Meet Tanasi’s Brand New CBD + CBDA Face Serum with Retinol

Posted on August 23rd, 2023

Our Tanasi team is devoted to research, and to coming up with exciting new ways to deliver our patent-pending 1:1 formula of CBD + CBDa in a wide variety of products. And one of our newest creations, Tanasi’s CBD+CBDa Day and Night Face Serums are an example of that innovation!

Want to get to know this new, age-defying, topical filler rockstar in our lineup of hemp-extract products? Dive in with us and we’ll give you a formal introduction to our exciting CBD topical!

What is a Face Serum?

We use the term serum to describe a combination of ingredients that hydrate and nourish your skin. Most serums are available in oil-or-water-based formulations, and are blended with additional active ingredients. (These will vary based on the specific skin condition you’re hoping to target.)

Some serums are designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots on your skin. Others target in other fine lines and wrinkles to deliver a more youthful appearance. And still others can fight acne to prevent breakouts or improve scarring. Most will also give your skin a good dose of much needed hydration.

How to Use a Day or Night Serum woman applying face serum to skin

When you’re using a day serum for your face, start by giving your skin a gentle wash, then delicately pat your skin dry. Next, take a few drops of serum—a little goes a long way—and blend the product into your skin, targeting your entire face and neck. Afterward, be sure to apply sunscreen, then head out for the day.

Using a night serum? The same basic routine applies. Shortly before bed time, gently wash your face and dry your skin. Again, rub a few drops of night serum into the skin on your face and neck, and get ready to wake up with a refreshed visage.


Why Choose an Anti-Aging Serum

As we get older, our skin loses its collagen, volume and elasticity. In turn, we develop lines and wrinkles that show our age. Luckily, it’s possible to boost your skin’s volume while minimizing the visible signs of aging—so long as you choose the right skin care product.

Tanasi’s Anti Aging Topical Filler: What’s Inside?

Our Tanasi research team is turning the beauty world on its head by adding our university-researched, patent-pending ratio of CBD+CBDa to a traditional blend of anti-aging facial care ingredients. And we’ve taken our innovation one step further, by working with a patent-pending molecular heating process that creates a 1-of-a-kind nano retinol solution that delivers a more natural plumping and filling effect. And now we’re even more excited to tell you all about it. Let’s start with the packaging, shall we?

When you unbox your order of Anti-Aging Topical Filler, you’ll immediately notice that, it’s thoughtfully packaged in a stunning black-and-gold recyclable paper box. Once you get that open, you’ll pull out two 30 ml serum bottles, one containing our day serum and the other containing the night version.

Each bottle is equipped with a dropper for easy product application. Also on that bottle, you’ll notice a QR code that links directly to each serum’s Certificate of Analysis, or COA. Scan it and you’ll get instant access to the results of our third-party lab test, showing you the precise mix and concentrations of the hemp compounds and beauty ingredients included in your CBD+CBDa topical.

Now, before we go on to talk about the ingredients in o

Tanasi anti aging face serum

ur face serums, we need to pause and talk about COAs. Because you should never purchase a cannabis product unless the manufacturer makes one of these readily available. Why is that the case? Without a certificate of analysis, you can’t reliably trust that you’re buying a federally legal cannabis product with THC concentrations below the legal threshold of 0.3% by dry weight. Plus, this certificate helps ensure that your product is safe and free of harmful additives. And that it actually contains the active hemp extracts and additional ingredients that you’re hoping to explore.

What’s Inside Tanasi’s Anti-Aging Topical Filler?

What ingredients do we include in our anti-aging topical fillers?

Our day serum includes water, polyoxythylene, polyoxypropylene, water soluble hemp extract (2%) with active polymers, glycerin, peptilium, germall plus, natural preservative and Vitamin C. A similar blend of ingredients goes into our night serum, with some key additions, including ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, as well as a higher concentration of water soluble hemp extract (5%).

Now, a note about why the hemp extract we add to our line of Tanasi products includes that 1:1 blend of CBD+CBDa. Why do we that? Well, after spending many years—and millions of dollars—on research, we’ve learned that this combination delivers results that are 2X as effective when compared to CBD alone.  As a result, this unique formulation is the hallmark of all our hemp-based products.

How to use Anti-Aging Topicals

We suggest using our newest product a little differently than the way you use our other topicals. Before applying the serum, we suggest washing your face and patting your skin dry, then getting into a spot with good lighting to take a photo of your face, holding your phone at arm’s length to get a good frontal image. If you want to get really clear results, you can also take profile photos for each side of your face.

Now, zoom in close on each of those photos, identifying areas that may need a bit more anti-aging love—the corners of the eyes and mouth, as well as the brow lines and neck are popular choices. Next, fill your included dropper and squeeze a few drops onto your middle fingers. Apply the serum directly to your target areas, pushing upward with your finger tips as you apply. Once your focus areas are covered, it’s time to get the rest of your face and neck covered. Finally, wait two minutes for the product to sink in, and apply any other moisturizers, sunscreens or makeup as usual.

Repeat this routine in the morning and evening for 10 days, then take another set of photos to see what progress you notice. Take a third set of pics at day 20, and you’ll see how you’ve progressed—especially in your target spots. With consistent use, expect to notice changes in 14-21 days.

Why Use Topical CBD + CBDA

If you’ve been wanting to try CBD, but you’ve been worried about that earthy taste, a topical may be your best bet. That’s why so many people are falling for our Anti-Aging Topical Filler, along with other topicals such as our salves, lotions, sun recovery and muscle relief rub. Best of all, each of these products arrives at your door backed by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, a promise we deliver with no questions asked. We’re that confident you’ll love your new Tanasi beauty routine, and if we’re right? All we ask in return is that you share your experience with the rest of our CBD+CBDa-loving community!



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