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Posted on February 8th, 2023

Here at Tanasi, we work hard trying to deliver the best possible customer experience. And that’s why, for a lot of us, waking up means heading straight for that first cup of coffee. It’s a whole ritual: brewing the java, cradling the warm mug in our hands—the process makes the day ahead feel a little more manageable.

Recently, we decided to level up our day and add some of Tanasi’s water-soluble drink concentrate to that first cup. We loved the experience, and hope you will too. And to help you understand why coffee and our patent-pending blend of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) get along nicely, we’re devoting today’s post to a deep-dive into the world of coffee!

Where Did Coffee Come From? CBD Coffee - A COFFE CUP BEING SERVED

Coffee originally came from the rich land of Africa. Over the years, it managed to find itself in South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. In today’s society, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Columbia, Brazil, and Vietnam are the top leaders in coffee production.

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From?

Coffee beans are actually seeds, and they grow on plants as young as two years. As long as they are ripe, it’s safe to harvest them without risking quality loss. Mature plants are generally 40 feet in height and sport a 3-inch diameter. As soon as the berries ripen, they are ready for harvesting.

The Chemical Composition of Coffee

Coffee mainly consists of tannin (3-5%), caffeine (2-3%), fixed oils (10-15%), proteins (13%), and carbohydrates. When in the seed form, caffeine exists in the salt of chlorogenic acid form. Coffee also contains wax and oil.

The following are the main chemical ingredients present in coffee:

  • Tannin
  • Caffeine
  • Xanthine
  • Thiamin
  • Spermidine
  • Guaiacol
  • Citric acid
  • Spermine
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Scopoletin
  • Putrescine

The reason why coffee has that characteristically earthy smell and bitter taste is due to the presence of phenols in its chemical composition.

The Effects of Coffee on Humans

People mainly know coffee for the mental alertness it induces. When you consume coffee, it does tend to increase your mental alertness. This could be very useful after a bad night, or even if you just aren’t a morning person.

Interestingly, many of our customers say that taking their daily dose of CBD close to waking also helps jumpstart their day. Tanasi customer Jesica says our Tanasi line, “Gives me energy, great quality.”  And Trisha says, “The Tanasi GOLD Full Spectrum Tincture has been the perfect product to introduce into my daily routine!”

We love it when you share your feedback on our products—it helps us give you more of what you want! And hearing how people love the daily ritual of supplementing CBD, and say they feel energized by their dose, just got us thinking. What would happen if you added our CBD+CBDa blend to your morning coffee?

CBD Coffee – Can You Mix Coffee With CBD?

When you live in a nation of coffee lovers, you can see that this little bean inspires lots of love and devotion. People can’t start their day without it. In the last few years, more people are feeling the same way about their daily hemp-extract supplements. So, how can everyone win? Try CBD coffee, so you can level up your morning latte, flat white or double-shot of espresso.

As we’ve already touched on, coffee itself tends to start our days off on a calmer note. Sniffing that crisp, clean aroma of brewing beans makes everything feel better. The smell is not only rich, but it makes you feel good every time you get a whiff, and some people find it can even slow their racing mind and calm nervousness about the day ahead. This makes it the perfect beverage to pair with CBD!

Now, you can add tinctures to coffee, but the product may not dissolve well, since oils and liquids don’t mix perfectly. A better option? Follow your Tanasi teams’ lead and blend in our drink concentrate for a seamless dissolution. Or, for people who like to keep their worlds separate, stick to your regular coffee drink order. Then you can use it wash down a softgel, and round out your soothing morning ritual without changing the taste or appearance of your java.

CBD and Coffee – The Final Takeaway

How you start your morning makes a big difference in the way the rest of your day will flow. Research reveals that the very act of sticking to a morning ritual can help you keep your cool all day long. And, because morning rituals are so important, many of us like to take our CBD together with our coffee!

As we conclude, we have just looked at the history of coffee, and why we love blending our hemp-extract into our java. Want to follow our lead? You can mix CBD into your morning joe for a special treat known as CBD coffee. Or you can skip that idea, and take your supplement whenever it suits your mood! After all, that’s what our CBD message is all about: take time and experiment with the size of your daily dose, along with trying out different times to take CBD. Each day, try journaling about how you feel after your supplement. You could even take a one-day CBD break and see if you notice a difference. Soon, you’ll be able to tell if CBD Coffee is right for you, or if you’d rather enjoy your supplement in a different format. It’s all good—we love you doing you! Just be sure to consult with a medical profession before you dive into the world of CBD!


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