Using CBD For Cramps

CBD for Cramps

Posted on June 21st, 2022

Menstrual cramping affects every woman gets at some point in her life. In fact, most women experience cramps before and after their periods. For the lucky minority, these cramps are just inconvenient, causing minor discomfort. More often, though, cramping is severe. As many as 84.1 percent of women experience period pain each month.  And 43.1 percent cramp during at least some periods [1].  Below, you will learn about why you get menstrual cramps and some of the different ways CBD could be the answer to limiting their severity.

Reasons You Get Menstrual Cramping – Using CBD For Cramps: CBD for Cramps

1. You Have a Condition

You could get severe pain during your period because of endometriosis. This gynecological condition causes endometrial tissue to migrate outside of the uterus. While this causes painful cramps, we don’t yet know why it develops. [2]. Regardless, studies show that endometriosis pain often interferes with daily activities.

Another rare condition called cervical stenosis also causes cramping. It can result in both inflammation and pain. The problems occur when your cervix is too narrow to allow for adequate menstrual flow. As a result, your cervix faces extreme pressure, resulting in severe pain and cramping.

2. PMS

Many women experience Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). This is a condition that you’ve probably heard about. It’s directly caused by hormone fluctuations that occur in the body during the menstruation cycle. When you begin your monthly cycle, you may notice cramping, mood swings and other issues.

3. You Have a Disease

If you have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), you could experience a lot of discomfort in your abdominal area. It occurs when you get an infection of the uterus or somewhere else. This can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, but not always. As a result, you end up with severe inflammation throughout the reproductive organs. This may also result in significant pain.

How To Limit The Cramping and Pain – Using CBD For Cramps?

1. Heating Pad

This is one of the best ways to limit the cramping and pain you are experiencing. If you are suffering from a lot of menstrual pain, a heating pad can work by reducing inflammation throughout the region. It’s one of the best ways to combat any pain you are getting from the contractions occurring because it can slow them down and reduce the resulting inflammation. This is why some doctors recommend using a heating pad on your pelvic area when you are suffering from PMS symptoms.

2. Warm Bath

You may also consider taking a warm bath. (Spiced up with a CBD bath bomb, for an enhanced experience!) Taking a warm bath is a comfortable experience for anyone that is experiencing cramping symptoms. It’s one of the easiest ways to limit the pain by reducing the inflammation you are experiencing. The inflammation can make things worse by obstructing flow. With less inflammation, you should feel better.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Supplements or Medications

You can always add some anti-inflammatory supplements or medications to the mix. But only do this if you discuss it with your doctor first. Some medications and supplements can negatively interact with the current medications you are taking. Because of this, you need to discuss taking them with your doctor. They will be able to tell you whether or not you can add them without worry.

Can CBD Help – Using CBD For Cramps? stomach pains from MCT oil

CBD or Cannabidiol can be a very good supplement to take if you are looking to reduce pain from cramping. Considering using CBD for cramps? Here are some of the reasons why CBD could be your answer.

1. Reduce Pain

One of the reasons CBD could be an effective option to reduce the pain you are experiencing is because studies showcase its efficacy in reducing pain. Studies have shown that it was successful at reducing pain in sufferers of chronic pain [3]. There is a lot of good research supporting CBD and its efficacy for pain relief. If you are suffering from cramping and the resulting pain, CBD could be a good option to consider trying. You can take CBD as a supplement and you can also get patches and other topical products that can be applied for relief.

Still, you must note that studies showcasing CBD’s effectiveness also include some THC. Another issue a lot of women have with pain during their period is lower back pain. This is generally because of all of the inflammation that occurs in that region too. There have been numerous studies showcasing how CBD can be an effective all-natural supplement for lower back pain.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Another reason it could be a good option to consider has to do with its ability to help with inflammation. As mentioned previously, inflammation is one of the major causes of cramping and the pain that’s associated with it. A lot of the pain has to do with the entire pelvic region being inflamed. If you are experiencing pain because the area is inflamed, it only makes sense that something that reduces inflammation can help. There have been numerous studies that show that CBD is effective at reducing inflammation and pain behaviors in patients with arthritis [4]. As a result, it could be just as effective at reducing inflammation for those experiencing ill effects from PMS symptoms.

3. Helps With Headaches

One of the other debilitating symptoms that a lot of women get when they have their period and their menstrual cycle is a headache. A headache can range in severity. However, when it’s bad, it can negatively impact your quality of life in many ways. As a result, you don’t want to simply deal with it. Many medications that help with headaches are rather harsh. But CBD provides a natural alternative with fewer side effects.

Should You Try CBD?

There is still a lot of research being done on CBD and how it can help. However, there is sufficient evidence pointing to it being an effective pain reliever. Likewise, it’s been shown to be effective at reducing inflammation. There is a lot to like about CBD. Not only does it have beneficial health properties, but it also comes with very few minor side effects. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties to it.

Will it help? You won’t know until you try. If you are thinking about trying CBD to help with your menstrual pain, you should discuss using it with your doctor. You also want to ensure you are buying it from the most reputable source. CBD isn’t yet regulated. Because of this, you need to ensure you are buying from a reputable brand that delivers a quality product. That’s what you get when you get your CBD from a brand like Tanasi. Tanasi offers the highest quality full-spectrum CBD products you will find in the marketplace. You can get tinctures, topicals, and more. CBD could be your answer to less painful periods.






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