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Tanasi is dedicated to healthy living, rooted in science. We’re committed to providing the highest quality and scientifically-validated nutritional supplement products, trusted to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to our healthy living mission is so serious that we’ve partnered and funded research with a world-renowned University right in our backyard. This University has helped us create a unique, patent-pending formula which has been tested again and again for safety and effectiveness. Going the extra mile means we can ensure the highest levels of purity, potency, and biological activity in our products.

Working so hard to offer the highest quality products has rewarded us with so many awesome fans like you! We want more people like you to know about our products, and we’d love for you to help get the word out. We’ve created a unique Affiliate Program so trendsetters and influencers like yourself can spread awareness of Tanasi in exchange for amazing perks and rewards!

How Does It Work?

1. We send you an exclusive invite to become a Tanasi Ambassador

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2. We give you unique coupon codes to get your free products

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3. You post with and about our products wherever, whenever

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4. You drive sales & get up to a 40% cut – 30% higher than other affiliate programs!

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Track Referrals & Earnings with Your Own Dashboard

After getting on-boarded with Tanasi’s Affiliate program, you’ll get your very own dashboard you can login to in order to track all of the sales you’ve achieved through your product posts and how much you’ve earned as a result!

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Welcome to the Tanasi family & happy posting!

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