Is CBD + CBDa Psychoactive Or Not?

Posted on March 3rd, 2023

Are you wondering, is our patent-pending, 1:1 formulation of CBD + CBDa psychoactive? Well, this read will answer that question and more!

First, remember that cannabidiol or “CBD” is a popular compound that can be found in both marijuana and hemp plants. It’s a very unique compound, yet many confuse CBD with THC. And they couldn’t be more different.

THC is also a compound that you can find in both these plant varieties, but it has psychoactive properties. This means the compound can interact with your body in a way that gives you a ‘high’ sensation. This is the feeling you get when you smoke or consume marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. It has no psychoactive properties associated with it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting the high sensation you may be accustomed to with THC. Below, you will learn more about CBD, why it’s not psychoactive, and why we combine this compound with CBDa, or Cannabidiolic Acid, in all our Tanasi hemp extracts!

What is CBDa? Tanasi's CBD and CBDA lotion and salve

CBDA stands for cannabidiolic acid. Also a naturally occurring plant compound, CBDA is CBD’s chemical precursor. But the developmental chain goes back further than that, since CBDa forms from cannabigerolic acid, or CBGa. A compound also known as the mother of all cannabinoids since it can converts to CBDA, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and, ultimately to THC, a compound that is psychoactive.

Despite it’s family connections, CBDa is not a psychoactive compound. Instead, it’s an ingredient that, when combined with CBD in our Tanasi products, produces results that are 2X more effective than CBD alone, a researched phenomenon that you can read more about here.

Why Does THC Get You High?

If CBDa and CBD won’t get you high, why does THC? Well, THC gets you high because it’s psychoactive. While it’s very similar in structure to CBD, it behaves differently inside your body, which is why THC is psychoactive (and illegal at the federal level) and CBD isn’t.

Why Does CBD Not Get You High? Is CBD Psychoactive?

As mentioned, CBD behaves differently from THC when it’s in your body. So, if you’re still wondering, “is CBD psychoactive” or not? Then the answer remains “no.”  And this is why CBD is a federally legal compound, while THC is still illegal according to the federal government, even though many states now allow people to use medical or recreational marijuana products.

Is CBD Psychoactive and Will It Show Up On Drug Tests?

One of the things you may want to know is whether or not our CBD + CBDa products are going to show up on a drug test. Truthfully, these compounds, along with even trace amounts of THC, may be stored in your body’s fat. Because of this, you may find that they show up on your drug tests even weeks after you consume on of our full-spectrum compounds. As such, you may prefer to try one of Tanasi’s broad-spectrum products, entirely free from THC, if you are subject to regular or surprise drug tests.


Any Risks – Is CBD Psychoactive? man putting Tanasi red ginseng capsules in his hand

As with any supplement, you want to be aware of not only the benefits but also the risks. Luckily, CBD doesn’t come with too many risks. For most people, the side effects are non-existent, or at the least, not very serious. In contrast, with THC, you may experience a lot more severe and noticeable side effects. These side effects could include a reduction in your reaction time, an increase in coordination issues, and even an increased heart rate.

But when it comes to our CBD + CBDa products? Wou are likely going to avoid most of those. At worst, your side effects could include fatigue, appetite changes, potential dizziness, and even diarrhea. But those are rare, and usually only pop up when you take unusually high doses. Which is something you can avoid if you follow our CBD dosing guidelines.

How To Use our CBD + CBDa Products?

Like THC, there are several ways you can use our combinations of CBD + CBDa. We carry soft gels, tinctures, gummies, lotion and salves. We can even help you make CBD-infused coffees using our water-soluble drink concentrates. Each form has its own unique advantages, meaning there’s no specific way we suggest taking our products. Instead, you can choose the delivery method that’s best for your preferences and lifestyle.

CBD + CBDa Tinctures

Our CBD + CBDa tinctures contain concentrated compounds infused in liquid and mixed with a carrier oil. You ingest our tincture by emptying your dose under your tongue and holding it in place for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. We suggest choosing the lowest recommended dose listed on the product label, and gradually increasing from there until you achieve your desired

Tanasi Soft Gels

Nothing is as easy as taking your daily dose of multivitamins or supplements along with your CBD + CBDa soft gels. This is one of the most convenient ways to consume our CBD + CBDa products, as it is efficient, tasteless, and odorless. Also, with our soft gels, you get the exact same dose every time, so you don’t need to worry about taking measurements. Perhaps that’s why Tanasi customer Martha S. recently shared, “I have found these to be the best CBD softgels on the market. Uncompromised quality and effect.” Again, start with the lowest daily dose suggested on the product label, and only increase if it feels necessary, after remaining at your starting dose for at least a full week.

Tanasi Topicals

Thanks to our ongoing investment in university-backed research, our product line now includes CBD+CBDa infused lotions, salves, muscle relief rubs, sun recovery lotions, and even a brand new anti-aging face serum. Many people prefer to topically apply our CBD + CBDa because that lets you target your dose where you want it. Still, there are active ingredients contained in all of our Tanasi topicals, so you should allow for at least three hours between applications to avoid overly high doses.

Is CBD + CBDa Psychoactive? Final Thoughts

Now you can clearly see that none of Tanasi’s CBD + CBDa-infused products are psychoactive or intoxicating. But they are 2X more effective than products that only contain CBD. So come shop with us and find your favorite delivery method, backed by the reassurance of our 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

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