.

1. Cold turkey

For those who want to quit, getting rid of the habit “cold turkey” is usually the way people approach it first. Not everyone can or should try to quit this way. The majority of people who attempt to quit with nothing to help them are likely to fail.

2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

This is another way a lot of people approach quitting. This way has its benefits. As mentioned, the reason why smoking is addictive is because of nicotine. Therefore, if you replace the nicotine but get rid of the tobacco, you can effectively ward off smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. The downside is, that you are still reliant on nicotine. You can get patches that will deliver nicotine to your blood and brain. You can also get nicotine gum that does the same thing.

3. Medications

There are medications that you can take if you get them from your doctor. These medications are meant to trick your brain into enjoying nicotine less. It makes nicotine not have as much of an impact on stimulating your brain. This can lower your desire to want to smoke.

Why Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking

CBD is a supplement that could potentially help you quit smoking. Early research shows its efficacy in helping those looking to quit. The study supplied CBD to tobacco smokers and it found that it significantly reduced the number of cigarettes smoked by as much as 40% during the treatment [6]. At the same time, the placebo group showed no difference in the number of cigarettes smoked. This shows that CBD has the potential to be an effective treatment for those that smoke.

Furthermore, CBD can be consumed in various ways. You can take CBD extract in oil form or you can use it in flower form. If you use CBD in flowers, you can smoke it just as you would a traditional cigarette. This can replace the action of smoking a cigarette with smoking CBD which has no harmful chemicals that you find in tobacco products. Nor does it have any nicotine. You can even use a vaporizer to avoid combustion and smoke at the same time. If you are looking for the highest-quality CBD products, look no further than Tanasi has the highest quality CBD after pouring many hours and a lot of money into research and development. You can count on getting the best results with Tanasi’s full-spectrum CBD oil.








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