A CBG Tincture Gives You an Easy Way of Benefiting From the Use of CBG

Posted on November 15th, 2021

What is a CBG tincture, and why might you use the cannabinoid in this form? We’ll explore these subjects and more in today’s post.

What is CBG? CBG tincture

CBG, like its better-known counterpart CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. (Unlike THC, which gets you high.)  It’s found mostly in low THC cannabis strains, such as hemp, a common source of CBG tincture.

CBG actually counteracts any THC effects you may experience, even from the small percentages present in hemp plants. It does so by reacting with cannabinoid receptors in your brain. But CBG concentrations in hemp plants reduce as the plant ages, so it’s present in smaller concentrations than other cannabinoids like CBD.

CBG is considered the mother of cannabinoids because it comes from CBGa. (That’s short for cannabigerolic acid, the base compound from which all cannabinoids form.) Under certain conditions, CBGa can also turn into other acids, including THCa, CBDa, CBCa, earning it the “Princess of Pot” nickname. CBG interacts directly with your body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. (That’s different from CBD, which interacts with them indirectly.)  CB1 and CB2 receptors are a key part of your body’s endocannabinoid system, helping regulate many important processes.

Sourcing CBD Tincture

CBG exists in small quantities in hemp plants, unlike CBD which is available in abundance, with concentrations as high as 20 percent. This makes extracting CBG quite difficult, which accounts for its high price. CBG is most prevalent in young plants that are 6-8 weeks into the flowering cycle, as at this stage the CBGa hasn’t yet developed into other cannabinoids.

Since CBG is a minor cannabinoid, you need to harvest more and younger plants to yield commercially viable products. This does increase CBG tincture cost, making it more expensive than its cousin CBD. Researchers have, however, started developing high CBG strains, so that the ratio of biomass required for the output is lower than at present.

Potential CBG Benefits CBG in cannabis

CBG has many potential medicinal properties. It may reduce the intraocular pressure associated with Glaucoma. It may reduce the speed at which certain cancer cells form. Also, CBG tinctures may fight inflammation, while also promoting immunity and brain health.

Many users find CBD calming, while others report it boosts mental alertness. And it may do so without causing anxiety or drowsiness. Finally, CBG tincture may help you maintain healthy joints.

Forms of CBG

CBG isolate is the purest form of CBG and is a white powder that has a potency of over 98%. It is used in cosmetics, soft gels, pills, and the form that is of interest to us in this article; as CBG tincture. This tincture, also called CBG oil, is CBG in liquid form. The isolate of CBG is mixed with MCT oil (medium-chain-triglycerides) from coconuts. This oil acts as a carrier for the CBD isolate. So, CBG isolate is required before you can make CBG oil or tincture.

CBG isolate is the purest form of CBG that is available for purchase by consumers. It is isolated from all the other compounds and cannabinoids that form part of the cannabis plants. They will have a purity of over 90 percent and as high as 99 percent. The cannabis plant products have to go through a process of decarboxylation. This process turns the extract into the cannabinoids that we need.This can be done through heating at temperatures of abut 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extracting Cannabinoids

There are many ways to extract cannabinoids from this decarboxylated matter, with the CO2 extraction method the one that is most widely used. CO2 is cooled to a temperature of -70 degrees Fahrenheit and the pressure in the container increased to 75psi. This makes the CO2 supercritical, a state between being a gas and a liquid. When this supercritical CO2 is pushed through the cannabis plant extract, it extracts all the cannabinoids, as well as terpenes, from the plant material. Younger hemp plants are used for making CBG isolate, as the CBG in older plants turns the CBG into CBD and THC. Using Ethyl Alcohol also is a method of extraction, where the dissolved plant fats need to be separated from the alcohol by freezing and allowing the fat layer to come out on top.

The CBG is then distilled out of the extracted material. CBG has a boiling pint of 126 degrees Fahrenheit, and when this distillation is carried out under pressure. You can also heat the extract to this temperature, one which removes all the other terpenes, cannabinoids and others that have a lower boiling point.

Making CBG Tincture

Tinctures of CBG are a good way to get your required dosage of CBG. Most tinctures will have both CBD and CBG in their makeup. These tinctures are produced by mixing CBG isolate with carrier MCT oils. Pure oils and tinctures are best for using CBG. The bioavailability of CBG is higher in tinctures because some alcohol is present in them, and act as a preservative. The use of droppers that most tincture will come with, also make it easy for control and administering. The onset of effects is also fast, and will start showing after just the quarter of an hour, while edibles that contain this CBG oil will take an hour or more. Their portability in small bottles also makes them easier to handle. If you have no experience with CBG, it is best you start your acquaintance with it through the use of tinctures.


How do you use these tinctures? You can place a few drops under your tongue, hold it for about a minute and then swallow whatever still remains. You can do this three times a day. This way of taking in the CBG oil is the most efficient, as your tongue is rich with capillaries that allow the CBG to be diffused straightaway into the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system. This tincture will also come in many flavors, like watermelon, mint chocolate, cinnamon, and rain bow sherbet, and this can only help to stimulate your taste buds.

You can also use these tinctures to add in snacks or when cooking your meals. Make it a part of your salad dressing, your sweets or put it into baked items. Be careful of the flavors when you do this or buy a tincture that has no added flavor. CBG has fat burning properties, so this addition to sweets or baked items can not be harmful in any way. Many people add this oil to smoothies and shakes, coffee or tea, or even cocktails and juices.

Use can also be made of these tinctures or oils through vaping in vaporizers or vape pens. They do not produce much of smoke if smoked. Once inhale the CBG passes directly into the lung and passes into the bloodstream. Applied directly on the skin these tinctures can give relief when applied on sore areas. Many balms and lotions have CBG tinctures as part of their makeup.

If you are a regular user of these tinctures, always make sure that you get your supplies from reliable suppliers. Store it in a cool area, and start with small dosages. A few drops a day can make you quite comfortable.

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