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Posted on August 10th, 2020

With an increase in CBD products available on the market, you may be wondering which product is best for you. Not only are you faced with the decision to consume it or use it topically, but you also need to decide the strength and type of extract. All these choices may seem daunting for some, especially for the novice, and that’s why we are going to inform you about one of the most imperative aspects of picking the right CBD product for your needs: the extract. Extracts are often listed on the product label and allow you to know which type of cannabidiol has been used. In this comprehensive read, we are going to take a look at the primary forms of CBD extracts, namely: isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. But let’s focus on broad-spectrum hemp oil including its benefits, how it’s made, when to use it, and what to look out for. So let us delve into it:

The Popular Types of CBD

Isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum are the three primary forms of CBD or cannabidiol. Each form has a specific extraction method that allows it to omit or contain particular aspects of the hemp or cannabis plant. 

Full Spectrum CBD Explained

This form of CBD extract contains all that the hemp plant has to offer, including terpenes and cannabinoids. 

Full-spectrum CBD provides a holistic approach to cannabinol, as it contains the entire range of hemp’s cannabinoids, including THC. However, it’s imperative that the THC concentration in this extract never goes beyond 0.3%, the legal limit allowed in CBD products. 

The wide array of naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids make full-spectrum CBD capable of the “entourage effect”, a phenomenon whereby each element in the hemp plant work together in a synergistic manner for maximum effect. 

Broad Spectrum CBD Explained

This is the form of CBD that bridges the gap between full-spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. The process is similar to CBD isolate, but it provides a large array of cannabinoids, similar to that of full-spectrum products. 

Broad-spectrum cannabidiol starts as a full-spectrum extract, containing all of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, before being sent through a refinement process in order to eliminate the THC. 

Simply put, most broad-spectrum CBD products are a full-spectrum form without the compound THC. 

Isolate CBD Explained

Most people tend to refer to isolate CBD as the purest form of the product. This is true, but conversely, it is the most processed form. Isolate CBD is, as expected, isolated from all other parts of hemp, including terpenes and cannabinoids until the only cannabinoid left is cannabidiol. 

CBD experts and hobbyists alike agree that this form of CBD provides most of the same benefits, but lacks the “entourage effect” as it doesn’t contain the cannabinoids that make both broad and full-spectrum potentially more powerful. 

Hemp lead and burner in labThe Process of Making Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts are made in the same manner as the full-spectrum counterpart, but with an extra step. First, hemp is treated using supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2), although many solvents can be used for this step. This is a safe and clean form of extraction. It creates a full-spectrum hemp oil that is rich in CBD and includes a wide array of phytochemicals. 

In the second step, a popular chemistry technique known as chromatography is utilized to separate THC from the rest of the substances. This process keeps the rest of the phytochemicals intact. The outcome is a THC-free extract that contains CBD and the rest of the cannabinoids, phytonutrients, and terpenes. 

Some manufacturers go a step further to separate all the ingredients into individual isolates. They then recombine them in precise percentages. Some may choose to only add terpenes back into this CBD isolate mix. This may be misleading to some as there are no further cannabinoids in the product.

One and perhaps the only way to know which extract you are getting is by looking at the Certificate of Analysis done by third-party labs. If you are wondering why it is always advisable to inquire for these tests, it is because some companies may improperly label CBD products. It’s also important if you are looking to purchase a THC-free product for drug test purposes, among other reasons, to know exactly what is in your purchase.

Why Do Lab Test Comparisons Matter?

Most manufacturers will tell you whether their products are isolate, broad-spectrum, or full spectrum. As mentioned above, third-party tests are another step to confirm that you are purchasing a broad spectrum CBD product. 

Why is this important? Reputable manufacturers will include test results from independent third-party labs to verify product contents and thus reassuring you what exactly is in your purchase.

To ensure you are purchasing broad-spectrum hemp oil, look for the following:

  • Check that the product has more than just cannabidiol. Broad-spectrum extracts should have trace amounts of minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBA, CBC, and CBN. 
  • Look at the THC content and ensure it reads Not Detected/ND or 0. Keep in mind that some labs separate THC into smaller parts, including THCA, THCV, exo-THC, Δ9-THC, etc. All these should also read 0 or ND. 

The Potential Benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD

This form of CBD extract has a lot of potential benefits to offer, including the following:

Provides an Entourage Effect

Broad-spectrum CBD is excellent for individuals who wish to experience the entourage effect. As mentioned earlier, this is an effect that only happens when an array of cannabinoids work together to get the most benefits that the product has to offer. 

Keep in mind that this effect takes place in broad and full-spectrum CBD and not in isolate CBD. 


If you are looking to experience all the health benefits of cannabinoids, but are sensitive to THC or concerned that the small amounts might appear in your drug test, then broad-spectrum CBD is the answer. Remember that this form of CBD does not contain THC, as it is removed during the second processing stage (chromatography). 

May Enhance Mental and Physical Wellbeing

If you are interested in CBD, you may be looking for a natural alternative when it comes to supporting your wellbeing. Well, this is perhaps the best possible benefit of broad-spectrum CBD to look forward to. This extract may help support your mental and physical wellbeing. It may also help alleviate joint pain and stiffness, maintain calmness, and support a normal inflammatory response. 

Less Process than Isolate Cannabidiol

To make broad-spectrum CBD free from THC, it undergoes processing and refinement. However, even though it’s processed, it’s far less processed in comparison to isolate CBD. 

When to Use Broad Spectrum CBD

This form of CBD is great for people who don’t want THC in their system. Even though the amount of THC present in full-spectrum CBD is .3% or less, it may still be problematic for some. 

People who undergo drug tests for THC may be looking to stay completely THC free. In the United States, it is common for employees to take THC testing to prove they don’t consume marijuana. While THC concentrations are very low, it may be possible for full-spectrum CBD products to lead to positive results, even if you are using a legal hemp-derived product. A THC-free broad-spectrum CBD product will allow you to enjoy many of the benefits that CBD has to offer and put your mind at ease. 

The second situation is those who are extremely sensitive to THC effects. For some, even if the amounts are extremely low they may experience a negative side effect. While the amount of THC in full-spectrum products is very low, if you know you are sensitive to this cannabinoid, then you can rest assured that high-quality broad-spectrum products will not contain THC. Which still allows you to reap the potential benefits that CBD products have to offer.

Tanasi full spectrum CBD tincturesWhen to Avoid Broad Spectrum CBD

If you are looking to incorporate CBD into your routine, you may consider full-spectrum CBD for its full “entourage effect”. While full-spectrum might be very similar to broad-spectrum CBD, you may notice slightly better results when using full-spectrum CBD due to the presence of THC. The cannabinoid THC may contribute to some of the benefits that CBD has to offer and won’t cause the psychoactive effects in such low concentrations. 


So, is broad-spectrum hemp oil right for you? You may choose broad-spectrum hemp oil if you are sensitive to THC, are concerned about drug testing, or live in an area where THC in any amount is not allowed. If you are looking to receive the full “entourage effect”, you may consider choosing a full-spectrum CBD product. Regardless of your choice, always be sure to purchase from a reliable source that provides a certificate of analysis. And always be sure to consult with your physician before introducing CBD products into your routine. 

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