What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

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Posted on June 30th, 2020

If you keep up with the latest health trends, you may have come across multiple references to CBD Oil. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid compound extracted from certain plants in the Cannabis sativa family. And its recent rise in popularity has a lot to do with new research suggesting its beneficial health effects for humans and animals. This may leave you wondering what exactly is CBD hemp oil? 

Which Plants Produce CBD Oil?

As we mentioned earlier, CBD is found in the Cannabis sativa plant species. CBD oil can either be extracted from the hemp plant or marijuana plant. Though both these plants are from the same species, they are bred to produce different traits. This means that the cannabidiol oil derived from marijuana plants will have different applications, potency levels, and functions than cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD oil derived from hemp plant flowers may also be called CBD hemp oil. This oil is mostly used in dietary supplements and skincare products. It is also safe to use and has a very low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the psychoactive cannabinoid compound found in plants from the Cannabis sativa series that usually induces hallucinogenic effects, and euphoria commonly referred to as a ‘high’. In fact, THC concentration is one of the main differences between hemp and marijuana plants: hemp plants are bred for high CBD and low THC concentrations, while marijuana plants swing the balance in the opposite direction. 

Now, hemp-derived CBD comes in different forms, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. These terms indicate which, if any, additional cannabinoids are included in your CBD product. Isolate CBD hemp oil contains pure cannabidiol without any other of the plant’s naturally-occurring cannabinoids. Full-spectrum contains many different cannabinoid compounds, as well as terpenes and nutrients, all fused into a single product. And broad-spectrum contains all the plant terpenes and cannabinoids, except for THC. Because cannabinoids work synergistically together to produce effects in your body, many people prefer a full-spectrum CBD oil. 

What Is Marijuana-Derived CBD Oil?

As the name suggests, this type of oil is usually derived from the flower buds of the marijuana plant. Marijuana-derived CBD oil usually contains high levels of THC. So if you source your CBD oil from a marijuana plant, you’ll still experience CBD effects, but you will also experience the hallucinogenic effects of marijuana consumption. For this reason, only hemp-derived CBD oil is legal at the U.S. federal level. 

How Does CBD Hemp Oil Work?

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We believe that CBD oil produces effects in your body because it stimulates your Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a comprehensive network of cells in your body that work together to influence vital functions such as mood, cognition, eating habits, and sleeping patterns. This system also plays a vital role in providing immunity, fighting inflammation, and helping the body to heal and recover.

Is CBD Oil Derived from Hemp Legal?

Currently, federal laws in the United States stipulate that it is legal to buy, use, and sell hemp plant-extracts such as CBD hemp oil. However, for these hemp extracts to be legal, they must contain less than 0.3% THC concentration. If this concentration level is exceeded, you may face legal repercussions.

CBD Hemp Oil Vs Marijuana CBD Oil

Though the CBD compounds derived from both hemp and marijuana plants are the same at the molecular level, there are several key differences in what is derived from each plant. Below is a detailed breakdown of the key differences between hemp and marijuana-derived CBD: 

The Cannabinoids Present

The main difference in the CBD oil derived from hemp and marijuana plant lies in their THC concentrations. Hemp-derived CBD oil usually contains THC concentrations below 0.3%. On the other hand, marijuana-derived CBD oil usually contains THC concentrations as high as 30%.


THC is the cannabinoid compound responsible for giving users a euphoric high. The higher the levels of THC in marijuana-derived CBD oil, the more intoxicating the product. 

CBD hemp oil has extremely low levels of THC, meaning users won’t become intoxicated. Instead, users report that these hemp-derived products usually makes them more alert and relaxed, while helping target certain unwanted symptoms thanks to interactions with the ECS.

Marijuana-derived CBD oil, on the other hand, has high levels of THC, so you may experience psychoactive effects with this product. Sometimes, however, the CBD in this product may suppress the THC’s psychoactive effects. Still, to be safe and stay within legal confines, it’s best to stick with hemp-derived CBD oil. 


According to the 2018 Farm Bill, it is legal to use or sell CBD hemp oil across the United States. The bill recognized hemp as an agricultural commodity and as such any derivatives from the plant are no longer considered controlled substances. However, to stay within the limits of the law, you have to ensure that your products contain less than 0.3% THC concentration.

CBD oil derived from marijuana is still considered a federally controlled substance in the United States. This is because many people tend to abuse marijuana for its intoxicating effect. 


CBD hemp oil is usually considered a dietary supplement and you can easily purchase it in health stores, specialty stores, pharmacies, or in an online store like Tanasi

Marijuana CBD oil can only be sold by specially licensed retailers. If you reside in a state that considers marijuana an illegal substance, you can only purchase this CBD oil in a medical dispensary or pharmacy. If you reside in a state that has legalized the use of marijuana, you can purchase the oil in pharmacies or recreational dispensaries.

Tanasi CBD Tincture on white backgroundTips on How to Identify High-Quality CBD Hemp Oil

With the increased demand for CBD hemp oil, different brands are hitting the shelves on a daily basis. To a novice user, all products may look the same, but that is not the case. The quality, potency, and efficacy of CBD hemp oil is highly dependent on the manufacturer. To help you spot safe, effective, high-quality products, we have outlined some of the top considerations you should keep in mind.

The Source of the Hemp

High-quality oil can only be derived from healthy plants grown in the right conditions. The quality of soil, the climate in the growth area, and the growth method can greatly affect the potency and quality of your CBD oil. To avoid consuming sub-standard products laced with toxic chemicals, choose a manufacturer who sources their hemp from areas known to adhere to the strictest growing regulations.

Third-Party Testing

The CBD oil market is relatively new and as such, is not yet FDA regulated. It is therefore very easy for con artists to make untrue claims about the composition and benefits of their CBD oil products. The best way to ascertain the potency and purity of your CBD hemp oil is to ensure that it has been tested and verified by a third party. For guaranteed quality go, choose a manufacturer like Tanasi that makes these proofs of scientific validation readily available.

Ingredients in the Oil

The ingredients, nutrients, and cannabinoid compounds included in CBD oil usually affect its potency and purity. When buying these products, check to see that the composition of ingredients is well outlined in the product label. 

Dosage Instructions

Ideally, you should purchase your CBD oil from a manufacturer that clearly provides dosage instructions on their product labels.

Of course, it’s important to recognize that these guidelines are just suggestions. Everyone’s response is unique because everyone’s body chemistry is slightly different. As such, it’s a good idea to start with the lowest suggested dose guidelines and gradually increase from there until you experience your desired effects. 


Just like any product, it’s always helpful to find out what previous users of these products think about its efficacy before making a purchase. If a product is positively rated (showing that it has worked well for other users), you’ll likely feel more comfortable about your CBD use. 

Why Use CBD Hemp Oil Products?

With each passing day, data from CBD oil users and researchers continue to shed light on the potential benefits of this cannabinoid. To date, full-spectrum CBD products may be linked to benefits such as:

  • Improved brain health
  • Fostering better heart health
  • Pain relief
  • Providing the body with better immunity
  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Preventing inflammation
  • Better skin tone
  • Improved mood
  • Better appetite

Why Tanasi?

Since the unregulated CBD market is flooded with untested brands, you need a reputable manufacturer that you can trust to provide high-quality CBD hemp oil products. The Tanasi range of full-spectrum CBD hemp oil products are produced from the best plants and stringently tested to ensure quality, purity, and potency. The results speak for themselves, and our reviews show why we are a reliable source for CBD hemp oil products.

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