What Are The Benefits Of Fish Oil And CBD + CBDa?

Posted on April 4th, 2023

People of all ages use supplements like fish oil and CBD for a variety of reasons. These supplements are already popular, so here at Tanasi, we decided to help them level up. How? Well, we combined fish oil with our CBD + CBDa softgels, delivering the effects of both compounds plus the 2X magnified effects of our patent-pending, 1:1 CBD to CBDa formulation.

Now, many people don’t understand why fish oil is worth adding to a daily routine. Or why you might combine fish oil with cannabidiol. Ready to learn more? Here’s an introduction to fish oil and CBD+CBDa.

Sourcing Fish Oil and CBD

First off, we extract fish oil and CBD or CBDa from very different sources. CBD and CBDa come from the cannabis family of plants. Usually, we source them from the plant family’s hemp variety. So it’s a legal, plant-based substance, ideal for those who follow a vegan diet.

Fish oil, on the other hand, is an animal-based product. We source our Tanasi fish oil from Wild Alaskan pollock. As such, taking this supplement allows you to ingest important nutrients without having to eat fish. Still, this supplement won’t work for vegetarians or vegans.

Product Types

Many products contain CBD today. But only Tanasi’s hemp-extracted supplements contain our patent-pending CBD + CBDa formulation, which delivers 2X the effects of a product containing only CBD.

While fish oil isn’t a new supplement, its dosing options don’t offer much diversity or evolution. Fish oil is still only available in capsules and oil form. Or, as is the case here at Tanasi, you can take your fish oil in combination with another supplement, such as CBD and CBDa.

Concerns about Fish Oil Contamination

Today, the fish oil industry faces a major problem due to water pollution. Rivers and oceans are contaminated by the residue from vessels and ships and the dumping of excessive waste. Studies on rivers and oceans confirm that many water sources contain high levels of toxic chemicals such as mercury. So, even though fish oil goes through many purification stages, the final product may contain mercury. And that can take a toll on your well being and health.

Now, contamination is also a problem in the hemp industry. Studies prove that, during cultivation, hemp plants absorb fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Then, these chemicals contaminate the resulting CBD products. However, unlike fish oil, authorities have tried to prevent harmful contamination. And, at Tanasi, we use organic hemp grown in the U.S, to protect you from contamination in any of your supplements.

What Is Fish Oil?

Fish oil is fatty oil present in fish that you digest when you eat them. In supplement form, they are usually called Omega-3 oils that you consume in a capsule form. Omega-3 is among the best supplements to include in your diet since your body cannot produce this important substance on its own.

What Is CBD? What is CBDa?

CBD oil is an oily substance derived from hemp or marijuana plants once it is refined. Today, it infuses many health and wellness supplements just like fish oil. CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD, also sourced from hemp plants. Yet, it is difficult to isolate in large quantities, since it coverts to CBD with exposure to heat.

What Are The Combined Benefits Of Fish Oil And CBD?

Both CBDa, CBD and fish oil are popular supplements. Yet many people struggle to keep on top of taking one daily supplement, let alone multiple ones. As such, combining CBD, CBDa and fish oil in one easy-to-swallow softgel can simplify your daily routine.

Even better? Our Tanasi CBD+CBDa + fish oil softgels don’t taste fishy, unlike other supplements. In fact, our customer Laura W. raves there’s “no fishy burp” with this supplement, adding, “So glad I tried these. Now I can get both my fish oil and my CBD in one pill. Save money and get the benefits of both.”  And Bertha S. left us blushing when she shared, “Best fish oil softgels! I have tried others but these are the best!” 

Choosing The Best Supplements

When you start researching and shopping for fish oil and CBD + CBDa, make sure you read the label to understand the exact dosing and ingredients in your supplement. Here at Tanasi, we make that easier than ever, with simple labeling and transparent ingredients lists, verified by third-party outside lab tests. (You can access that information on each product’s listing page, or by scanning the QR code printed on every single package we ship out to you.) Also, we make dosing very simple to understand. For example, in our 750mg bottle of CBD+CBDa and fish oil softgels, each pill contains 25 mg of CBD+CBDa.

Unfortunately, not every brand is as dedicated to transparency and clarity.  And that’s because, CBD is still not an  FDA approved supplement. Now, this is not to say that these products are unsafe, but research and scientific studies still need to determine their precise value in realms outside of the supplement market. For now, what we do know is this:

Fish oil and CBD products should have minimal side effects. Any that do pop up are likely to be mild in nature, and temporary. Plus, you’re unlikely to experience any unwanted effects if you follow the correct dosing instructions for these supplements. To make sure you find that perfect dosage, read the recommendations on your product’s labels, and begin at the lowest recommended dose range. You should also consult with a licensed healthcare provider before starting a new supplement. Together, you should review all the supplements and medications already in your routine, to avoid any negative interactions.

Additionally, it’s worth doing your own research on new supplements before adding them to your existing wellness routine. Check with a health practitioner if you’re dealing will any underlying medical conditions, or if you’re pregnant. Again, you should also consult a doctor if you’re currently any type of medication. (They could interact with other supplements.) Still, if you take the necessary precautions, adding fish oil or CBD products to your wellness routine could become a valued addition to your healthy lifestyle.




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