What Are Terpenes in Tanasi’s CBD + CBDa products?

Posted on April 10th, 2023

If you’ve ever looked at Tanasi’s transparent ingredient lists, clearly printed on our website and on each product label, you’ve probably noticed some differences between us and other CBD brands. First, we use a patent-pending blend of CBD and CBDa in all our products, which our research shows is 2X more effective than CBD alone. Then, even in our flavored products like the Tanasi GOLD blueberry tincture, we use terpenes to create that flavor, instead of artificial products. But what are terpenes? Keep reading to find out!

What Are Terpenes?

These are aromatic compounds present in different plants. Terpenes are mostly associated with cannabis plants. And that’s because this is where they have the highest concentrations. Basically, these compounds give each plant its notable scent. Naturally, terpenes also help protect plants from infectious germs and animal grazing.

Now, unlike THC, which you also find in cannabis plants, terpenes don’t trigger a euphoric feeling. However, they may give an extra impact to your hemp products, because plant compounds work together to produce what we call an entourage effect.

What Are Terpenes In Hemp Plants?

These compounds are influential. Hemp plants contain different terpene combinations in different strains. Here are the ones to seek out.

1. Myrcene

One of the most common terpenes, it has an earthy, musky aroma with a hint of cloves. Myrcene’s scent evokes a peaceful forest meditation. Extracted myrcene often makes its way into food products and perfumes.

2. Caryophyllene

Yet another common hemp terpene, caryophyllene has a recognizable scent and a taste that is pepper-like and spicy. You can also find it in oregano, black pepper, rosemary, cloves and basil.

3. Linalool

It is a terpene often linked with lavender but it is also found in numerous cannabis and hemp cultivators. Linalool gives off a floral scent, due to its lavender-based properties. Additionally, it has a hint of spice. It is an amazing terpene that, like lavender, may find it’s way into products designed to promote better relaxation before bedtime.

4. Pinene

It is aptly named for its scent, pine. This terpene is categorized into alpha and beta-pinene. Alpha pinene is often discussed when looking at cannabis plants. Besides being found in cannabis and hemp plants, it can also be sourced from rosemary, pine needles, dill, pine trees, orange peels, parsley and basil.

5. Humulene

If you take beer you must know of this terpene. Humulene is highly concentrated in hops that are often used during the brewing process. The terpene is often found in cannabis and hemp plants too. Humulene has a hoppy aroma often described as woody and earthy. Note that, the terpene can also be sourced from basil, cloves and coriander besides cannabis and hemp plants.

6. Limonene

It is another popular terpene that gives off a citrus scent as the name suggests. Limonene is often used in cleaning products and food flavoring products. Additionally, it is used in skincare products. It is also found in juniper, rosemary, oranges, peppermint and various fruit rinds.

7. Ocimene

It may not be quite common like linalool or myrcene, but it is a terpene also found in cannabis and hemp plants. Ocimene produces a sweet, woody and herbal scent. It is often associated with some citrus undertones. This terpene can also be found in parsley, mint, mangoes, orchids, pepper and much more.

8. Terpinolene

It is found in various cannabis and hemp strains. Terpinolene is notable for its floral and pine aroma with a few hints of herbal scents. It is also found in tea trees, nutmeg, apples, conifer trees, lilacs and cumin.

What are Terpenes’ Benefits?

Terpenes are still being researched for numerous applications. They have various classifications based on the number of isoprene units present. Note that, terpenes have been widely used in natural folk medicine, but currently are valued as part of the entourage effect you can enjoy with full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp extracts. (We produce both of these varieties at Tanasi, understanding that some of our customers aren’t comfortable ingesting even trace amounts of THC.)

Plus, here at Tanasi, we know that taste and smell are closely associated. That’s why we flavor our tincture with terpenes, to give a more natural (and delicious!) experience to customers who prefer to mask hemp’s natural woody taste.

How Do Terpenes Add To Entourage Effect?

We’ve already referenced the entourage effect a few times in this post, so it’s probably worth explaining a bit more here. Basically, this term refers to the unique effects produced by terpenoids, cannabinoids and flavonoids when they are allowed to work together in one product. Research indicates that compounds found in all varieties or cannabis, including hemp plants, have a synergetic interaction that amplifies various effects produced when the plant enters your body. Note that, in nature, terpenes have an important job when they protect the cannabis plant. They really play a huge role in repelling insects and attracting pollinators. So they’re not just an aromatic compound that makes your product effects more noticeable. In reality, they are actually powerful plant warriors, too!


Terpenes are integral ingredients that occur naturally in cannabis and hemp plants, as well as in many other plants you’ll find in nature. People often wonder how terpenes differ from cannabinoids. Well, they have different chemical structures, and produce different effects from each other. But terpenes and cannabinoids play nicely together when they’re included in our CBD + CBDa products. So, as previously mentioned, they’re responsible for the plant’s distinctive aroma. But they’ve got bigger, more important jobs to do as well!

Keep in mind that most terpenes are bioactive, meaning they will affect your body. But, every human reacts differently to hemp plant compounds. Plus, the effects of any product will vary depending on terpene and cannabinoid concentration in that strain. But terpenes effects aren’t reserved for the world of CBD and CBDa. instead,  because terpenes have vibrant smells, they also form the basis for various essential oils. Additionally, they play an important role in aromatherapy and even popular beauty and cleaning products. In other words, get to know the terpenes in our CBD + CBDa products, because they’re likely to pop up elsewhere in your world!


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