CBD Tolerance – What Is It?

cbd tolerance

Posted on May 1st, 2022

Are you worried about CBD tolerance? CBD, or “Cannabidiol,” forms in hemp and marijuana plants. It’s a compound that’s often used for its potentially beneficial properties. From helping ward off inflammation to helping ease symptoms of anxiety, CBD has a lot of promising research backing its use.

Still, CBD is still in a relatively grey area in the marketplace. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of regulation and a lot of bad actors. This is why it’s critical to purchase CBD from a well-known, reputable, and respected company. Tanasi is a company that has dedicated countless time, energy, and resources toward producing the highest quality CBD. Plus, we incorporate MCT oil to our products for better delivery and maximum potency with full-spectrum benefits.

If you hope to incorporate CBD to your lifestyle, you may be wondering if you can develop a tolerance to it. After all, if you’re a coffee drinker, you may notice that you build up a tolerance to caffeine. Much like any compound, you can build up a CBD tolerance with repeated use. Below, you will learn more about what tolerance is, how you can develop it, and some of the best practices to counteract it.

What Exactly Is Tolerance? cbd tolerance

Tolerance isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is a lot of miscommunication and misperception about what tolerance truly is and isn’t. Basically, you can develop tolerance to any compound you take regularly [1]. It could be a drug, medication, or supplement. When you develop tolerance to something like your medication, it means that your medication likely stops working as it once did. The same happens with CBD. If you once got anxiety-reducing effects from taking CBD, you may notice its effectiveness lessens with repeated doses. While this doesn’t happen overnight, it can happen over time.

The speed at which you develop tolerance varies from person to person. What tolerance isn’t is dependence. When you develop a tolerance to something like a CBD supplement, it doesn’t mean you are dependent on it to function. Rather, the effects are reduced unless you ramp up the dosing. Because of this, you may need to take higher doses to continue experiencing your desired effects. Or, you could take a brief dosing break to allow your body to recalibrate.

How Can You Develop CBD Tolerance?

As with anything, you can build a tolerance to CBD supplements. The way you build tolerance is by continuing to take it every day. Any long-term CBD is likely to develop tolerance at some point. It could be within days, weeks, or months. This will vary from person to person. The main thing that dictates how quickly you develop tolerance is how often you’ve been using it and how long. The longer you’ve used CBD, the more likely you will develop a tolerance. This is especially true if you are taking the same product and the same dosage over and over. Your body comes to expect it. It never has to adapt or make changes.

Still, there are many other factors that can influence whether or not you develop tolerance. Or how long it takes for your body to get used to your existing dose. These include your age, weight, height, exposure to different substances, and more.

Top Ways To Counteract CBD Tolerance:

1. Take Breaks

This is the single best way to combat CBD tolerance. If you are building up a tolerance for anything, taking breaks can be a great way to minimize this effect. By taking a break from CBD, you can deprive your body of the compound. This will force your body to re-learn what to do when it doesn’t have this substance.

Now, when it comes to CBD breaks, they can freshen your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and keep it from looking for a specific dosage of CBD. (That matters, because expectations may result in receptor resistance to CBD.) Not only is this a good way to counteract tolerance, but it can help you sustain the effects you are looking for without having to increase your dosage each time. If you’ve ever taken some time away from drinking coffee, you’ve likely noticed how much your next cup of coffee affects you. The effects are likely to be enhanced because your body isn’t as used to taking in caffeine. Thus, the caffeine will hit you harder and the effects will be enhanced because of it.

Now, you may notice this effect with just a day away from your cup of Joe. But, it can take longer to rid your system of CBD. Because of this, you may need to prolong your breaks to around three weeks or longer. And for marijuana? Experts suggest taking three week “t-breaks,” because it can take 21 days or longer for THC to leave your system [2].

2. Try Different Products CBD For Horses - cbd oil products

An easy way to increase the likelihood of developing a CBD tolerance is by taking the same product over and over again. If you constantly supply your body with the same delivery method and dosage, you’re going to increase your tolerance risk. Ideally, you want to mix things up. The best way to do so? Try taking different products completely. This includes products that have different delivery mechanisms and different dosages. That way, your body doesn’t get too used to a specific delivery method and dosage.

3. Don’t Use It Everyday

Another good way to keep yourself from developing too much tolerance is by not dosing every day. While there can be benefits to using CBD daily, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using it more sporadically. You can start by using it every other day and maybe even space out doses even more. This will allow your body to operate both with and without CBD. That way, your receptors don’t develop resistance.

4. Lighten Your Doses

The higher the dosage you use, the more likely you are to develop some kind of tolerance. Ideally, you want to lighten the doses as much as possible. Try to figure out the lowest dosage required to deliver the intended effects. If you can get your doses down to a reasonable level, you will have less of a chance to develop any noticeable tolerance.

Do You Need To Worry About Developing CBD Tolerance?

No. As mentioned previously, tolerance is common. Whenever you are talking about a compound like CBD, you can develop a tolerance. The compound interacts with your body’s receptors. The more they are exposed to the compound, the more resistance they will develop. Thus, the more and more you will need to take in to get the same effects. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to counteract this. You can easily take needed breaks from using CBD. You can also just lighten up your doses and take them daily. While you will still likely develop tolerance at some point, it may take a lot longer. Also, you can always try different products and vary the doses you are taking. By keeping things off balance, you will lessen the chances your body develops resistance to the CBD.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3860466/

[2] https://www.uvm.edu/health/t-break-take-cannabis-tolerance-break

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