Information: Why Do People Take CBD + CBDa?

Posted on February 28th, 2023

Why do people take CBD + CBDa in our Tanasi supplements? Well, as you can see from our pending patent, this combination is 2x more effective than supplements that contain CBD alone. And, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ve likely heard about CBD.

Also called Cannabidiol, you can find this active compound in both the marijuana and hemp plants. But, unlike THC, you don’t have to worry about psychoactive effects when you use our hemp-extracted supplements. (They are either broad-spectrum products, containing no THC. Or they’re full-spectrum, containing 0.3% THC concentrations or less, since that’s the legal federal threshold.) So, if it’s not psychoactive, why do people take CBD? Here’s what you need to know!


Why Do People Take CBD + CBDa?

In our hectic world, many people don’t get the right blend of vitamins and nutrients from their diet. Plus, busy schedules mean we are often walking through our days feeling tired and lacking in energy. As such, so many people make up for these deficiencies by turning to supplements.

Of course, the world of supplements is unregulated. And that means you can’t always be sure what’s going into your supplements. Meaning you could unintentionally ingest harmful compounds. But, when it comes to our CBD + CBDa tinctures, softgels, topicals and more, you don’t have to have those worries. Why is that the case?

Well, at Tanasi, we believe that our customers deserve to have confidence in the safety and quality of their supplements. (It’s why we feel confident offering a 30-day, no-questions-asked, satisfaction guaranteed.) But we don’t believe that they should just take our word when we list our ingredients on our product labels. Instead, we invest in third-party lab testing so that you can know the exact concentrations of every hemp compound making its way into your end product. Plus, you can clearly see that no harmful substances have been included in that product. Finally, you can easily access the results of these lab tests on our website as well as through a QR code printed on every product package.

So, if we return to the question of why people take CBD + CBDa from Tanasi? Well, one obvious reason is that we provide plant-based supplements with total ingredient transparency, along with a satisfaction guarantee that’s hard to beat.

Why Else Do People Love Our CBD + CBDa?

Once again, we don’t like to go on and on about what we think of our Tanasi products. Although, we have to remind you that each of our CBD + CBDa topicals, edibles and tinctures were developed by University-based researchers, over the course of many years. And those researchers have learned that our 1:1 formulation of cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid yields more noticeable effects that you can learn more about here.

But what do our customers want you to know about why they choose Tanasi’s CBD + CBDa products over other brands? Just ask them yourself, they’re ready and eager to share their experiences with our brand!

winter skin care routine with Tanasi face serumTanasi CBD + CBDa Customer Reviews

Thinking of trying our CBD + CBDa gummies? Here’s what you can expect, according to Tanasi customer Thomas S.? He says they are “Pretty darn good! The peacefulness is palpable (not to misuse a word…) And, it tastes good, too!” 

Looking into our brand new anti-aging serums for day and night, combining nano-technology, retinol and our CBD+CBDa formulation? Our customer Kacie says, “I wanted to submit an updated review regarding my experience with this product and company. The company was very supportive and diligent about answering my questions. With continued use, I was able to maintain the “glow” provided by this product. I also have noticed that my face appears smoother and less porous, as a whole. I am a big proponent of using natural resources and products and I appreciate the immense work and research that was poured into creating products like this one.”

And what about trying our CBD + CBDa softgels, so popular with our Tanasi community that they fly off our virtual shelves after every single restock? According to Martha S., after shopping around, there are “None better. I have found these to be the best CBD softgels on the market. Uncompromised quality and effect.” 

So, why do people take CBD + CBDa?

Now we’ve covered some of the reasons why you should trust Tanasi for your hemp extracts, and why you might prefer a CBD +CBDa combination to CBD alone, we’re going to review just a few more reasons why you may enjoy taking this hemp extract. What might those be?

Well, unlike some unregulated supplements or energy drinks, when you try a CBD + CBDa compounds, you’re unlikely to face unwanted side effects. But even if you do, they are likely to be limited, since the World Health Organization has deemed hemp extracts as generally safe for supplementation, though they can’t cure any conditions and may affect the way your prescription drugs work in your body. (That’s why we always suggest clearing CBD + CBDa use, along with any other new supplements, with a licensed healthcare provider before starting your supplementation journey.)

Now, while taking CBD + CBDa should not cause you serious harm, you may experience some negative effects, especially if you take a particularly high dose. There are limited side effects you will need to know about when you are taking hemp extracts. However, they are rather mild in comparison, including the possibility of fatigue and stomach upset. If you do experience these unwanted effects, take a quick CBD break, then lower your dose if and when you feel ready to try again. And be sure to discuss these effects with a licensed healthcare professional before resuming your supplementation.

Why Do People Take CBD? – Conclusion:

Overall, there are so many different reasons why people are turning to CBD + CBDa. A lot of people are turning to it because it produces some of the effects they hope to get from smoking weed, but without the high or the questionable legal status. Plus, unlike many other supplements, Tanasi’s CBD + CBDa offers ingredient transparency thanks to third-party lab testing, a satisfaction-guarantee and the chance to review thousands of satisfied customers’ reviews so you can get a better idea of what to expect from your supplementation!


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