Using CBD for Foot Pain

CBD for foot pain: athletes holding her foot in pain

Posted on August 30th, 2020

CBD is becoming more popular with each passing day. Over the last few years, its publicity and media coverage has rocketed. There has been a lot of talk about the potential benefits that CBD may offer from anxiety to pain management. But what about CBD for foot pain?

There are many types of foot pain and their causes can vary. Most people experience foot pain at one point in their lifetime and it can severely impact our day-to-day activities. Luckily, CBD may be able to help. The antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD make it a good candidate to help ease any kind of foot pain.

What Constitutes Foot Pain?

Complex networks of tendons, muscles, ligaments, and bones make up your foot. This network is designed to be strong enough to support the weight of your entire body. Nonetheless, your foot is still vulnerable to pain and injury that you can experience from any region in your foot. 

Foot Pain Causes

Medical disorders and lifestyle choices are common causes of foot-related pain. Choices such as wearing high-heeled shoes and improper fitting shoes can be a culprit. And even exercises such as jogging can also lead to foot pain. 

However, there are also various medical conditions that are closely associated with foot pain. Some of these common medical conditions can include arthritis, warts, diabetes, athlete’s foot, bunions, gout, and plantar fasciitis

And if you’ve ever had foot pain, you may be familiar with some of its symptoms including tenderness, swelling, restricted mobility, numbness, and redness. These are signs that something may be wrong within a particular area of your foot. The symptoms of foot pain can vary depending on the sensation and location. And eventually, they may even cause severe foot pain.

CBD lotion and salve next to women doing yogaWill CBD Help With My Foot Pain?

Research has shown that CBD has numerous benefits when it comes to alleviating foot pain. And if you’ve dealt with pain, you know that managing can be a stressful process. However, have an open mind when using CBD because its effects may vary from one individual to another. 

It’s important to purchase quality CBD products if you want to manage the symptoms of foot pain. Before purchasing CBD products, you’ll want to find the product that will best serve your needs. You can opt for THC-free CBD or full-spectrum CBD for foot pain. Still, always use the right dosages to help target pain. We recommend starting low and increasing your dosage until you reach the desired effects. 

While CBD may help target symptoms of pain and assist with pain management, it’s important to speak with your doctor about the root cause of your pain. After this, you and your doctor can discuss if CBD may be able to help the symptoms of your foot pain.

How Does CBD Alleviate Pain?

CBD interacts with the pain receptors within the central nervous system. These receptors are a part of your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating vital functions within the body such as stress levels, inflammatory response, and sleep cycles. 

While CBD has a full-body effect on the endocannabinoid system, it also contains pain-alleviating properties that may come in handy when dealing with foot pain. High-quality CBD products possess anti-inflammatory properties which may also be useful in targeting foot pain.

When looking for CBD products to help with symptoms of foot pain, you may consider a topical application. Topical CBD products are absorbed through your skin and ensure CBD enters your bloodstream. Topical applications are great for localized areas of pain. The topical form of CBD can be absorbed faster into your bloodstream when it is applied in the right areas. This ensures you deal with foot pain as swiftly as possible.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Foot Pain 

Your shoes, health condition, or blisters may be the cause of your foot pain. CBD could offer isolated relief to the areas of your foot where you are experiencing this pain. It may work in a variety of ways, including the following:

May Act as a Pain Reliever

Aforementioned, CBD is popular for its ability to help alleviate different types of pain. Foot pain can be difficult to deal with and it may severely affect your daily activities, even your mobility. 

As discussed, many factors can lead to foot pain, but research has shown promise that CBD may have powerful pain-relieving properties. What’s more, studies have also suggested that CBD may help to reduce pain related to multiple sclerosis and arthritis

Those who suffer from arthritis may know the pain associated with this disease all too well. Some of the symptoms of arthritis may include pain, tenderness, stiffness, and swelling of the joints. And studies have suggested that CBD can help manage symptoms like inflammation and pain. Therefore, if you suffer from arthritis pain in your feet, you may be able to apply CBD to reduce any discomfort that you feel. What’s more, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, when it reacts with the cannabinoid receptors, may also help to reduce pain.

May Help to Relieve Blisters

You put a lot of pressure on your feet when walking or standing for hours, which may increase your likelihood of getting blisters. Poorly fitted shoes are the most common reason for blisters. 

Blisters are liquid-filled bubbles that can be commonly found on your feet. Friction between your feet and shoes is a common cause of blisters. However, allergic reactions and bacterial infections can also lead to blisters. Long-distance runners are typically more susceptible to foot blisters from extended periods of running. And we all know that feeling of getting a blister from wearing new shoes.

However, you may be able to alleviate the pain from blisters on your feet using CBD. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties might work together to ward off blisters. In turn, you may notice faster healing. You can apply CBD on the affected area for the best results. 

CBD’s antibacterial properties may help to fight off any infections. It might even help ward off staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria. And its actions may significantly safeguard the immune system of the body. 

CBD salve with tennis shoes and water bottleMay Help to Reduce Inflammation

CBD might help reduce or prevent inflammation experienced by foot pain. High heels can be a culprit that causes inflammation in the feet. You may notice swelling when wearing uncomfortable fitting shoes or high heels. Ultimately, this may cause foot pain. 

Studies have shown that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties might help relieve foot inflammation and reduce swelling.

CB2 receptors found in the endocannabinoid system can promote the functions of immune cells. This, in turn, may positively impact inflammation. Caspase, an anti-inflammatory protein, is said to be triggered when CBD interacts with these receptors. Caspase is known for diminishing inflammation once it is activated. CBD might also trigger inflammation regulating proteins called cytokines. These proteins have been known to help reduce inflammation

What Are the Downsides of Using CBD for Foot Pain?

CBD is considered a safe product for use with very low risks. When using CBD for foot pain, always use the recommended dose to ensure you get the best results. Before you start using CBD, be sure to speak with your doctor about a dose that’s right for you. The growing demand for CBD has led to an influx of CBD products in the market so it’s important to do your research for high-quality CBD products. Companies with quality assurance will use a third-party lab to test their products and provide a certificate of analysis. 

Try CBD Oil for Foot Pain 

Not only does CBD alleviate foot pain, but it also fights inflammation. CBD can help deal with blisters caused by ill-fitted shoes and high-heeled shoes. Applying CBD topically on your skin is the way to go for the best results. Thereafter, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. You can apply CBD pain balm or CBD oil to alleviate foot pain. These products will reduce any discomfort, offering relief.

Final Thoughts

Nearly 25 percent of the body’s bones are located within the feet. This implies that feet are more susceptible to ailments and injuries and may result in immobility and pain. With 33 joints, 19 muscles, and 107 ligaments, it is critical for you to take care of your feet if you experience foot pain.

Chronic pain is a critical issue seen in foot-related aches. Studies have shown that CBD may help you to manage discomfort caused by foot conditions and arthritis. 

Today, many people use pain medication to deal with foot pain. Synthetic painkillers may come with unwanted side effects for some, leading them to look for alternatives. Alternative methods such as CBD oil and CBD topicals may deliver great results for foot pain, blisters, inflammation, and arthritis. What’s more, CBD doesn’t have adverse side effects that prescribed and over-the-counter drugs offer.

Before starting CBD, be sure to speak with your doctor as it can interact with certain medications. And while CBD is federally legal throughout the United States, the degrees of restrictions may vary from state to state, so be sure to check with your local laws before purchasing CBD products.

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