Do People Get Addicted To CBD?

Do people get addicted to CBD

Posted on April 19th, 2022

Cannabidiol is also known as “CBD.” It’s a compound that can be found in both the marijuana and hemp plants. Because it’s associated with marijuana, a lot of people have certain misconceptions about it. These misconceptions are likely brought on by the close association and the bad rap that marijuana has received over the years. Over the years, marijuana has been vilified as a “gateway” drug. Thus, people automatically assume CBD is the same. If you are considering using CBD, you may be wondering, do people get addicted to CBD about potential addiction. In this article, you will learn why CBD isn’t addictive and some reasons it could help reduce any addiction you may have. Also, you will learn about some of the benefits that CBD offers and how it differs from THC.

Why Do You Get Addicted To a Drug? Do people get addicted to CBD

There are plenty of reasons you may get addicted to using a drug. Drug addiction is the process of developing a compulsive need to use a drug or substance [1]. Without that substance, you could develop unwanted symptoms.

1. Symptoms Of Withdrawl

A lot of drugs will directly impact your brain in a way that forces you to use them to continue to get them. Without the presence of the compound, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. This forces you into a cycle of doing a drug over and over.

2. Tolerance

Another reason a lot of people get addicted to a drug or compound has to do with the tolerance level that builds up. To effectively experience the same euphoric effects the drug delivers, you need to consume more and more. For instance, marijuana has THC. THC is the compound that gets you high. Thus, it produces psychoactive effects that are pleasurable to many. If you become increasingly tolerant to THC the more you use it, you’ll find yourself wanting to use it again and again and in increased quantities.

Do People Get addicted to CBD? Why it Isn’t Addictive:

CBD doesn’t have the same effects that THC has on your brain. As a result, it’s not going to deliver you a mind high. You don’t have the same psychoactive properties that will get you feeling a high sensation. There is sufficient evidence that suggests marijuana usage can lead to dependency. A lot of people that smoke or consume marijuana become affixed to the sensation they get from the THC. This leads to a dependence on it. Most likely, because CBD doesn’t have these psychoactive properties, it doesn’t yield the same attachment. According to the WHO, CBD doesn’t showcase any effects of abuse or dependence potential in humans [2]. Thus, you don’t need to worry about becoming addicted to it or becoming dependent on taking it. This is a big concern a lot of people have whenever they start a supplement. Knowing that you won’t get dependent on taking it to survive can be a major sigh of relief.

Can You Develop a CBD Tolerance?

As mentioned, CBD isn’t addictive and you won’t develop a dependency on it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a CBD tolerance. In fact, this is possible with virtually every medication, drug, or chemical compound.

After all, your body can always adjust to incoming supplements. This can result in your need to ramp up intake to experience the same benefits you used to enjoy. As such, you may need to counteract this tolerance by taking CBD breaks. They don’t have to last long, just take a couple of days off CBD. That way, you can give your body a break from taking it and reset your entire system. Once you wean yourself off taking CBD, you can reintroduce it to your system. This will allow you to not only experience the effects of CBD again, but you will likely be able to do so with an even lower dosage too.

Why CBD Could Be Good To Help With Your Addiction:

Believe it or not, CBD is not addictive and it may even help you deal with addiction. CBD is good for those that suffer from addictive types of behaviors and drug dependency as supported by evidence. Now, one study showed it was effective at helping those who suffer from cannabis addiction [3].

Then, another study showed that CBD could reduce craving and anxiety for people struggling with heroin addiction [4]. Remember, addiction is a disease that impacts many people. So this promising research could offer support to many people in the future.

What Can You Expect When You Take CBD?

Each of these potential benefits are still being carefully investigated. None are clinically proven, but many user reports and early evidence suggest their potential.

1. Pain Relief

One of the most common use cases of taking CBD has to do with pain relief. A lot of people use CBD to relieve themselves of persistent pain. If you are experiencing pain yourself, you could potentially benefit from taking CBD. It helps with pain much in the same way as marijuana. However, it doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as marijuana because it lacks sufficient THC. As a result, you may get pain relief without the high. There have been numerous studies showing how it can help with chronic pain including for those that suffer from pain caused by fibromyalgia [5].

2. Substance Abuse Support

As mentioned above, there is a lot of good research showing how it could be a good supplement for those who suffer from substance abuse. Not only can it reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, but it can directly help with the cravings and abuse behaviors too. There is still a lot more research to do on how CBD helps. But the early research shows it could be a definitive supplement for natural substance abuse support without the risk of further dependency.

3. Helps With Sleep

One of the main things that can keep a lot of people up at night is anxiety. If you’re suffering from debilitating anxiety, CBD could be your answer. There is more research to be done on how it works, but there is evidence that points to CBD being helpful for those with anxiety-induced insomnia [6]. Simply lowering anxiety and stress levels can pay off in a big way when it comes to helping you sleep at night.

Why CBD May Not Be Working? CBD and addiction

1. You Didn’t Buy High-Quality CBD

This is one that you need to be certain you are doing because you could be purchasing ineffective CBD. Because CBD isn’t a regulated industry, you need to take extra precautions with the brand and supplier you are buying it from. You want to purchase CBD from a reputable and reliable brand like Tanasi.

You can count on Greenway Herbal’s Tanasi CBD products to deliver after they spent thousands on research and development for the creation of their CBD line. They have university-backed research showcasing how and why they formulated their CBD the way they did. When you buy from a reputable supplier like Tanasi, you have peace of mind knowing you’re going to get all of the benefits that CBD can offer.

2. Tolerance Level

If you have been using CBD for a long time, you need to consider taking a small break. That way, you can decrease your tolerance. Developing a tolerance for CBD can cause the benefits to diminish. Luckily, taking a small tolerance break can remedy this problem and get you back to experiencing the benefits of CBD once again.

CBD can be a good addition and you don’t need to worry about getting addicted to it. As with anything, discuss adding CBD with your doctor. That way, you can ensure you can add it safely without it interfering with any medications you’re currently taking.








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