Lotions vs Salves: What’s the Difference and Which is Right for You?

Posted on February 2nd, 2023

Today, we want to talk about the different options we offer when it comes to topical CBD+CBDA. Lots of our customers prefer topically-applied so they can directly target their use. Two of the most popular delivery methods in our lineup are salves and lotions. But that begs the question: how can you choose between the two? And what are the main differences?

While salves and lotions are both topical forms of CBD+CBA, they are two very different products. So, to help you choose which one will better meet your needs, we’re devoting this post to break down the differences between them.

What’s a CBD Salve?  CBD salve container in snow drift

A salve is any kind of ointment that’s used for therapeutic purposes. And to make our CBD+CBDA salves? We infuse a patent-pending combination of these two compounds into a blend of other ingredients, including a full-spectrum of hemp extracts along with beeswax and almond oil.

CBD Salve Uses

When you apply the salve to your target areas, covered by your skin, the healing carrier oils could help you moisturize dry skin. Then, to get any added CBD effects, you have to follow this application process carefully.

First, choose the right application spot. Here, take a minute and listen to your body, trying to pinpoint any spots in need of some TLC. Common application spots include the temples, knees or wrist joints; lower back, or even on the feet.

Next, it’s important to clean the spot where you’ll apply the salve. This is the best way to remove any obstacles between the salve and the skin, which could maximize the bioavailability of the daily dose of CBD.

Now, don’t expect to use your fingers when you apply a salve: instead, choose an applicator. It doesn’t have to be a special tool; even a simple pantry item, like a spoon, will do the job. Why avoid using your hands or fingers?

Well, the ideas here to avoid any waste—when you use an applicator, the active ingredients in your salve go where you want them, and not where you don’t. So, once you’ve got an applicator handy, go ahead and scoop up the salve, rubbing just a little into the targeted spot on your skin.

By the way, when we say small, we really mean it. After all, sizeable amounts don’t always yield the best results. In fact, a little goes a long way when it comes to CBD + CBDA salves. And if you apply too much product, you won’t feel more effects—it will only make your skin feel too oily. Still, we’re kind of looking for the Goldilocks effect here, since not applying enough may not yield your desired result. As with all CBD dosing guidelines, the key here is to experiment a bit until you find that just-right dose.

Don’t worry too much about the amount you apply in one sitting, though. Because you can make several applications each day. Just try to space them at least three hours apart, to avoid waste and to get the best results possible.

What is a CBD+CBDA Lotion? Three bottles of CBD lotion

Like salves, you apply our CBD+CBDA lotion directly to your skin. And, like our salves, we infuse our CBD+CBDA mix—proven to be 2X more effective than CBD alone—into that topical. But that’s the end of the similarities between these two products. Because salves are meant for therapeutic uses, but lotions work overtime as beauty products, too.

As such, they contain more ingredients than most of our other CBD+CBDa products. And these include Purified Water, Sunflower Seed Oil, Polysorbate 20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide. Because a lotion also hydrates , people like to apply it all over the skin, not just in trouble spots. That way, they can enjoy the combined effects of full-spectrum hemp extracts with the moisturizing benefits of a premium moisturizing body lotion.

There are lots of different reasons why you might choose a lotion over a salve. Like salves, they can help target spots directly on your body. But there’s more use to be had from a lotion, since moisturizing may also address skin conditions such as eczema.

Another main difference between salves and lotions? Lotions contain water, and that impacts the product’s shelf life. As such, your lotion should come with an expiration date, although it’s usually a pretty generous one—expect to have about 18-months from date of purchase, before your product loses efficacy. In fact, you should expect to finish up the bottle far sooner, if our customers’ great reviews are any indication. We think Tanasi customer Azalea S. sums it up nicely with this 5-star review of our CBD+CBDA lotion: “Love it. Love the texture. Love the smell. Absorbs into my skin rapidly.”

CBD Salve vs. Lotion: Choosing Between the Two

At the end of the day, choosing between these topicals comes down to your personal preference. With both CBD+CBDa lotions and salves, you can get targeted effects. For that reason, the best way to choose between the two is to consider how you like to enjoy CBD products.

First, think about how often you want to use a topical. Lotions are a great choice for people who want to apply CBD daily. For those who prefer to use CBD+CBDa on an as-needed basis, a salve could make more sense. Since it comes with an extended shelf life, the salve can last for a longer period of time, accommodating intermittent uses.

Now, consider your desired outcome. If all you want to do is experience the effects of a hemp-extract, ? you could choose a salve or a lotion. But if you want to combine a beauty routine with a CBD routine, reach for the lotion instead.

Finally, we do have to consider your budget, as well. Our CBD+CBDa lotion is both a hemp-extract and a premium beauty product. And that mean it costs more than a salve.

Ready to pick a topical and run with it? Shop the array of lotions, salves and other topicals, including our brand new face serum and our muscle relief rub, available exclusively in our online CBD store. As you browse, we hope you feel comfortable trying something new and different, as all our products are backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, with no questions asked!


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