CBD Dispensary: Do They Exist and Why Should You Find One?

cbd dispensary

Posted on May 26th, 2021

With the increasing demand for medical marijuana and CBD products, it makes sense that people wonder about the possibility of a CBD dispensary. Are you still new to medical marijuana? Maybe you have heard of marijuana dispensaries. Well, you should know that THC and CBD are both cannabinoids existing in medical marijuana. However, there are significant differences between these compounds. One recognizable difference is that CBD doesn’t cause an intoxicating effect, while its counterpart might. Similarly, there are numerous differences between a general CBD store vs. a  true CBD dispensary. 

Intro to CBD

Cannabidiol, usually called CBD, has become one of the trendiest and most promising compounds in the cannabis plant. Its wide range of potential advantages have grown it from a dispensary rarity to a mainstream favorite. You can find it in many places such as pharmacy shelves, department stores, and grocery stores.

But what is the actual difference between the CBD oil you purchase at the drugstore and the CBD flower you receive at a dispensary? And why is one limited to dispensaries while the other one is legal to sell anywhere? 

You can find the answer in CBD’s source and exactly where it comes from. In many cases, the term “cannabis” refers to the marijuana plant. However, cannabis actually describes a genus of plants and there are three different species within that genus. These include sativa, indica, and ruderalis. 

Hemp is a kind of cannabis that causes no psychoactive effects. Apart from deriving CBD from hemp, it may come from other cannabis species like marijuana. Mostly, the latter might have psychoactive effects. If you want to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD you should know the differences between CBD from hemp vs. from other cannabis species. 

cbd dispensaryWhat’s a CBD Dispensary?

Because it’s legal to sell CBD in any store, there aren’t official “dispensaries” that focus solely on CBD. If it is called a dispensary, it is likely for medical or recreational marijuana. The primary difference between a dispensary and any other store is the products on sale at each establishment. Typically, if it’s not a dispensary, it only sells products infused with CBD. That means that there are no products with a THC level exceeding 0.3% if there is THC at all. 

Although medical marijuana dispensaries might have CBD in some of their products, these products typically consist of higher THC levels. What’s more, the products at any medical marijuana dispensary must be approved by the state’s medical-marijuana program and also obtained from the licensed medical marijuana growers.

You can find CBD products in a huge variety of forms: vapes, edibles, capsules, creams, and oils. Nevertheless, you do not need to visit a medical marijuana dispensary to purchase these products. What’s more, CBD products are readily accessible both in grocery stores and in your local smoke shop.

What exactly is in that CBD bottle you are buying outside a dispensary? Although the label states one thing, it might not be completely accurate. According to some academics, a huge concern when it comes to CBD is that it falls into the dietary supplement category.  

As of now, the FDA doesn’t regulate the purity and safety of dietary supplements. Therefore, you can’t tell for certain whether the product you purchase comprises active ingredients at the dose on the label. What’s more, the product might consist of other unknown elements. Every product in a licensed dispensary goes through a rigorous testing procedure to check for safety, contaminants, and content so that you may be confident with what you are receiving.

Advantages of a CBD Dispensary 

Although you can get products from any store that may assist with some issues, you’ll receive more specialized service at a dispensary. Mostly, this is the case when you are purchasing CBD products from a grocery chain. You can also go online to purchase CBD products. However, by doing this, you’ll miss out on the specialized service of face-to-face interactions.

Dispensaries are staffed with professionals who can work by your side to create an individual treatment plan for your lifestyle and needs. This staff generally includes Patient Care Consultants (PCC) and approved medical marijuana pharmacists. 

They will take the required amount of time to suggest the most suitable treatment plan to help you feel satisfied with the products. Each team member is knowledgeable when it comes to which products and strains will provide you with the most relief.

Benefits of CBD

CBD is gaining momentum when it comes to the health and wellness world. And several scientific studies suggest it might help manage a wide range of ailments such as anxiety and pain. Below are several potential health advantages of CBD oil that are supported by emerging scientific evidence. 

  •  Relieve depression and anxiety

CBD consumption appears to relieve depression and anxiety in humans and animal studies as well. 

  •  Reduce pain and acne

Together with THC, CBD might be beneficial in easing pain from health disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis (MS). CBD might also have useful effects on acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to regulate the sebaceous glands from overproducing sebum. There are several other potential advantages such as substance abuse treatment and antipsychotic effects. 

  • Neuroprotective properties

Research is still ongoing at this moment, but CBD has great potential to effectively manage symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. CBD also appears to minimize the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in animal and test-tube studies. 

  • Relieve cancer-related symptoms

CBD appears to minimize symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment, and might even contain cancer-fighting abilities. Nevertheless, we need more research to establish its safety and efficacy. 

  • Improve heart health

Although there is a need for more human studies, CBD might benefit heart health in various ways. These might include preventing heart damage and reducing blood pressure

hemp leaf test tubeIs a CBD Dispensary Legal?

One of the biggest issues surrounding all cannabis products is its legality.This is an important distinction when it comes to dispensaries. 

People have utilized the cannabis plant (specifically hemp) for a wide variety of purposes throughout history. In the 17th century, hemp was a staple in American agriculture and was one of the country’s most popular products. It was useful in a range of textiles and materials like sails, clothing, and rope.

Then at the beginning of the 1990s, a cannabis propaganda campaign swept the country. That meant that manufacturing, or possessing cannabis and hemp became illegal. The 2018 Farm Bill really helped since it removed hemp from the federal list of controlled substances. Then, they regrouped it as an agricultural commodity and thus it became legal. 

What’s more, the Farm Bill made a concise legal distinction when it comes to hemp and other cannabis products. As of now, hemp is cannabis with a THC level not exceeding 0.3%. As a result, any cannabis with a 0.3% THC concentration level is hemp, as well as federally legal under the bill. Products of hemp plants are legal to sell anywhere in the US.

On the other hand, anything above a 0.3% THC level is under the “marijuana” umbrella and is illegal at the federal level. States have their own stringent rules and regulations when it comes to hemp and marijuana. 

Specifically Dispensaries

Dispensaries specialize in medical-grade marijuana and recreational marijuana in states where it’s legal. Before anything hits the dispensary shelves, it must go through a critical testing procedure and adhere to clear labeling requirements. That means that before using the product, you’ll know what you are buying.

The regulations surrounding hemp CBD are not as clear. Although the FDA is trying to regulate them, there are no clear rules when it comes to testing, labeling, and licensing requirements. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to determine the safety and efficacy of CBD products you purchase online or at a conventional retailer. This is why finding a CBD dispensary may be the way to go.

Last Word

The ultimate choice on whether to opt for CBD from a local store or a dispensary comes down to what is legal in your particular state. However, if you find yourself in a location where they’re both readily accessible, you should explore the differences for yourself. Going to a dispensary is like going to a craft brewery where the bartender can tell you all the details of the beer they have. And if you are curious about trying a CBD flower with slightly more than 0.3% THC, you’ll have to find a dispensary. 

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