Tanasi GOLD Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 2400mg Hemp Extract (80mg/mL)


  • Ultra refined, pure, golden Full Spectrum CBD+CBDA
  • University Researched and Developed
  • Full Spectrum Patent Pending Formula
  • 80mg per mL – Our strongest concentration
  • GMO Free
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than 0.3% THC)
  • Ensure safety and potency with extensive Third Party Testing
  • Fast Delivery
  • 30 Day Guarantee
  • CBD tincture USAGE GUIDELINES (Click Here)

The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is made available to provide full transparency into the quality of our products.

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GOLD 2400mg CBD Full Spectrum Oil Tincture Ingredients:

  • Proprietary Cannabis Sativa L. CBD
  • MCT Oil
  • Sunflower Oil

What is Tanasi GOLD 2400mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture?

Tanasi Gold is our premium line of patent-pending CBD and CBDA formula, combining the best of two unique hemp plants and extraction methods. The final result is a pure, golden, Full Spectrum CBD + CBDA blend with an unmatched taste and experience.

GOLD 2400mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Suggested Use:

Proper tincture dosage is a personal choice. Before getting started with this product, determine the dose for you- factor in your body weight, then your preference for a mild, moderate, or strong CBD experience. For help with this step of the process, review the dosage suggestions here (see dosage guidelines). Fill included dropper with the dose, and place drops under your tongue, holding the liquid in place for two minutes. Next, swallow and wait for your body to absorb the CBD. Dose once a day, or throughout, separating each dose by at least a few hours. Repeat dosage for 3-5 days, and if you aren’t getting your desired results, increase your intake by 5-10mg per dose. Repeat process until desired effect is reached.

GOLD 2400mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture: Why Choose a Full Spectrum Tincture?

Full spectrum oil tinctures contain all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant. Quality full spectrum products are typically high in cannabidiol, with only trace amounts of minor cannabinoids and THC (less than .03%). Inclusion of all cannabinoids is considered “full spectrum” and generates the “entourage effect” – an increased effectiveness due to the different cannabinoids working synergistically.

GOLD 2400mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture: What is a CBD Tincture?

Our CBD tincture begins with nutrient-rich MCT oil. We add our unique formula of CBD. Once the mixture is complete, we put our tinctures through extensive tests. That way, we know there’s a full dose of high-quality extract in every bottle of tincture we produce. And we know that’s due in no small part to our premium ingredients, including bioactive, Tennessee-grown hemp flowers and the powerful terpenes, which lend a unique natural flavor and scent to each of our Tanasi tinctures.

Buy GOLD 2400mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture Online: Why Shop Online for CBD?

We put our CBD for sale online because we connect directly with our customers. We want to hear from you with product reviews too! This allows producers like us to give you the best final product at the lowest available pricing. And it gives you, the customer, the highest level of transparency when you buy CBD. Shop online now and receive your home delivery of CBD immediately.

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