Were You Already an April Fool? Here’s How Tanasi CBD Products Can Help!

Posted on April 1st, 2020

Right now, it may feel like the world is playing a giant April Fools joke on us. Stay home, all day, with the entire family? And manage not to destroy each other? Believe us when we say, we know that all these changes can be a lot to digest. Maybe you’re finding your zen outdoors or discovering your own CBD-based lifestyle. Whatever your anxiety relief preferences are, we certainly hope that Tanasi CBD products can help by being part of your daily, “getting through it” routine.

To help us get in some extra laughs today, we’re sharing some of the Tanasi community’s April Fools stories … and how they coped with a little help from our line of CBD products!

When Moving a Bed Leaves you Longing for CBD

Meet James. James has been working from home for about a week or so now, and between meetings and tasks he’s starting to go a little bit crazy. Just like the rest of us. But James, being the wise man that he is, decided to make good use of his time in quarantine. So, what did he do? 

He finally followed through on his wife’s request to rearrange their bedroom furniture. When you’re spending forever in your home, sometimes you just need a different view, right? Wanting to be chivalrous (and keeping in mind the six-feet social distancing rule), James decided to tackle the heavy lifting and dragging all on his own. Without help from anyone in his house. 

According to James, he isn’t exactly in the best shape of his life. It’s not like, before all this, he was bench pressing 200 pounds every day. And, this fact became obvious all too quickly when he bent down to lift and drag his bed. April Fools! Instead of getting a new view, he scored a brand-new pain in his back. And now he’s home, couch working and couch surfing, in a lot of pain. 

Thankfully, his brilliant wife Emma (shout out to all the ladies keeping it together in these crazy times) knew about our online CBD store. And she knew about the benefits of CBD — especially its connection to potential pain relief (see our customer reviews). So, she went to the Tanasi.com website, browsed through our CBD products, and settled on the Tanasi Salve 150 mg Hemp Extract. Twenty bucks and a few days later, the salve had arrived at their home. James felt better, Emma felt superior, and order was restored to their stay-at-home dynamic. 4/1 crisis averted, thanks to Tanasi! 

Too Much Family Time = Major April Anxiety 

The kids have online school, and you’ve gotta maintain your regular work schedule. Including virtual meetings, with KIDS running around in the background … If that’s not an April Fool’s joke, we don’t know what is! 

Needless to say, our new COVID-19 reality is responsible for a lot of our extra stress and anxiety. Even for folks like Jenna who in normal circumstances has no problem staying cool as a cucumber home life can get a bit heated nowadays. But never fear, Tanasi is here — for Jenna, and for each one of you! 

There’s quite a bit of research to suggest that anxiety relief is one of the benefits of CBD. So if this April Fools Day finds you, like Jenna, tearing at your hair with stress and anxiety … it’s a great time to get started with CBD. Here at Tanasi, our favorite CBD products include CBD tinctures, capsules and water-soluble hemp-extract drink concentrates.

But when it comes to anxiety relief, remember it’s important that you do you. We suggest sampling one or more of Tanasi products to find the CBD product that perfect for you! If not now, then when?

Welcoming April 1st at the Turn of the Clock

At the best of times, Gary’s not a great sleeper. He finds it hard to unwind at the end of the day. He just can’t shut off his thoughts and fall asleep. Sometimes, he tosses and turns for hours before passing out. Other nights, he falls right to sleep. But hours later, he’s up again. In the middle of the night. And falling back asleep just isn’t going to happen for him. 

Then, along comes a global pandemic and … April Fools! That intermittent sleep problem has become an all-day, every-day kind of thing. Now, Gary’s struggling to make it through his long work-from-home day. And, despite his exhaustion, it’s still challenging to sleep through the night. 

But Gary’s lucky. While video chatting with a friend, Gary heard about improved sleep as a benefit of CBD use. So, he got onto the Tanasi.com website and ordered our Tanasi rookie pack. Now, he’s sampling some of the best CBD products Tanasi has to offer. And, here’s the news we love to hear: he’s already seeing his desired results. Way to turn the ship around, Gary!

Just Another April Fool, Tripping on the Stairs

Sometimes, you get hurt and have a really great story to tell. And other times, you score a serious injury and talking about it just makes you feel like, well … an April Fool. (If you even dare to talk about it!) But no matter how embarrassing the story, the pain is just as real.

That’s what Jordy recently discovered. She was walking up the stairs at the end of a very. l – o – n – g. day. Of course, she didn’t see the Lego that was lying on her living room carpet just waiting to stir up more trouble. So … she got an April Fool’s double whammy! Not only did she experience the excruciating pain of stepping on that tiny but mighty toy, but she also slipped and bumped her bottom (more than a few times), as she descended several stairs. Less than gracefully, we may add. Now, she’s got aches and pains in plenty of spots on her body. 

This could be a truly sad tale. But luckily, Jordy has a bottle of Tanasi CBD lotion in her medicine cabinet. Call in the benefits of CBD to the rescue! Jordy grabbed her handy CBD product, put one pump of lotion (10mg CBD) into her hands, and rubbed the topical CBD on the spots where it hurt. Pretty quickly, her aches felt better … even if her ego was still quite bruised. Temporary crisis averted, plus Jamie scored a funny little story to share.

So why are we sharing all of these April Fools fails?

Well, first of all, because we could all use a good laugh right now. Right? It helps, at least a little. 

But we also have a more serious reason for sharing our vignette of April Fools injuries. Here at Tanasi, we make and sell high-quality CBD products with CBDA too. We work with American-grown hemp plants to provide you with the highest quality of CBDA/CBD. In short, we choose premium botanicals, so we can create premium CBD products for you. 

And why do we do that, you may be asking? Well, the answer is actually very simple. Our Tanasi family believes in the benefits of our CBDA/CBD formula. We use these products. Our families and friends use these products. And we want to create an extended family with you — our valued customers.

Ready to fix your own foolish April misstep? Or just hoping to get started on a new adventure with CBD? Even in these crazy times, our online store is always open. So, browse our CBD products and find the one that works for you. Order and your product will arrive—at your door—in just a few days. Social-distance friendly products that give you the benefits of CBD, all in the comfort of your own home? No fooling, that’s a deal too good to pass up! Happy (safe and responsible) shopping, everybody! 

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