Does CBD Get You High?

does cbd get you high

Posted on June 12th, 2021

Maybe you’ve heard that CBD is an essential ,natural compound found in cannabis plants. And you may have heard that taking CBD is associated with calming effects in your body. But, since we also know that some cannabis extracts alter your consciousness, you wonder whether or not CBD also causes a high.

Well, that’s what we’re here to answer for you today. Because, with this guide, we’ll dig deeper into that question. And we’ll help you sort through what’s true and what’s not. Heck, we’ll even help you understanding how CBD reacts in your body. All you have to do is keep on reading!

Does CBD Get You High? Can You Get High On CBD

Here’s the short answer: no! CBD doesn’t get you high. But it does interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS.) So it will produce certain effects in your body when applied or ingested.

Now, your ECS consists of receptor and enzymes. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC interact with ECS receptors. And, when THC does so, that interaction gets you high. But that’s not the case when it comes to CBD.

You see, like THC, CBD targets the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptors in your brain. But, unlike THC, CBD doesn’t bind to that receptor. Instead, it changes the way those receptors work in your body. In fact, if you also ingest THC, that CBD will block any high from happening.

Why Can’t You Get High From CBD?

Remember, CBD comes from the C. Sativa plant just like THC and the other 500+ compounds produced inside. But, as we mentioned, CBD doesn’t in your body like other compounds. It blocks CB1 receptors. And, as we mentioned, that can prevent THC highs. Plus, studies suggest it can also blunt your pain experience by interfering with firing pain signals.

Of course, this is true of legal CBD products with only trace amounts of THC. So CBD shouldn’t get you high if it’s sourced from hemp plants. But if you source your product from marijuana plants, there could be enough THC present to trigger psychoactive effects.

High-Inducing Cannabinoids

As we said earlier, cannabis plants contain many different cannabinoids. (Plus other useful compounds such as terpenes.)  Each of these cannabinoids produce their own effects in your body, depending on the amount you consume, and their individual makeup. But only some will get you high.

Of course, one of those is THC. Which, if you remember, induces that high because of how it targets the receptors in your brain. Now, some people enjoy that psychoactive effect. But using THC can also make it harder for you to think. And coordinating your movement patterns or going through your daily activities may become more challenging.

While THC is the best know psychoactive cannabinoid, it’s not the only one to fall into this category. And, to help you choose your cannabis products carefully, we’ll introduce you to some of the other high-inducing cannabinoids to watch for.


Like THC, THCP and targets CB1 receptors in your brain as THC. In doing so, it can also get you high. But research shows that THCP is slightly different from THC. And the reason behind those difference has to do with their differing ability to interact with your ECS receptors.

In a study comparing THCP to THC, researchers discovered that THCP is 33% more active than THC. Which means that, even in much smaller quantities, THCP could produce a much greater euphoric experience. But it also means that you have to carefully look at the ingredients in any cannabis product. Because a little THCP could go a very long way.


high cbd low thc

This cannabinoid has a similar structure to THC. But, while it has psychoactive properties, THCV works differently than THC. Here’s the story: how much THCV you takes will determine whether or not you get high. Because, in high doses, this cannabinoid is certainly psychoactive. But, in lower doses, taking THCV could actually mitigate euphoric THC effects. And the same is true when you take CBD.

CBD to Minimize THC Highs

Research suggests that CBD may work to minimize THC’s psychoactive effects. (Or to prevent negative psychological effects tied to marijuana use.) But the truth is, when you take CBD with THC, your results won’t be consistent. Because how you’ll react depends on the relative concentrations of each cannabinoid. As well as how your body processes the two compounds.

Now, a lot of the variability in CBD experience has to do with the pharmacokinetic mechanism. (That’s a fancy way of saying one molecule mimics another one in your body.) CBD tends to do this in your body by targeting your blood levels through the CYP2C9 enzyme. With this enzyme, CBD may slow down THC. But it can’t completely stop the reaction.

Luckily, this cannabinoid has other ways to slow down THC’s effect. Like direct pharmacodynamics, in which one molecule mimics another by connecting to the same receptor. CBD dose this by blocking THC’s ability to bind to your CB1 receptors, as we mentioned earlier.

Even with these two dynamics, we still can’t say for sure that taking CBD will keep THC from getting you high. We still need more research on these two compounds before we can  provide a conclusive answer on CBD stopping you from getting high. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful cannabinoid. Because there are plenty of other reasons why you might try taking this hemp-extract.

Other Uses for CBD

As we mentioned, CBD should have a calming effect in your body body. So many people turn to this cannabinoid as a relaxing supplement. But, with a growing body of research, we’re also learning it may have therapeutic purposes.

Already, the FDA approved one CBD-based drug, Epidiolex. This medication treats seizures in children suffering from certain rare and hard to treat forms of epilepsy. For now, this is the only approved medication containing cannabidiol. But emerging evidence shows its potential to address other conditions in your body.

Here’s a breakdown of some of key CBD uses, based on early evidence and users’ testimonials.

* Mood Disorders
* Anxiety
* Pain
* Spasms/Seizures

How and Why it Works

Research shows CBD can also increase your serotonin levels. And that can help produce new nerves in the hippocampus portion of your brain. In turn, higher serotonin levels can elevate your mood, and may also fight depression and anxiety naturally. We also believe that this CBD effect could help your body break free of drug dependency. Which is why some addiction treatment programs now suggest taking this cannabinoid when trying to treat addiction.

We’ve also seen people benefit from taking CBD for pain-related conditions. This works for several reasons. First, it can ease some of your inflammation, which could reduce your physical pain levels. Plus, it can change the way your brain processes pain signals, as we mentioned earlier, which is why many people with chronic pain find relief with CBD. From arthritis sufferers to people with migraines, there are many people who say CBD helps them get through their days without pain.

Finally, we’ve also look at research on CBD for spasms and seizures. Controlling these symptoms can be difficult, and current medical solutions can also cause unwanted side effects. Already, there is one CBD-based medication for certain seizure-disorders. But with emerging research into CBDs effects on other seizure causes, we may soon see more treatment options that include cannabinoids.

Where Can I Get Some?

CBD is legal in the United States. And it may be good option for you if you want a natural supplement with many potential uses. Remember, taking CBD should feel good: many users say they feel calmer after taking this cannabinoid. And some even say it helps with anxiety, pain, and/or seizures. (But always talk to your own doctor before trying a new supplement. Since every person is different, and only your caregiver can offer safe advice on supplementation.)

Now, can we guarantee how you’ll feel after taking CBD? Like we said, we sure can’t. (And you shouldn’t trust anyone who tells you differently.) But we can guarantee that hemp-derived CBD won’t get you high. Which is a very big deal as you go through your day, driving, working and completing other tasks!



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