About MCT Oil and Your Stomach

MCT oil and your stomach

Posted on March 17th, 2022

MCT oil and your stomach: sometimes, it’s a love-hate relationship. People use this oil for different purposes. People on keto diets use MCT oil to increase energy and improve weight loss results. Others use this oil as a carrier oil for a variety of CBD products. Now, MCT oil provides many benefits, but it does have one side effect. It can cause stomach upset for some people. The good news is that there are effective ways to reduce or prevent an upset stomach. This article will explore the uses of MCT oil and how people can use this helpful oil without stomach issues.

What is MCT Oil? MCT oil and your stomach

MCT is the abbreviation for “Medium Chain Triglyceride”. Triglycerides are the fat that you find in foods. These are molecules made up of three fatty acids that are held together by glycerol. A medium chain fatty acid has six to twelve carbon atoms in the chain. Just to put it in perspective, a fatty acid can also be short chain, which has less than six carbon atoms, or long chain, which has 13 to 21 carbon atoms.

So, a medium chain triglyceride, or MCT, is made of three medium chain fatty acids. When you consume and digest food, you break down these fatty acids so your small intestine can absorb them. The shorter chain allows your body to break down the fat faster.

Where Does MCT Oil Come From?

The MCT oil in supplements comes mostly from coconut oil, but it can also come from palm oil and dairy. The source oil contains short, medium and long chain fatty acids. Around 65 percent of coconut oil is medium chain. During the extraction process, MCT oil producers distill MCT oil from the source oil to get a concentration of MCT.

The Role Of MCT Oil In Keto Diets

In order to understand why many people on keto diets use MCT oil, you need to understand what a keto diet is and how fatty acids work in the body.

The Keto Diet

A keto diet is an abbreviated name for a ketogenic diet. People on keto diets eat lots of fat and little carbohydrates. The basis of this diet is that when you eat very few carbohydrates, your body will go into ketosis. When your body needs energy, it usually seeks carbohydrates to burn as energy. However, when your body is in ketosis, it does not have enough carbs to burn, so it turns to burning fat for energy. The body also converts fat in the liver to ketones which is a source of energy for brain activity.

The Connection of MCTs

The fat content in foods is mostly made of long chain fatty acids. The long chain triglycerides (LCTs) make the fat more difficult for the body to break down. Digestion takes more time. Because LCTs break down slowly, they do not serve as a fast source of energy for your body to burn off. When the body does not convert the fatty acids to energy, it stores it as fat.

The advantage of MCTs is that because it is a shorter chain, the body can break it down faster. Once broken down, the fatty acids go directly into the bloodstream and into the liver where they becomes a source of fuel for your body or ketones for your brain.

How Does MCT Oil Enhance the Keto Diet?

People add MCT oil to their keto diets to improve weight loss. Some initial studies have shown advantages of adding MCTs over LCTs in keto diets.

– MCTs contain less calories than LCTs.
– MCTs create a more sense of fullness when compared to LCTs because they led to a higher production of two hormones that create a feeling of fullness, leptin and peptide YY.
– MCTs convert into energy faster than LCTs, so are less likely to be stored as fat.

Bear in mind that these are initial findings, and researchers need to conduct more controlled studies to support these findings.

Using MCT Oil As A Carrier Oil For CBD

First, it is important to understand the role that a carrier oil plays. Oils that have therapeutic benefits, in their pure form, often have poor bioavailability for the body. The oil molecules might be too big for the body to absorb, or an undiluted oil, such as essential oils, might be too strong for the body to tolerate. A carrier oil addresses this problem. When you blend the therapeutic oil with a carrier oil, the carrier oil “carries” the active compounds of the therapeutic oil into the body. It can dilute essential oils and make them less irritating to the skin. It can also make formulations more stable.

CBD and Solubility

CBD provides many benefits to the body, but the body cannot enjoy these benefits unless it can absorb the CBD. CBD is fat-soluble. That means it does not dissolve well in water, but it does dissolve well in oil. A carrier oil mixed with CBD breaks down the larger CBD molecules so your body can absorb the beneficial compounds more effectively. When you take CBD with a carrier oil, your body absorbs the CBD into your lymphatic system which distributes the CBD compounds to your body tissues so your body can use them.

There are various carrier oils on the market, but many people prefer CBD with MCT oil because MCT oil is efficient in its bioavailability. By nature of the medium chain fatty acid, it does not have to go through the digestive process to break down before it becomes available to the lymphatic system. In addition, it can carry the CBD compounds quickly through the skin. It can deliver the CBD benefits quickly whether you take it orally or through your skin.

The combination of CBD and MCT can bring forth a synergy. MCTs can convert quickly into fuel for your brain so you get better mental clarity. CBD has properties that can reduce anxiety and bring on a sense of calmness. A mind that is calm and clear can improve anyone’s cognitive functions.

MCT Oil And Your Stomach: Causing Upset Does MCT oil have side effects?

Some people experience an upset stomach when taking CBD with sn MCT oil. That is because the body digests MCTs differently. While most fats, like LCTs, are digested in the stomach, MCTs are digested in the liver. When you take an MCT oil orally, the MCTs do not stay in the digestive tract long enough for the body to produce enzymes to digest them. However, your stomach does detect the MCTs there, and it can get irritated. This irritation causes the upset stomach. Some of these symptoms include diarrhea, cramps, vomiting, and bloating.

Ways to Avoid an Upset Stomach

There are ways to avoid these unpleasant side effects.

– Take small amounts. When taking an MCT oil for the first time, start with a small amount at a time and allow your body to adjust to it. Add a little more each time to test your tolerance. Do not take more than 50 to 100 grams a day because it is calorie dense.

– Always ingest MCT oil with food. The food triggers your body to produce digestive enzymes that can reduce the cramps and bloating.

– If you have a liver condition, do not use MCT oils because they are processed in the liver.

Final Words

MCT oils have multiple benefits in dieting and as an effective carrier oil for CBD. And that’s why they’re the primary choice for all our Greenway Herbal LLC CBD products. Still, to get the most from these benefits, take steps to avoid the side effects. Always consult with a health professional before you start taking any supplements.

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